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The short dark evenings have arrived. Although I was happy with the extra hour of sleep, I can’t say I am too thrilled with the clock turning back again.  Those early, dark nights are not my favorite part of this season. And we have had our first portion of frost too! Winter is here for sure. So what does that mean? It means drastic measures have to be taken and that means it is time for candle light evenings.


candle holder ideas


So I went in search of some inspiration for creative candle holders. And did I score me some good ideas! I have gathered them here for you and added a few of my own too. Come along with me and let’s share some candle light….

Crafty Candle Holder Ideas

Candle holder craft ideas

wire candle, ice lantern, plaster doily candle holder, oyster candle holder, cupcake candle holders

Tea lights, tapers, regular candles, big stump candles, they all deserve a nice vessel to show them off. Can you imagine your home without candles? I sure can’t.


Oh and check out this next idea, it deserves a category of its own! Can you guess what it is made out of????


cd case candle holder

cd case candle holder

Yes! It is made out of empty cd cases. Gorgeous isn’t it. It looks like a block of ice, but without the risk of melting.

Junk Style Candle Holder Ideas

junky style candle holders

barb wire candle, nuts and bolds candle stick, punched tins lanternscar spring candle holder

And this category just proves that you should never think of something as waste, especially when it is nice and rusty. It is junk art! So use it and display a candle or two in it.


Nature Inspired Candle Holder Ideas


Tree Candle Craft

tree trunk candelabra, branch candle stick, bark lanterns source unknown, twig candle holders


Oh, how I love the rustic look of nature. I have done my share of crafting with twigs and tree stumps, but I see more wood in my future…….


Vintage Teacups Candle Holders

vintage tea cups candle holdersvintage tea cup candle stick, tea cups candles


Teacups and candles are a golden combination. What is better to enjoy by candle light than a nice cup of tea. But of course vintage tea cups also make great candle holders. Lurve….


So what is your favorite so far?

Got more ideas? Send them over and I’ll put them on my board.

Because I am sure there will be lots more pinning and gathering of candle stick and candle holder ideas. If you like to see what else I find, you can follow my Candle Holder Ideas board on Pinterest:


Pinterest board Candle Holder Ideas by Songbird


I think if you have previously started following me this new board will not automatically show up in your feed. I have heard rumors that you have to unfollow and refollow someone to catch the latest boards. Does anybody know if that is true?

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    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks, and yes please do. With Christmas season coming our way I am sure there will be lots more inspiration to add.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks! I think you are referring to a project that is actually mine.
      And welcome to the candle holders board :-)