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It’s a mess at the Nest

Goodday sweet friends.

Today’s post lacks beauty and inspiration. Instead I hope it will provide some comfort, and a good laugh as I present to you the state of things at the nest.


Fall porch, outdoor decorating, garden table

My Fall porch, before the mayhem started…..


Just in case you were starting to get the idea that my home always looks as organized as my recent bedroom pictures might suggest. Or maybe you were thinking that I only have pretty corners in my home with vintage mirrors and fun little vase makeover projects.

Let me set you straight. Within one day. I have created a mess both inside and outside.

The relative (but quiet boring) order of this corner in my house …


tv station


Looked like this 10 minutes later.


tv station mess


Now we get to enjoy the wire spaghetti up close.


wire spaghetti


And my lovely Fall porch looked like this on Tuesday….


winter porch


And like this when you turned around:


under the porch roof


Then it quickly deteriorated to this: 


working on the terrace


and this….


pile of bricks


And this….


terrace wall before revealed


I’ll spare you more of the ugly pictures, you get the idea. It is busy times around here.

But it is all good.

I am trying to work some magic inside.

We have a couple of  hard working men working their magic outside, and hopefully all will be good soon.

But in the mean time.

I have to run, and finish my project. The man is getting restless from looking at all those cords….

………….. I think the cord spaghetti is making him hungry :-D


See you on the other side.






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  1. Oh you should see my yard. It looks even worse. Look forward to the new. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh I’m excited for your new surprise decor!!!! How fun!!!

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