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Fruit crate storage shelves

Make these simple junk-style fruit crate shelves and add some more storage space to your home.


Howie sweet folks. Popping in today to show off another little project I just finished. Can I say that I am still after all these years hesitant to show off my latest bit of DIY/ decorating. I have been at this blogging thing for quite some time now, and things have changed so tremendously. Back in the old days one would paint something white (for the US ladies that would preferably have been heirloom white, being from Europe I still don’t know what white that is exactly), and you would get 50 or more comments saying how wonderful that little makeover was. 

These days it seems nothing less than a complete room makeover will do, furniture needs to be built from scratch and vintage furniture receives intricate paint treatments etc. I am in awe of the ladies who accomplish all of that. Many now do it for a living and I tip my hat to them and I think they deserve every penny they earn that way and then some. They work hard and inspire so many people to do and try things they never dreamed they could accomplish. 

But I am so not that. I decorate my home that I live in and that home does not have a dozen rooms I could change on a whim. I generally pay for all my projects with my hard earned money that I have had to spend hours at the office for to get, so I really must love and use it, or I won’t hand over my cash. And of course my time and energy is limited since I have to divide it between grown-up work, spending time with the ones I love and doing just the things one has to do when one has reached the ripe age of mid forties.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t dream though. That I don’t look online for different houses from time to time. Preferably houses that need a little fixing up, that have lots of rooms to play with and that I could create into the beach cottage that I dream about (even if they are still no where near the beach). Or that I don’t make plans in my head about tables I am one day going to built, whole kitchens that I am going to give the Songbird treatment or if I could get away with switching out rooms and furniture.  But that is just dreaming. Doesn’t hurt anyone, and never has actually enticed me to go out and look at other houses or start ripping my kitchen apart. I am quite content with what we’ve got.

Anyway what I was starting to say, before I went of on this side trip, is that I kind of feel a bit hesitant to show you my latest project. Not that I don’t love it, I do. But I am afraid you all will be a bit underwhelmed. It can hardly be considered original, nor does it involve lots of skills. 

As usual my kind of project is easy, rather laid back and can be done while thinking of other things (like whether or not I could get away with buying another smelly candle, or if I have time to run out and get more chocolate). 

This project involved white paint, lots of sanding, a little drilling and a bit of stenciling.  [Continue reading…]

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