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A mirror, a vase and a little makeover

Howdie folks. Is the wind howling where you are? Over here we have hit Fall big time. Winds blowing, rain falling, temps dropping. One day this week things even got embarrassingly bad, I had to get of my bike to be able to cross the bridge. I just couldn’t get over the hump cycling, I had to walk it. Embarrassing I tell you. Luckily nobody else was crazy enough to cycle through the storm, so my shame went unnoticed.

With all that Fall weather outside can you blame me for wanting to stay indoors and nest? And light up the room with candles and twinkly lights?

spiegel met zwart witte vaas 5


I  created a new little spot to hang an extra strand of fairy lights. My old mirror, that has been the center of many mantel decorations, has a spot of its own now. It is a nice spot, in one of those corners that I never knew what to do with. And that spot also turned out to be perfect for my new/old vase. 

That vase and I go way back. I received it as a gift many years ago. It looked quite different then. It is terracotta and originally had a flocked brown glazing. Rather pretty, and at the time I received it, it fit my home perfectly. Not so much anymore. I am slowly but surely getting rid of the browns, and the moody colors in my house, and things are getting brighter by the day.

That vase didn’t fit in anymore. I definitely didn’t want to get rid of it, as I said, it was a gift. But I just couldn’t find a spot anymore where it looked good. So after lots of sleeping over it, I decided that it is okay to alter a gift, and took the paint brush to it. 

Painted it nice and white. And I love my over-sized vase once again. The white is the perfect blank canvas to play with. Like adding some washi tape crosses. 

When I put it in this spot one thing was totally off though. I didn’t paint the inside (raw terracotta, too much work), and that was glaringly obvious. So I wandered into the basement looking for a fix and I found the perfect one.


spiegel met zwart witte vaas 1


 This little tray has been with me a long time too. And it happened to fit the top of my vase perfectly! Such a happy coincident. I think it almost looks like a crown for my vase. Those two belong together, match made in heaven. 


spiegel met zwart witte vaas 2


 And so I now have a another little corner to play with :-)

Where I can put some of the last blooming flowers from the garden and light a candle to chase the dark away.

And to hang some twinkly lights…. 


spiegel met zwart witte vaas 3


 Heart shaped twinkly lights ♥♥♥


spiegel met zwart witte vaas 4


 So would you have done it? Paint a gift or otherwise alter it? Or is that a no-no in your book? 

Lemme know, I love to hear what you guys think about it.






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  1. I wouldn’t have thought to do it years ago maybe…but now days, I see the beauty in altering a gift. At least now, though it isn’t the same, …when you see it, you are still reminded of the giver and what that means to you. Plus you get to enjoy the beauty of the gift for years to come…in it’s refreshed state!
    Love it!
    I especially like the ‘crown’ on top! :)
    …stay warm, Pat

  2. That looks wonderful….I love both; the stool and that gorgeous mirror….


  3. I would alter it. Like the first commenter, I wouldn’t have years ago, but now, definitely. I love the topper you put onto it. You’ve created such a pretty corner.

  4. Oh wow!! Yes!! The paint makeover keeps the treasure a jewel in your decor! I peeked at your former decor with browns so I love this new transition to this white clean look and love love the Washi tape accents!! You are so totally creative …another nook that looks so pretty! It all goes so well together. Oh and I’m impressed you are bike riding in this weather you describe!!! Brrr…November changes things doesn’t it?!

  5. Hi Marianne,
    I looked back at your earlier post and saw the vase brown. I agree with Pat’s comment. It is the thought of the person that gave you the gift that matters. Hope you are doing well, and keeping dry. It has been quite windy here but no big amounts of moisture. There is new snow on the mountain. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  6. It looks lovely, as does the entire little spot you’ve created. I think that making the vase work for you so that you can keep it is a much better way to honor the gift and the giver instead of getting rid of it, stuffing it in the basement or worse yet, keeping it but being unhappy with it! I’m sure the person who gave it to you wouldn’t want that.

    I love love love your mirror, too. Did you distress the silver yourself or is it a real antique? It”s beautiful.


  7. Hi Marianne!
    What a sweet little corner you created, I love that mirror!
    As far as altering a piece that was given to me? Sure, I would do that and I wouldn’t be upset if someone altered something that I had given them either. In fact, I think it more flattering if someone altered a gift instead of getting rid of it entirely.


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