Closet Makeover with Wallpaper ~ Finally a Bedroom Reveal

Closet Makeover with wallpaper


Yes, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived, today is the day that I reveal my first bedroom makeover project.

Remember this closet at the foot of our bed?


Bedroom Closet Before 3


When I asked for your suggestions for my bedroom makeover, several of you suggested I paint this baby white. Well that was already on my list. This particular closet is pretty big, both in the sense of high, wide and deep, so with all of its colonial darkness, it was overpowering my bedroom a bit. So I wanted to make it a bit less ‘present’  so to speak.

But before I show you one more time how it looks now let me tell you something about this closet.

When we moved in 6 years ago we had hired a professional moving company to move our stuff. This closet had been in our bedroom in our last home and I wanted it in this bedroom too. The movers took one look at it and decided that they wouldn’t be able to get it up the stairs, so decided to lift it over the balcony at the back of the house.

So they did….

It took six! heavyweight, strong as an ox, highly trained, professional movers to lift and hoist it up and over that balcony wall. At a certain point two men were pushing it up with a broom while four men were hanging on the ropes trying to lift it up. I died seven deaths. I couldn’t watch, I was so afraid those ropes would break and the men on the ground would be crushed. But those guys were good, and they got the elephant on to the first floor.

Let’s move it into the bedroom….

Oh dear, no matter what and how they tried they couldn’t get it into my bedroom. The landing in front of my bedroom door was simply to narrow to make it turn and tipping it over didn’t help either. They tried with all of their professional expertise for half an hour and then gave up. So they moved it back into the room with the balcony.
That would be my current guest room.
My teeny, tiny guest room.
My post-stamp sized guest room.


I found one very bad picture of the closet in that room. You only see the closet and nothing of the room, that is because there was no room left, literally. It obviously couldn’t stay there but after those guys had risked their lives getting the closet up I didn’t have the heart to ask them to hoist it down again.

So it stayed there for a couple of months until I got tired of it, and then we took action.

We put a saw to it….

Yes you read that right, we cut that baby in half.

Bedroom Closet Before 2


We took the doors off, the panels in the sides could be lifted out and then there were only the front supports and the back left. And My Love just took a saw and literally cut the closet in half.

Then we could move it into the bedroom.

We reassembled it and put some reinforcements in on the inside.


Bedroom Closet Before


And in all fairness, you couldn’t even tell. The picture shows the cut all blown up and ugly, but in reality it was hardly noticeable.

Of course if we ever move, I’ll have to perform the same surgery all over again. but who says we are moving….

Ok then onto the reveal.

It won’t be a big surprise that I painted this one white.


Bedroom Closet After 3

And if I say so myself it looks really good in white. For added interest I added a little scrolly iron thing that I had lying around. Originally it was dark brown iron, but I just painted it along with the closet and distressed just as the wood.


Bedroom Closet After Detail


This closet really  needed to be distressed. It was made using old wood and is full of dents and bruises and gaps everywhere. And the paint will likely chip anyway (we are not exactly known as careful people). This way the ‘state of the paint’  and the ‘state of the wood’ are not contradictory to each other (does that make sense at all?).

Anyway all white the closet blends in much more and is no longer this dark, overpowering, gigantic ‘object’  at the foot of our bed.



I really think it looks so much better now.

But I didn’t stop there. I decided to give the inside a little makeover too.

Paint was one of the elements in this, but I added something else….

Wait for it (drumroll please)….

Wait, hold your breath….



Bedroom Closet After 5


Tada!  Birds!!

There are birds in my bedroom.

I painted the inside white, covered it with wallpaper and added an extra shelf.


Bedroom Closet After 4


I love it!

Because the closet was so rough, especially on the inside, I glued the wallpaper to some – cut to size-  cardboard first. I used double sided tape, but the next time I would use spray glue because I think that would give an even better and ‘tighter’  look.


Bedroom Closet After


Songbird has birdies in her closet.

Three different kind of birdies.


Bleutit Bird Image


One of them is a Blue tit (pimpelmeesje) and while I was wallpapering I remembered that as an eight year old girl I did a presentation in school on the Blue tit. Life has a funny way of bringing memories that were lost back again, doesn’t it.

Ok and to show you the makeover after the makeover. Here is my closet in use. Holding my bed linens. 


