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25 Fun & Original Christmas Decorating Ideas

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I am in the mood for Christmas. I can’t wait to start decorating, but in my country we traditionally wait until after December 6 to start decking the halls. So while I am impatiently waiting I am gathering inspiration. Here are 25 fun & original Christmas Decorating Ideas that are all a bit industrial, vintage and/or junk filled. I love them, I hope you do too.

25 Fun & Original Christmas Decorating Ideas

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! I was not really anxious to dismantle my autumn vignettes, but now I’m motivated! The rusty wheels are turning in my head!

  2. These are great Marianne! I especially like the bike wheel card wreath because my son is an avid biker who works at a specialized bike shop. Think I might surprise them with one of these for their shop!

  3. This has been most fun!!! I couldn’t remember what I was going to put this fake berry tree in (I wrecked it!!! I squirted the WRONG tree and there’s no going back. White squirt on deep berries = blackberries!) so it is now very very white. No shadows. No heirloom white. No gloss. I was not adding a drop of another color to my once gorgeous tree!! So very white she’ll be in a clearanced Target $1 galvanized (fake!) oval container with snowflakes and pinecones (fake). My pier1 bargain pine trees of years back after Christmas and used as is were what I was going to give a fine dusting to and then spray the little satin painted ball ornaments a shimmer caramel. I spritz bed my pinecones, cartelized my little ornaments and stood back so proud. I sat down to look at it all from inside. The very white little berry tree looked like the ghost and the. Pinecone trees? Looked like giant mice colored —fat hanging mice. But I’m using it all. I’m not sure all this creativity is me as I’m not put back from the painters!!! Oh well!!! Party here Tuesdaybnight like it or not!!!!
    Maybe I should give Curt his stocking gift early??? It’s a ruler that folds but its yellow. It could be thre star thatbleadscusvtinthe real reason for this joy filled time!!!!

  4. What gorgeous ideas. I have been looking for eco friendly and vintage Christmas styling ideas – and your pics cover these so beautifully. They’re going straight to my pinterest board. Thanks!

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