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Hi friends, today I found out a little tidbit that apparently is old news already but I don’t think many of us know. Most of us, if not all, love that little Google Followers widget in our sidebar, don’t we.


Google Friend Connect


It is such a wonderful sight to see those smiling faces smiling back at you. And even if we don’t want to admit it, seeing that number of followers going up, makes us really happy.

Many of you use that followers widget to subscribe to a blog, because with one click it will add the feed of that blog to your  Reading list in your Blogger dashboard. And from there you can read those blogs.


Knipsel 1


Well things are about to change.

Google announced that they will start to fade out the service of Google Friend Connect

(that is the official name of the service behind that widget). Starting in March the followers gadget will no longer work on non-blogger blogs.

So if you run your blog through WordPress or Typepad or any other service but blogger the gadget will no longer work on your blog.

AND  if you follow blogs that are on WordPress or Typepad via the Google Friend Connect you will not get updates anymore.

The ones in the loop in the Blogosphere expect that it won’t be long after that, until the Google Friend Connect will be discontinued overall, then it won’t work on Blogger blogs anymore either.

There are different opinions about why Google is doing this, but the most commonly cited reasons are that Google wasn’t making any money with it and that they want to push people into using Google+ as an alternative.

So if you are still asking people to become a follower of your blog when entering giveaways and such you might as well stop doing that.

And if you are relying on your Blogger dashboard to follow blogs it might be a good idea to start investigating other options.




I really like subscribing to the RSS feed of a blog and following along in a blog reader. Google Reader is my blog reader of choice, but I have heard good things about Feedly and Bloglovin as well.

So what do you think? Do you use the followers gadget to actually follow and read a blog? Will you miss it? What do you think would be good alternatives?



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  1. Claudia says

    Yes, I do. I don't like google reader or anything like that because I want to get the full look of a blog, not just the text and photos.Readers leave me bored. And that's part of the reason I've never pushed for anyone to subscribe to my feed – I want them to get the full look of my blog – let's face it, I've worked hard enough to create that look. Let's hope they keep Friend Connect around a bit longer. I'm not interested in google+ – I already have enough stuff going with facebook, my blog and twitter (although I hardly use it.)


  2. willywagtail says

    Thanks for the warning. I love to see my follower number go up which is why I follow other peoples' blogs. However, I don't actually use the service as a feeder because I enjoy seeing the whole blog layout when I read one. Cherrie

  3. Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful says

    Oh great! Like Claudia, I don't like the readers either. I like seeing the whole blog. Guess I will have to get used to that though. As far as Google+ is concerned, I haven't used it much at all. I'm already so busy with Twitter and Facebook. I guess I need to look into pushing people over to another service. UGH.

  4. Marjon says

    Hoi Marianne, als ik het goed begrepen heb, dat stopt blogger ermee. Dus dan krijg je geen nieuwe posten meer in je dashboard, klopt dit….groetjes Marjon

  5. Di says

    Keep us posted, I use google reader and do like to see the subscriber followers also. But since I am fairly new I would like advice in to which way to go. Thanks for your information.

  6. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    Thank you Marianne.
    I do use Google friend and wasnt aware of other choices. I love seeing the snippet and some text when I check to see who's posted.
    reader doesnt interest me at all.
    if I do look into Bloglovin and cant figure it out- where can I go for help. I'd like to go ahead and add another alternative in case I loose the one I like.
    thanks again

  7. Loulou says

    I have a wordpress blog and had that google friend connect widget up for a while but more than half the time, most of the followers weren't showing up. So I took it down because I didn't want anyone to think I deleted them!

    I use Bloglovin to keep up with the blogs I like. I think it's great. If you want to follow a blog that isn't registered with them you can just enter the URL into the search field, so you can follow any blog with

    Loulou Downtown

  8. Cozy Little House says

    I don't particularly care. I read blogs off my blog roll. Seems simpler to me. I'm not going to diddle with Google whatever it is they're replacing it with anymore than I'm going to do Facebook or Twitter. So there, Google!

  9. The Polka Dot Closet says

    I had heard this, but did not believe it would come to pass! Well this will be interesting, I think the amount of followers people show on their blogs is something of a badge of honor, this will be interesting to have everyone on the same playing field. It seems the bigger the blog the more advertisers come to the blog, how will potential advertisers know how big a blog is??


  10. Barb and Dell says

    I would definitely miss Friend Connect. I tried using Google reader and I didn't like it at all. I like seeing the whole blog and I
    want to know who my followers are. I am an older senior citizen and we don't like change! Please keep us posted.

  11. Norma says

    Eeeek! I use the Followers grid on blogs I follow sometimes to look around the blogs of those Followers, I figure if ww're interested in the same blogs maybe their blogs are worth a look too. In the beginning I found heaps of blogs I liked that way. I'm just like Claudia, I hate Reader, I always use the dashboard feed to receive notification of new posts (altho it seems to be getting a bit unreliable – maybe because I follow too many blogs). I use Google friend connect almost exclusively for Following blogs but I have started using the email notification as well recently. Oh why do they want to tamper with stuff all the time!

  12. Something White says

    Ik kreeg deze info inderdaad binnen via de Google-site op Facebook. Maar ik gebruik die Friend Connect-tool eigenlijk nooit om blogs te volgen. Wat mij betreft mag die tool dan ook verdwijnen. Je krijgt bij sommigen soms ook wel de indruk dat het hen meer om het aantal ´volgers´ te doen is en dat er dan een soort van concurrentie-strijd onstaat: oh, die heeft er zoveel, ik heb er ´maar´ zoveel… Net als vele anderen heb ik dan ook het aantal uitgewist :) Het interesseert me eigenlijk ook niet zo of er al dan niet iemand volgt; bloggen doe ik meer voor mijn eigen plezier, als ik er tijd voor vind en er zin in heb. Gelukkig hoef ik er mijn dagdagelijks brood niet mee te verdienen.
    Dank voor de uitgebreide uitleg hier, was allezins toch nuttig voor me! Merci.
    Beste groetjes, Marjolijn

  13. Lorrie says

    I use Google Reader, but I click into the blog itself so I can see the full post.
    I'm not in the least interested in Google + there are too many things out there now to keep track of.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  14. Carly {a simple affair} says

    Not pleased to hear this, but thank you very much for the heads up. GFC is one of my favorite features. Love seeing the smiling faces and that is how I keep up on my daily blog reading. Not a big fan of Google+ either…so all around just not a happy camper.

  15. flowersandhome says

    Ik heb de laatste tijd in het motje gekregen dat ik van veel blogs die ik volg gewoon de nieuwe berichten niet meer krijg in mijn dashboard. Best vervelend maar ik probeer alle blogs die ik graag volg nu op een andere manier bij te houden. Veel verschil zal het voor mij dus niet maken dat die friend connect afgeschaft wordt; het werkt nu al niet naar behoren.