Blogging, the big Juggling Act

Hi guys, miss me? I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Mine was nice, full of traditions and sadly a lot of rain too.

Last week we lost the internet connection at home. That meant no computer or blogging, no TV and no phone connection.

Train wreck Shorpy

At first I panicked I felt that everything was crashing in around me. Like my moving train had come to a screeching halt and that was not good. And then I just let go….

I stopped fighting it and started to enjoy this quiet moment, this forced inactivity, this feeling of being unplugged.


Model in bed with book


For days in a row I was in bed before nine with a book and usually fast asleep by ten.


I guess I needed a little break. I am under a lot of stress at work right now. I have an important project that I need to finish before the end of April, and a lot is riding on it. And it is bringing out all my old insecurities and anxieties. So to say that it is draining is an understatement.


Of course at first I was sure I could do it all. Work during the day, even put in a lot of extra hours and then blog at night and by some miracle be able to work in enough projects over the weekend so I’d have content.

Woman working


It worked for about two weeks. And then the internet broke and I broke with it.




And I decided that that was okay. That we all would still be friends when I was ready to return. That you all understand that every once in a while our real lives take over and blogging has to come second. I’m still not sure when I will have the next project finished to share with you. I hope I’ll be able to put in some project time this weekend. But the week isn’t over and I don’t know how much my work will take out of me the next days. So no promises here.


juggling woman


So tell me! How are you all doing? Is life as crazy over at your place too? Are you still able to keep juggling all those balls at the same time, or are your dropping them here and there too.



What spinning plates are you trying to keep from falling?


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  1. says

    Marianne, I think we can all relate. I struggle sometimes with content on my blog. But then I tell myself to relax. And you can too. We’ll be here when you get back, refreshed, I hope, and relieved that your big work project is over with.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks!! It is good to just let go every once in a while and even better to find out that you all have my back and catch me before I fall.

  2. says

    Oh, forget the projects….those pictures are wonderful!!! I enjoyed the feeling of each of them….emoting like a silent film!

    Yes, my blogging ball dropped a while ago. And I can’t seem to find it…”it rolled into the garden and under a bush and now my poor (meatball) blogging ball is nothing but mush!”

    With everything there are seasons…some filled with perenniels that come back year after year and others with annuals…that bloom for a time!

    We will all be here….when you return with something spectacular to show us! Take some peace every day into your being so that your project at work can be as spectacular as what you show us here!


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Grin! So if it was up to you I’d not post pictures of my projects anymore just these gorgeous black and white ones (that I got from Now that is an idea and it sure would be less time consuming than doing all those projects and photographing them myself.
      Thanks for your patience and friendship. You have a way with words my friend!!

  3. says

    I can relate! We had computer issues a few weeks ago, and life seems extra busy lately. I post when I can lately, and know that when I have time to finish/photo projects I will be able to post a bit more often. Blogging should be fun, and not an added stress. I keep reminding myself of this.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yes, yes! I got into blogging because of the fun. I think I just added the stress myself later because I was trying to keep up with everyone else. Useless exercise. I have to do it my way or no way at all. I guess I needed a computer meltdown to remind me.

  4. says

    I’m trying to get my Etsy shop stocked and blog. Boy, doing both is draining! I don’t how I’d handle having to go out to work. I came up with a project for today. But I just can’t come up with projects every week. I think I’d have to have some kind of brain enhancement pills. And I don’t know of any!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Well when you find that pill, will you let me know. I could use a couple of them right now.
      Good luck with the Etsy shop. I know it will be fabulous! But I can relate to the stress. Mine is pretty bare at the moment.

