Another Postal Chair Makeover

Yeow! Another Craft Room Makeover project is finished. I made myself a ‘new’ chair to go with my ‘new’ desk.

I couldn’t really show her and do her justice at the same time if I showed you to her in the disaster area that my craft room is right now. So for the moment she is stealing the show in my bedroom.

Postal Chair 2


Another postal chair that was originally part of my parents’ dining set.  I used my own tutorial on how to reupholster a chair that I made when I did my first  postal chair. This time it went much faster. First I knew what I was doing and secondly I had found one of this special pliers in a tool box and that made taking out the nails so much easier. Really it took hours from the job. I’ll never try to remove nails and staples with a screwdriver again.

nail remover

The mail bags I used are a little less vintage than the other ones. In fact they are quite new. But I thought they would be perfect in my craft room. The material is a kind of plastic/ canvas mix and I am hoping that I can wash stains right of and I’m sure threads and floss will not stick to it.

When I measured the sack to see if I could make the pattern fit, I had a bit of an optimistic eye. Turned out the sack was not big enough to cover the whole seat, so I used two pieces and made the natural seam run straight through the middle. I like how that turned out. Lucky coincident.


Postal Chair 3


As always it is the finishing touches that makes a project come together. I choose a simple black lacy ribbon to cover the edges.


Postal Chair 1


Funny he, in the Netherlands TNT can call themselves a Royal company Glimlach


Postal Chair Before and After

And since this chair will stand in front of my desk, I made the back extra special. Quite the makeover isn’t it?!

Here’s to hoping she will look good as my office chair.


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    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! She turned out quite nice indeed. Always a good thing when a project comes to live as one imagined it.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yeah, I was so happy that I could use both the front and back of the sack. It really adds extra interest. Especially since the back will be visible the most.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! I am pleased with it myself. Can’t wait to finish the room around it, so I can actually start using it.

  1. says

    Great job! I like how the fabric looks with the black. I’ve been looking for inspiration for a similar chair I have waiting for my time, and this really fits the bill. Thanks for sharing!