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Calling All My Blogging Friends for Help!!!

Good evening my sweets. I interrupt all this Christmas posting for a cry for help from me to you. YOU are my blog readers, YOU are my online friends, and I write this blog at least as much for YOU as I write it for myself. So I’d like your input on some things. My […]

How to Customize your Sidebar in Blogger ~ Adding Sidebar Title Graphics

  Well it is about time I give you another episode in my long overdue DIY Blog Design Series isn’t it. I left you all hanging on the horizontal menu bar, but there is so much more you can do. One question I got often was how to add those customized sidebar titles. Those sidebar […]

How to Design a Horizontal Menu Bar for your Blog

  Updated May 23. 2012. This tutorial still works perfectly in the new Blogger dashboard. Things are just named and located a bit differently. Good morning sweet ladies. I have come here early to give you another bit of information on how to design your own blog. Today we are going to make a menu […]

How to change your background in blogger

Well it’s about time, isn’t it! That I would write another episode in my DIY blog design series. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting this long, but yeah life happens. Ok then. I ended the last episode with a new header for my DIY Blog Design blog     That blue background really needs […]

How to make a blog header in Blogger

Considerations, tips and tutorial on how to make a blog header in Blogger. With further resources.

Five Safety Precautions before you start Fiddling with your Blog

  Howdie Lovelies, I am glad you all gathered here today for the next episode in my DIY Blog Design series. I know that you are all sitting at the edge of your seat to learn the real tricks, but before I even allow you to make any changes whatsoever I have to make sure […]

Five things to consider BEFORE you start to work on your blog design

This post is an adaptation from a guest post that was posted on Beautiful Blog Designs in January 2010 Welcome to the first post in my new DIY Blog Design series. Thank you so much to everybody who left me a comment with a design question. They have all gone in my DIY Blog Design […]