Rustic Christmas card display tree.

homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (1)


Howdie folks, how is everything going, have your Christmas cards been send, your cookies baked, your house decorated, the eggnog brewed? Over here I am still running around like a headless chicken preparing my posts for this series. But we are in the home stretch.

And my house is beginning to look seriously good (can’t say the same for my craft room or workshop though).

Okay on to the next project. A place to display those Christmas cards that are coming in every day now….


  Homemade Christmas Card Display Tree


homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (1)


I am still rocking the twig, natural, homemade, rustic thing. I had some branches left over and with the help of my Love I was able to whip this baby up in an hour.


homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (2)


These are the steps:

  1. Go on a walking trip in the woods and search for a nice, chunky, thick branch that is somewhat straight.
  2. Drag it home with you and let it dry
  3. Do some gardening and prune a brush that has nice straight branches. Save some of those branches from the shredder
  4. Cut the branches to size
  5. Lay them down over your stem and eyeball their spacing.
  6. Hammer a nail in them to attach them to the branch stem, leaving you some wiggling room
  7. Tie string  at the joints to hide the nail and keep your branches horizontal
  8. Drill a pilot hole in the center of the bottom of your stem
  9. Screw on a piece of wood or an old wooden tray to form the base
  10. Decorate
  11. Stand back and admire your handy work (or in my case take pictures and show you)


homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (4)


See only ten steps and none of them are difficult. The addition of the teeny, tiny lights was a lucky coincident. I was clearing up the mess of days of decorating and found these at the bottom of the pile. I had bought them at the dollar store weeks ago and forgot about them. It is a thin copper wire with the tiniest of LED lights attached.


homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (3)


Let the Christmas cards start to roll in, I am ready for it.


homemade Christmas tree branches display Christmas cards (5)


So how do you display your Christmas cards? On a Christmas card wreath like Donna did on her Day 1, or in a frame like the Shanty Sisters did on day 6? So many beautiful ideas are shared in this series. Are you loving it as much as I do?


If you haven’t I encourage you to go check out my fellow contributors.



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  1. says

    Aw Marianne this is a really great idea and it looks so cute!
    I haven’t got any Christmas cards yet sniff, but also displayed some very old Christmas cards. Pictures are in my latest post.
    Hope you’ll find the time to stop by!
    Happy 2.nd Advent wishes sends you

    P.S.: Will have to pin your display idea now to my Christmas Inspiration board.

  2. says

    This idea is absolutely DARLING. I am adoring all your twig creations, it’s so amazing all the things you are coming up with! You may have to try a ‘chevron’ garland next! :)

    I want some of those mini lights! Will have to go check a few dollar stores.

  3. says

    Hello Marianne…just found you via Pinterest. I love your twig tree…wish I had room for one. Maybe outside with some birdseed ornaments!
    I am following you, now….Happy Holidays!

  4. says

    You are killing me here Marianne! This is so adorable! I love every little fabulous detail. I totally need one of these. You and Donna are going to have me in the woods look for sticks for days!!