Antique Door Makeover and a little Decorating

Good day my friends. How was your weekend? All ready for Monday morning? My weekend was a bit short, since I had to work a lot of overtime for the day job. But I got some decorating in there, so I count it as a good one.

I have been playing with milk paint and an old door. I gave an antique door from an old wardrobe a little makeover and she is starring in my living room now. 


decorative old door decor  milk paint via Songbirdblog


Remember when I did my double-layered roman blinds makeover? That left me with two empty walls on either side of our bay window. We are still contemplating permanent makeover plans for those walls, but for now I got one of those walls dressed up.

I had it in my mind that a door would look good there but it is just a small, narrow bit of wall and a full door would be too wide (trust me I tried). So I was over the moon happy when I found two old doors from a wardrobe that were nicely narrow and ready for a makeover. I thought it would look totally awesome (do I sound like a teenager?), to have a door on either side of the bay window. Turned out that the second door was still too wide for the wall on the other side of the bay window (figures that those walls are not symmetrical, why would they built symmetrical walls anyway, gah old houses!). But this one works. It works quite nicely, indeed.  


decorative antique door painted with milk paint via Songbirdblog


As you can see I attached a hook so that I can hang stuff. Always good to have plenty of hooks to hang stuff. Like Fallish branches with mini pine cones, I like hanging that kind of stuff all over the house.


decorative vintage door painted with milk paint Fall Decoration via Songbirdblog


Gives it a bit of a Scandinavian decor vibe don’t you think. And I don’t know why my computer monitor is rendering a bit of pinkish color on my doors. There is no pink on those doors. 

In fact I used three layers of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint and than finished it with some Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I’ll go into the painting ins and outs in a next post because for now I just want to be happy with the end result.


decorative vintage door painted with milk paint pillows crochet blanket via Songbirdblog


I very much staged this little area just for your viewing pleasure. Normally this particular corner of the couch looks a bit less cottagy, vintage, romantic. It is the corner where my Love sits (hence the design table), and on that design table lives a design lamp. And nothing else. Under normal circumstances it is a decorative-items-free-area. And most pillows are pushed to the side the moment my Love sits down to take a nap watch television.

But on this little blog I can pretend, so I took the liberty to use my new, and therefor favorite lamp of the moment, to stage this photo shoot.

It is a nice lamp isn’t it!?

I am sure you will see lots of it, but here it is a bit more close up. 


decorative vintage door painted with milk paint crochet lamp shade via Songbirdblog


The glass base is from Ikea, and after a lot of searching I found this perfect crochet lamp shade in a hardware store nearby. I think they are a match made in heaven. Only thing that is a bit of a disappointment is that you can’t open up that lamp base to fill it up. But I like it anyway.

Okay back to the door. 


decorative vintage door painted with milk paint via Songbirdblog


I am quite happy how she turned out, and since it is a wardrobe door and thus pretty light weight I will be able to track her all over the house to follow my decorating whims :-)

And I still got the second door to give a makeover too. 

Good days…..

So do you like my new old door?

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  1. says

    In our apartment we have so many bare white walls and I struggle with finding pieces large enough to not be swallowed by the walls. This is a great way to deal with that. Especially with a hook to hang seasonal things!

  2. Gwen says

    First of all I’m glad you said the lampshade was crocheted! I love it. I saw the most perfect lampshade clearanced at pottery barn and I thought oh with a few crotchet doilies and things I can kind of copy it. Ill spend more getting all the pieces off Etsy and you find yours already done, gorgeous, at the hardware store!!! Yes, I do like that shade especially! Plus the pillows and decor. Same thing here. Pillows getting moved to a heap. I’m putting them back ever so nicely every day!
    Your door. So clever. So smart. So unexpected. Why we could write children story books about Miss Songbird’s Secret Door. Adults thought it led to nowhere but children knew better! Like the closet in the Secret Garden? It just goes. Looks right. Like it has always been. Like the M too. It makes the door!!
    You have your own peaceful style. So unique. So lovely. And yes. Why would the window not be in the middle?!!
    Have a nice day!

  3. says

    I love this little corner of the room. The door, the table and that lamp…all play nicely together! :)
    I would imagine you could do so much with that little door and it’s twin.
    I don’t know how wide the opening is for the windows…but how about turning a door sideways and hanging in the opening there? Unless the ceiling is too low. Just a thought.
    The little pine cone branch is sweet too. Happy Fall!