  5. says

    Oh my goodness!! Love these great pics to illustrate your blogging thoughts : ). Yes, life crashes in. We understand because we’ve all been there. It keeps us real. Keeps expectations in check.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks! I found most of the images at It is a great resource and all the images are free to use.
      And yes, I know all about the expectations. The ones I have about myself are actually the worst. Gotta keep them in check. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. says

    It’s true, blogging and life sometimes collide and the collision isn’t pretty. Life is important, and we all know that. We will still be here so don’t worry. More then likely we will be going through our own personal blogging crisis also…

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yeah, life and blogging aren’t always the best of friends. I think if we would all give each other a break and slow down this mad race blogging has become at times, we would all benefit. Anyway, that’s what I am thinking right now. But watch me run when things slow down again 😉

  7. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I just had a similar experience and thought about writing a post about it. My computer crashed and was in the shop for a week. At first all I thought about was how far behind I was going to be. Then I realized that it was actually quite liberating. I had time to enjoy other things, including going to bed at a more reasonable hour. And instead of trying to catch up when I got my computer back, I just deleted hundreds of entries in my google reader and decided the world would not end if I didn’t read them. I love blogging and the connections I make on a daily basis, but it’s just not the most important thing in my world and it’s good to be reminded of that from time to time. Life is a constant balancing act, for sure!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      I guess sometimes the universe takes over and forces us to take a rest. I haven’t even touched my reader yet. I guess I am going to follow your example and just delete all those unread posts. There is no way I could catch up anyway. Thanks for reminding me that that is okay to do every once in a while.

  8. says

    I can so relate! We are building a new home, getting our home ready to out in the market, have our daughter, SIL and 2 dogs living here while THEY are building their new home…..I YI YI!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stressed out some days it is crazy. I have also considered taking a bloggin break. I am just taking it a day at a time. Glad to see you back. XO, Pinky

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh my, it sounds as you have a lot going on in your life. I don’t think I could even think about blogging with all of that going on. Hang in there, times will get better!

  9. says

    Yes, busy here too. It’s hard to keep up with the dayjob calling you behind the scenes isn’t it? So glad you ‘found’ a way to rest up! I recently bought a book and sat and read. Unreal experience! haha


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh yeah, that day-job gets in the way of blogging all the time…
      My internet break gave me the chance to read three books in four days. Bliss. But now I am missing my paint brush badly. I hope I can get my hands on it over the weekend. Will see.

  10. says

    I read the title of your post and knew instantly that it was going to be something I can relate to :) I feel like I have been juggling a lot lately! It is hard enough to keep up with a house project, let alone trying to keep up with updating blog content about the house project. I’ve only been a serious blogger for a little over a year now, and I still love it, but I have learned it is hard to keep all the “balls in the air” but the two that matter the most are my husband and my career. If anything is off with those two nothing else could be juggled along with. Also, I always worry that if I don’t update my blog within certain periods of time then people won’t read it anymore, but I think people respond to honestly and what is relate-able- those are always the best posts! And you can’t enjoy “real-life” moments if you are worried about your blog, you know? Somtimes I have to tell my mind to shut that off so I can be in the moment :) So I hope you enjoy those blog time off moments, I will still be reading whenever you get back!

  11. says

    Ik heb ook een fulltime baan, mijn vriend en huis dat bijgehouden moet worden. En er zijn nog andere dingen die mijn aandacht vragen. Al vind ik het heel erg leuk, mijn blog komt op de laatste plaats. Ik blog als ik tijd en zin heb.

    Bovendien hoef je niet bang te zijn dat iemand je vergeet, daarvoor is je blog te leuk 😉

  12. says

    You aren’t the only one who is trying to keep too many balls up in the air! I’m so glad you have a follow by email link :) It means whenever you post, it shows up in my inbox. Wonderful invention! Post when you can! I love to read and keep track of what you are doing, but completely understand when you have to have time to do other things.

  13. says

    Don’t worry about it!

    You take life one day at a time. You take blogging one post at a time. Not every post has to be a project. WE just like hearing what you’re up too in you life and in your little nest!

    I love the vintage photos, especially the one of the near fainting lady in the chair. After a day with the Grandkids… that is how I feel! Don’t know that I look quite so cute as that. But I feel wiped out!

    take care, Pat

  14. says

    Such a creative post. It conveys your feelings perfectly. Love the vintage photos. I am having a really hard problem posting these days. So don’t fret about it. It is supposed to be fun.