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I have been baking a cake…. sort of….

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I have baked a little cake for my feathered friends to get them through this freak of a winter we are having.

Birdfeeder Cake

You see, it is almost February and it seems that we are finally going to have a bit of winter here….

As in, it might freeze…..

The low lands have been the wet lands these past months. So far we haven’t had any winter but instead many Fall-like storms with enormous amounts of rain and wind and hail.

Well all that wind and that huge amount of rain didn’t exactly go very well with my birdfeed chandelier. The seeds just blew right off. And since that left my little feathered friends hungry I decided to cook up some bird food that was weather proof.

Birdfeeder Cake

I didn’t do a tutorial. Too easy.

Just melt some solid type fat (grease, lard whatever you want to call it), mix in bird seed, fill a container, cool and let harden, use hot water to melt the outside to loosen it from the container, stack, embellish with cranberries, put outside, wait for the birds to come and watch them eat it (take pictures first….).

See easy….

Birdfeeder Cake

Added bonus. It looks really nice in the grayness that is our garden right now. A bright spot of red.

I like it, the birds like it, mission accomplished.


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  1. Christine Aldinger says:

    melt same fat? i would love to make this but i didn’t understand that

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Sorry typo. I meant of course “melt some fat”. You can use any kind of ‘hard’ fat/grease/lard etc. Anything that you can melt and that will become solid again when it cools. I used old-fashioned deep-frying fat.

  2. Who knew bird food could be so creative and pretty!?!

  3. This is so cute, Marianne! I wish I could make something the squirrels wouldn’t eat!!


  4. Such a lovely idea.
    And, I hear ya, the garden would look prettier with this in it during the winter!
    Pinned it at Pinterest.

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Thank you! Yes a pop of color those wonders everywhere, but especially in a gray and rather dull winter garden.

  5. it looks absolutely cheery and what a bonus to the birds….you are a kind person, ms songbird xxxx

  6. So cute! If I were a birdie I sure would like to be a birdie in your garden :-)
    Love your blog, you’re so creative and I really like your style! I am not sure how I found Songbird, but I am glad I did!

  7. Those are cranberries? I’d have never known…they look so huge. I bet the little birds loved it.

    I may try this next winter. would never work here now…we’re already having 80° temps!

    have a great week! Pat

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Yep, it’s cranberries. You really should try it. It looked great out on the table! That is until the birdies made a mess of it when they dug in and started eating, but isn’t that supposed to happen to every good cake!

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