Advent Decoration ~ 12 days of Christmas Decorations / Day 1

Good evening my lovelies. How was your weekend? Filled with turkey, family, mad shopping and lots of thankful feelings? I hope that all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and of course I hope that the rest of us had a nice time too.

I have carefully and quietly started the Christmas decorating.

Advent was the perfect excuse.



  It is kind of not done in the Netherlands to start decorating for Christmas early. We will first celebrate the birthday of St Niklaas and until then you are not supposed to get the Christmas decor out.



I guess it is a good thing I am not a particularly obedient person, because I am definitely going to continue to bring out some Christmas decorations, but just for the sake of it, let’s call them winter decorations. Okay!  Glimlach



For this little advent vignette I combined some of my favorite elements. Real natural elements like moss and juniper branches, industrial vintage (as in authentically old and used) crate numbers, some sweet mercury silver ornaments, a baking tin from my mom (it brings back so many memories of hot apple pie! Sweet!) and of course candles. 



Really this was such an easy and quick vignette to do. Just what I needed to ease into the Christmas season.


And y’ll might have missed it, but I made a little announcement last week. Today is actually the first day of another little series I am writing. This time the series will be 12 Days of Christmas decorations. And I have some wonderful bloggers who are joining me in writing a Christmas series. All together we will have you pretty prepared for all aspects of Christmas.


Carisa from the blog 1+1+1=1 will lead you in a lot of Christmas Homeschool Fun

 Jenn, otherwise known as The Thrifty Mama will provide you with Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Rachel from Surviving the Stores will make sure that we will be staying on budget and  Saving Money

If you are traveling over the holidays Mom’s Travel Tips will sure come in handy.

Of course there is no such thing as a good Christmas party without good food and Lynn has been cooking up some wonderful  Christmas Recipes for us in Lynn’s Kitchen.

Jessica from Life as Mom has come up with some wonderful ideas for Christmas Family Fun

And Jennifer – the Happy Housewife – will inspire us to make  Homemade Christmas Gifts



So get your little clicking finger ready and start clicking those links, the other first day posts will be up soon too.

So I guess….




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  1. Cozy Little House says

    I love these ideas, Marianne! It's just too tempting not to get in on the decorating fun, isn't it?

  2. JunkStuffTreasures says

    Your interpretation of the Advent wreath is lovely. I love the muted colors. I am also a late decorator (I never get started before early December), but your pictures have started me thinking of what to do- thanks!

  3. Blondie's Journal says

    Beautiful, Marianne! It's hard to hold back on decorating for the seasons and holidays…if I had a little elf to bring in all my boxes, I would start now!

    The party sounds like a lot of fun!!


  4. nannykim says

    Very pretty! we are actually supposed to wait too–but I disobeyed. I put my tree up and told my hubby it just means I am looking forward to the light of Christ and the everlasting and abundant life symbolized by the green in the tree. That is my excuse , anyways!

  5. Marjon says

    You've made a beautiful Advent Decoration and i live in the Netherlands and i have also a Advent Decoration (smile)……greetings from Holland….Marjon

  6. Linda says

    Tee hee.. so I'm not the only Dutchie who started the Christmas decorations! 😉

    I've made a BIG BIG advent wreath (after all, it WAS the first Sunday of advent!) and today I've introduced two lovely pointsettias into the home..

    We don't celebrate Sinterklaas anyway. So back to Spain it is! (but please leave the speculaas and pepernoten hahaha)

  7. Amy @ MomsTravelTales says

    I love how simple and yet beautiful your wreath is. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I have a feeling I'm going to get lots of great inspiration in the next 12 days. :)

  8. alanna rose says

    I was just lamenting the fact that I cannot find proper advent candles (in the States we use 3 purple and 1 pink candle)…but your post reminded me that white will also work. I'm a few days late, I need to get my advent wreath set up!

  9. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) says

    So very pretty! I love the vintage numbers. We celebrate Advent at home, school and church but I also start my Christmas decorating for December.