Christmas Wreath and Outdoor Decorations. Day 5

Let’s move this party outside shall we? The weather is getting cold, we’ve had the first snowflakes, and it is a bit gloomy and dark out. So let’s get to decorating the outside of the house and brighten things up a bit shall we…



I have started with the front entrance. Come on closer and let’s look at this years Christmas wreath.


I couldn’t resist. I gave my twig wreath another makeover. I lost count how many makeovers she has had by now, but she is still going strong.



White, silver and gold with twigs, I am detecting a theme here…..

My twig wreath is not alone in her twiggy-ness on my door….



I ‘build’ a kind of pyramid, using branches from the same bush I used to make my stars and some of the white washed curly willow sticks I had leftover from my summer mantel.

Re-purposing people, that is what is all about for me this Christmas.



I really didn’t know if this project was going to work until the very last end. It didn’t exactly go smoothly, but I stuck it out and now I am quite happy with her.

And then I just continued decorating ….



Adding lots of green and some silver and gold balls to our white bench. This one actually was very easy.



But quite effective….



Of course it all looks best in the dark with all the twinkly lights. Good thing it gets dark so early.


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  1. says

    I loved your post and tried to follow the links to see what some of the other people in the series were posting – but when I clicked on Inspired by Charm – google chrome came up with a warning that that site contained a malware…you might want to contact her – none of the others gave me that warning.

    • JuneA** says

      I just clicked on it and no warning from Chrome….try it again! Chrome has been acting oddly for a couple of days now, think I’ll try another browser for a while!

    • Marianne Songbird says

      I am aware of the problem and so is Michael. We don’t know why this is happening, probably some add causing troubles. Hopefully Michael will soon find a solution.
      Chrome issues these warnings quite easily and usually there isn’t a problem at all.

  2. says

    So gorgeous! Yes, that twiggy wreath looks spectacular once again. Is it spray painted? Your twiggy tree is so sweet too, I want one of those! And the bench!! Oh goodness, won’t that look amazing with a dusting of snow on it! Do you get snow in the Netherlands?! Sorry, I’d have to google that answer and asking you is easier. :)