Christmas in the Kitchen

Fabric Ornaments Garland on Kitchen Shelves


Christmas decoration from homemade ornaments

Christmas has entered my kitchen too. Last year I experimented with some red and white accents in the kitchen and I loved that look so much that this year I took it a little further.

You have already seen my ragamuffin wreath, and this garland compliments it very nicely.

red fabric bird ornament Christmas

I have sewn little ornaments like hearts, birds, and stars and strung them to some  butcher’s twine. This little ice-skate is my favorite.

white fabric ice skating ornament Christmas

I used the templates from the Sew Pretty Christmas book to make this garland. You can click on the book in my sidebar to see more details about it. It is a lovely book chockfull fun and mostly easy ideas for a handmade Christmas.

wire basket with red and white Christmas ornaments in kitchen

My red and white Christmas balls are now stored in my vintage egg basket.

bake ware sauce pan in white with red decoration Christmas

I added the pieces of red transfer ware that I have to my kitchen shelves. Don’t you think this little puppet looks like she is sailing in my (gravy) boat.

kitchen labels linen fabric

All my jars got a little label. These labels where inspired by Sarah who added similar lovely labels to her gorgeous Beach Cottage (oh and ‘thee’ means tea, but I am sure you got that).

homemade fabric and paper decoration for Christmas door knob

I made a little tassel from some scraps I had left after my ragamuffin wreath. Actually I made a couple of tassels so I guess several hostess gifts these next days will be decorated with them.

fabric ornaments garland Christmas kitchen

So this year there is Christmas in my attic, in my living room and now in my kitchen. Wonder which room I will add to my list next year….

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  1. Rene says

    Oh Marianne. Everything is so pretty that I could just live on your shelf. I may steal your garland idea for next year ;). Merry Christmas!

  2. Blondie's Journal says


    Your garland I SO pretty. What a neat idea, it is so colorful. And your tags and balls…you are a gifted seamstress!! Your kitchen look fabulous!


  3. Danielle @ Transforming Home says

    So pretty! Is that open shelving I see? I love it!
    Happy holidays, and thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. Lori says

    do you visit Elly?…she decorates a lot with red and white…and it always looks so pretty…your post today looks like one of hers…very sweet…i love those colors in your kitchen Marianne!!!

  5. Linda says

    Your kitchen is just darling…LOVE it! Your garland is sooooo CUTE…I must do this next year…thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!


  6. Linda says

    Your kitchen is just darling…LOVE it! Your garland is sooooo CUTE…I must do this next year…thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!


  7. Elly says

    Echt helemaal geweldig…zucht…maar dat had je vast al gedacht, hahaha!!! Het ziet er heel gezellig en sfeervol uit bij je, ik zou graag even bij je aanwippen voor een bakkie en dan genieten van je keuken!
    Leuk trouwens ook die labels, echt een ideetje om te onthouden!

  8. Claudia says

    Your kitchen looks so cheery in red! I love the garland, Marianne, what a neat idea.

    Oh, and I love and want a garland like the one in your header!!!


  9. Summer says

    How lovely! I love the red and white…. So elegant and festive…. I wish I could sew!! You rock at it! I love the ice skate too! Very cute
    Summer :0)

  10. TinyBear says

    oh – I almost feel at home when I see your decorations in red and white – it´s very Danish you know 😀
    so cute
    ~ Tina

  11. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    This is so pretty, Marianne! I love the red and white.

    I just published my kitchen post. The title is Christmas in the Kitchen, also.:-)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Celestial Charms says

    I just adore the red/white combination for your decorations. Everything is so lovely and tidy. Perfect touches for a festive Christmas.

  13. Beth@The Stories of A to Z says

    Your red and white is working for you in your kitchen. It looks fantastic and your ornaments are precious!

  14. New Every Morning says

    Red and white: my favorite color combination. My kitchen and your kitchen should meet.

    I love your use of the clear jars, by the way.

  15. vosges paris says

    geweldig leuk al dat rood.. momenteel is het scandinavisch a la JD dat de klok slaat.. dit is weer eens lekker zoals kerst ooit was 😉

  16. Brenda @Cozy Little House says

    This is absolutely delightful! As a longtime lover of red and white, it has really captured my heart!

  17. sarah { abeachcottage } says

    goodness! this is delightful – I love it!

    I have similar jars, that I added Christmas stuff to, but not tags like yours (much nicer the way you have done it) but not had time to photograph them yet

    I love your kitchen and all the jars, I am just about to 'jar' all my rice etc – does it work ok in real life??


  18. nannykim/spindlecottage says

    So glad you used punches of red–my favorite color!!! Makes me happy. Love the little line of ornaments!

  19. Joyce says

    Clean and crisp and I love the bird and the skate. I really enjoyed thrifting at the in-laws posts. Too bad my in-law never saved a thing. So I thrift at garage sales when I can. Merry Christmas.

  20. Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good says

    Oh I just love your red and white kitchen. I love your photography just as much! YOu take beautiful pictures! Happy New Year!