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A Temporary Goodbye

Hello my friends,

I have just popped in to let you know I am all right, but I will be gone for some time.

My summer holiday has started, and as always I started it with big plans to do a lot. Work on projects, log my camera around everywhere, catch up on my blog reading, make new beautiful posts to share with you.

And then the after-work relaxation kicked in and I slacked and rested and each day I kept thinking, later, in a few hours, I will start a new blog post…..

And I would have…..


And then a plane fell from the sky.


And my country and I were shocked to the core.

193 Dutch people where killed in one big meaningless swoop and with them about 50 people from other countries too.

Babies and their mothers, whole families on their way to a vacation. Young men and old men, scientists and flower shop owners. Young lovers on a romantic trip and people who had saved up for years to go and visit their family far away. All gone. Just like that.

My country is in shock and in mourning. Two degrees of separation is all it takes. You either know one of the victims personally (I don’t) or you know someone who knows one (I do). All of those people with families, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, and neighbors. There are homes in streets here where no one will return, empty houses, shells, that used to be a safe place for a family.

And the tragedy continues, because we don’t even know if the victims will ever come home to be put to rest here. There are big men with even bigger guns standing in the way. Trying to show the world how tough they are. If only women were in charge……

Anyway. My heart is heavy and my mind is tired. And I don’t feel like wasting my time behind this laptop this summer. I want to be with my friends and family. I want to make the time to go give some of my dear friends a big hug and an apology for too many canceled dates and too many times when I was too busy to spend time with them. I want to do everything I can to cherish every bit of this summer, of my life, because it can be over in a flash, literally.

I am sure I will be working on projects, because it is what I love to do. I am sure I will be taking pictures along the way. But I want to do it all without pressure and most of all without guilt. No more constant worrying about what my next blog post will be, no more checking of visitors stats, but just living here and now.

I will be back. This is a temporary goodbye. This blog is my happy place. My place of beauty and friendship. It brings me joy and it gives me comfort. This little blog of mine is where I remind myself of how the beauty of life can be reflected in one perfect flower, and that taking care of my home is a way of taking care of myself, of my soul.

So come September I will be here. Maybe sooner, we’ll see.

I wish you all the best summer possible (or a wonderful winter for my down under friends). Make it one to remember and please go and give the people you love a hug, from me.



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