Step Ladder Flower Stand


An old handmade ladder is used as a sweet step ladder flower stand


Good morning, ladies of the nest. Welcome back to another episode of decorating the deck (see this years first episode of decorating the deck here) . Spring is still making us feel that summer is a long way off with cold nights and cloudy days. I decided however to not let that deter me from playing around outside and making our roofed terrace a nice place to hang out.

And so we did. We’ve had the grill going already and we dined al fresco several times (even if I did put on the heater and wrapped my legs in a blanket). I have also been planting. A bit early actually, I kept getting warnings from the weather channel that the nights are still very cold (almost freezing still), but I went for it anyway. So far so good, I haven’t lost a plant yet.

What is it by the way with the addictive power of garden centers? You go in there to buy a new attachment for the garden hose and you come out with an overflowing cart of perennials (even after I decided to be frugal and not waste too much money on perennials this year). Oh the lure of all those flowers blooming in all those pretty colors. The colorful arrangements that look so good in this years hottest containers. The rows and rows of  blooms begging you to take them with you.

I am such a sucker….. [Continue reading…]