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A new perspective on my bedroom

My bedroom got a little update and I am loving it because it is giving me a whole new perspective. Quite literally actually. As in I am seeing it in a whole different light. Or I might add that it has given me a new look on things,  and not that I needed a new angle, but now that I have found it….

 Have you guessed it?


Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding 12


I have added a big, handsome mirror to the bare wall, and it has inspired me to start working on my bedroom again. My bedroom was a project high on my list about two summers ago. I really dove in then and got a lot finished: my reclaimed wood headboard, the wardrobe makeover, new curtains, the postal chair and the bus sign art

It really started to look good. And then nothing….

For many years nothing. Some new bedding, and a bit of Christmas decorating, but the walls remained empty and my list of unfinished plans stayed unfinished. 

End then I decided I needed a new mirror. 

And now I don’t only see bare walls when I look at it from this perspective:


bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding


But even more clearly when I look at them from here:


Black boots in front of a large mirror in bedroom with blue bedding


The new mirror is the Ikea Hemnes mirror. It is nice and big and I can see myself in it completely when I check my outfit in the morning. 

I had a full length mirror here once. As some of you long-time readers might remember, I vintagified a mirror once. It looked really nice, but my tastes have moved on and besides checking your outfit or makeup is much harder when a vintage fifties ad is peaking through and covering your face when you are looking at yourself.

So I was on the hunt for a new mirror. I was hoping for something to make over, something from the thrift store. But I don’t know what is going on with the thrift stores around here lately, you’d think they were selling antiques, cause every mirror I saw there, even the much smaller ones, were ridiculously overpriced. So in the end I turned to my favorite home decor store and it saved the day once more.

So now this all to familiar view:


Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with reclaimed wood headboard and blue bedding


Can be seen in a whole new way….

Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with reclaimed wood headboard, blue bedding and a DIY upholstered chair


Oh and don’t you think I went as far as sewing up new pillows from the leftover pillow casings from my new blanket. I just folded them really nicely using the tutorial from Lindsay and now they look all good without a stitch. 


And my roses in my garden are still blooming….


bedroom with reclaimed wood headboard and bedside table with vintage lamp shade and white roses


I love that blogging has inspired me to put roses on my bedside table. I never used to do that. Seemed so decadent. But I love it, and I am slowly getting used to seeing a little bouquet standing there.

There are worse things to get used to.

Speaking of decorating and staging these pictures. How about them black boots!?

I have seen these black Hunter boots pop up all over blogland as props. Like here and here and here and countless other times. It has made me wanting a pair pretty badly.

I even went so far as to scout out where to buy them. Then I saw the price tag and was quickly cured of my infatuation. 

Then I remembered some black riding boots (never have been on a horse, if you are wondering) I bought years ago while outlet shopping. They are perfect stand-ins for the real fashionable boots. 

So you can expect my black boots to show up from time to time from now on, since I am nothing but a loyal follower of trends :-)


Black boots in front of a large mirror in bedroom with blue bedding


Loving this mirror and looking forward to moving forward with my bedroom….

To be continued…..






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  1. Where did you find your rugs? I love those, as much!!

  2. I love the pop of blue. So fresh. It might not be new but it really adds to your decor. Looks so cheerful. And I’m going to remember to put roses by my bed. I have rosé bushes! And the more we pick the more they bloom. I will remember this. I do love the mirror. It just adds to your room. Love your bed. Similar to ours. Iron. Only my iron is curved for headboard and bench at end of bed to put on my oh so comfy Canadian made boots. I had to buy all new footwear and was at a famous hospital in our country weekly which had a very good open shopping mall across from it. I tried on every pair of boots and I’ve never been sorry. I wore my riding boot style daily. The brand has a curvy capital C. Then La CANADIENNE
    These are waterproof. I live where in a good year we get five inches of rain A YEAR!!! My feet don’t perspire. These are the boot you wear and pay to fix the heels. They last years.
    Alas, maybe pray for me. I need to be glad I can walk. My head injury has caused my right foot never to work right and so for a year plus my good left foot has had fractures and pain from taking the load. I get a brace for my right foot next week–was casted for it. I don’t think ill ever wear boots again and well, I’m sad. I know I am to give it to The Lord, and I am as I write, but if I can’t wear boots, well I’d wish I were rich for I’d certainly buy you these oh so nice boots (I hope they still make!!) to show off in your photos!!!! And yes I’ve been on horses but no I do not ride either!!!

  3. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love the fresh blue and white fabric and the mirror rounds out the picture very well. The headboard and the fabric look so pretty together!

    I have noticed the second-hand shops in our area have become pretty pricey too. I suppose everyone is jumping on the fix-it-up bandwagon and more and more people are buying second-hand. I’ve noticed that if I go pretty often sometimes the prices are reduced if something isn’t selling, but it’s like gambling when you really like something.

    I also have a boot anecdote, it just reminded me when I used to live in Texas the one thing I always wanted to get were some good boots. I saved and bought the perfect pair. That was long before boots became a decorating accessory! Don’t get me wrong, I think they are a lovely prop…but honestly, in Texas boots are worn because they protect you from the creatures that crawl in the grass and just about everyone that ever goes outside in the country wears them. Well then I moved across the big pond and didn’t need those kind of boots to come along with me so I left my expensive boots in a storage unit in Texas. They didn’t last very long there because they got mildew and had to be thrown away. What a shame! I do keep my dad’s old cowboy hat hanging around on a wall in my house, mostly as a prop, but sometimes in summer when I’m working in the garden I wear it. Sorry for going on and on….There’s no moral to the story…just wanted to share that.

    Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

  4. The blue coverlet and pillows really make your room vibrant with life. I love the mirror, too. Now your room is doubly beautiful.

  5. Jullie slaapkamer ziet er mooi en rustgevend uit. Ik vind de spiegel ook erg mooi, maar we hebben er geen plaats voor. Daarvoor hebben we wel een grote klerenkast met schuifdeuren waarvan een met een spiegel is. Zo af en toe moet een mens zich iets gunnen, dus koop die laarzen….
    Veel succes (en geduld) met de verbouwing!
    groetjes, Marianne.

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