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See the Windmills spin at Zaanse Schans in Holland

Visit Zaanse Schans Dutch traditional homes and windmills


Wanna play tourist with me? Shall we go explore a beautiful part of my country that I have never visited before? Wanna go see the windmills spin in the wind? And I mean really see them spin? Okay then here we go.

This is part three of our little mini vacation I took with my Love at the beginning of Oktober. On day 1 we went hunting for design and decorating inspiration, on day 2 we visited Amsterdam and on day 3 we went to explore what might be the most touristy bit in our country outside of Amsterdam: the Zaanse Schans.


Visit Zaanse Schans Dutch traditional homes and windmills


The Zaanse Schans is a piece of the Netherlands that is about as Dutch as it can get. It is a flat landscape with lots of water, quaint little wooden houses and lots and lots of windmills. You might say it is a bit of an industrial area from days long gone by that has been preserved. Those mills used to work hard for the woodworkers who were building ships close by, grind ingredients for paint colors that Rembrandt himself used and generally provided the power for lots of things that people needed power for.

But before we go wander around the little town that is still there. Can I show you the hotel we were staying in…. [Continue reading...]

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