Let’s Snack {Almond Coconut Bites Recipe}

Sometimes I amaze myself…

I came up with my own recipe…

All by myself….

Inspired by Starbucks…..

You will taste the love in these so easy, so yummy almond coconut bites, my friends.


Anyone will love these Easy & Quick almond coconut bites. Gluten-free and paleo snack recipe. htt://www.songbirdblog.com


But let me start by saying thank you. I wasn’t fishing for compliments when I opened up to you in my last post. But it sure warmed my heart to get them. Thank you! from the bottom of my heart and soul. 

It feels so good to know so many enjoy ‘coming over here for a regular cup of tea’. But since you all are here again, why don’t I serve us up something good to go along with that tea.

I invented these super duper easy, and oh so gooey – in the best of ways – bite snacks this weekend, and I have already devoured a second batch…


Anyone will love these Easy & Quick almond coconut bites. Gluten-free and paleo snack recipe. htt://www.songbirdblog.com


This weekend we had some friends over and I realized, a bit late actually, that I did not have anything to serve with our coffee. I didn’t feel like running to the grocery store, so I went in the kitchen to see what I could come up with real quick.

Before I could reach for my cookbooks I saw this wrapper from Starbucks I had saved from months ago. It was from a trip into Germany (we don’t have Starbucks in my town) when I had indulged in my favorite latte and a little one bite snack. I liked that snack and the simplicity, there weren’t a whole lot of ingredients mentioned on that wrapper. It occurred to me I might make something like it and get rid of a couple more ingredients on the way.

As it happened I had everything I would need in my cupboards, so the experiment began. 


Anyone will love these Easy & Quick almond coconut bites. Gluten-free and paleo snack recipe. htt://www.songbirdblog.com


Almond Coconut Bites Recipe:


1/2 cup almond flakes
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup chopped dried cranberries

1 tbs vanilla extract
1 tbs coconut extract (or another sugary syrup you like to use like honey, or corn syrup)
1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup of chocolate chips (I used extra dark, I like my chocolate strong (like my men))

Mix the dry ingredients
Mix the wet ingredients into the dry mixture
Form bite-sized balls refrigerate

Melt chocolate and dunk bites in chocolate.
Let dry




These are wonderfully soft and gooey and not too sweet. If you have a major sweet tooth you might have to adjust the sugar amount.

I had to refrigerate the mixture a bit before I could form the balls, the coconut oil was a bit too runny to hold it together. So I let it set until the oil began to become hard again, made my balls and refrigerated it once more until the oil was fully set again and the balls nice and firm.

This will make about 8 small bites. You can easily double the recipe, but do this at your own risk, because you will eat them all….. :-)



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  1. Donna says

    Mmmmmm! My favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy. Do you have those? Coconut, almonds and chocolate. This looks like a very healthy alternative, especially with the dried cranberries added in. I imagine dried cherries would be quite good, too. This looks like a very “paleo” recipe. Do you follow the paleo diet? I have been trying.

  2. A. Goodman says

    Thank you for the great recipe. Instead of the dark chocolate chips I substituted for cacao nibs, and used crushed almonds for sliced almonds. Can’t wait to try!

  3. lucy says

    Just had to tell you, I’ve made this recipe many many times, and it’s been pinned off my Pinterest board 1024 times!!! It’s a winner!

  4. ADB says

    The vanilla amount should really be TEASPOONS not tablespoons. It was faaaar too strong. I should have gone with my instinct when I thought that sounded like a large amount. Other than that, they’re delicious.