Closet Makeover with wallpaper


Oh but now I want to buy all new linens, so they match better with my closet….

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  1. Beth@The Stories of A2Z says

    Ugh! I just left a comment and then received an error message :(. Try again. I LOVE it! You did a fabulous job and the birds are just too sweet. Nicely done!

  2. ChRiS says

    love love love it my parents have this wall to wall chest type thingy and they also had to cut in 1/2 to get upstairs……i think it may have to go with house when time comes but it is a nice piece of furniture, anyways love the make over

  3. The Polka Dot Closet says

    That looks wonderful! The scroll on top really brings your eye up and doing the inside was going way over the top (I am usually to lazy) Good for you!


  4. opalm says

    Oh my! What a surprise on the inside. The outside turned out so great but then wait… gets even better inside. Beautiful. I wish you lived nearby I would love to see what you would do with some of my stuff.

  5. Eileen says

    FacinatIng post . I reAlly en joyed your story about the furniture movers. What you did looks sooooo good. I love the white anx the interior. Just gorgeous!

  6. My Blessed Serendipity Life says

    I really like the makeover you gave your cabinet, especially the birds on the inside.


  7. says

    Marianne!!! I can't believe you took a saw to it! That is determination girl! Way to go!
    I love it in every way. The color, the details, all of it.
    I would have been a nervous wreck watching the movers.
    thanks for sharing this story and beautiful closet with us.

  8. ::cottage instincts:: says

    In Love. Adding that wallpaper was sheer genius. What a great escape coming to your blog tonight! I need a soft, white room like yours….You are so clever :)

  9. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    I am so glad you figured out how to get it in the bedroom. I love, love, love it white and the wallpaper on the inside is stunning. Such a beautiful piece. I would probably leave the doors open all the time. Fantastic job of redoing it. Hugs, Marty

  10. Pink Princess says

    MOOI!!! Joh echt een plaatje geworden. Ook ik heb een enorme bruine kast wit gemaakt, pas geleden. (staat op mn blog natuurlijk) EN weet je, van de week heb IK de achterkant van mn meiden/computerkast behangen….met het mooie behang wat ook op de muur zit…ZOVEEL vrolijker ♥♥

    Liefs van Marian

  11. CraftyCripple says

    It looks fabulous. What a good idea decorating the inside too, especially if the doors are going to be open for tv watching.

  12. Mayflower says

    Wat is je kast prachtig geworden Marianne en wat een werk is dat, ik heb al behoorlijk wat werk gehad aan een klein kastje.
    Ik vind het PIP behang aan de binnenkant ook prachtig, ben dol op deze lijn van PIP, ik heb er zelf de theekoppen van.
    Je kan nu genieten van een prachtig resultaat.
    Fijn weekend en een lieve groet, Mea

  13. THEA says

    Ik dacht al meteen, waarom haal je hem niet uit elkaar!! Maar zo kan het ook!!
    Dat wit is mooi, vooral met het ornament erboven!!

    En zo blijf je bezig he, nu nieuw beddegoed!! Hihihi….geen probleem he, geld uitgeven!!

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Thea

  14. Sue says

    What a wild story about getting that thing up into your bedroom! Glad that you came up w/a solution- it looks wonderful dressed in white, Marianne. I have a boob tube in my room, as well. I'm a night owl and catch up on all my programs in the wee hours… LOL
    Love that wallpaper – so very pretty!
    ~ Sue

  15. La says

    Marianne, this is a wonderful transformation. The inside is amazing! It is so fresh and beautiful. You and this closet have been through a lot together. Enjoy! La

  16. Melissa says

    Serious Wow!! The paint, the scroll, and love the birdies. It looks gorgeous!! I want it. (I wonder how much it would cost to ship it to the US?) :)

    Oh, wait. It probably wouldn't fit into our house.

    We just bought a new refrigerator because our old one is literally dying. Our new one is wider than our door – so I am anxious to see how the installation team gets into the house!!

  17. Curtains In My Tree says

    Oh I really like that bird paper inside. That was a long involved job I am sure.

    Birds are so pretty.


  18. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    It's beautiful Marianne!

    When you were telling about the problem of getting the closet around the corner, from the door, I thought to myself, I wonder if it could be taken apart. Then I read that is exactly what you did. I thought of the old knock down cupboards, I've seen here and there. Would love to have one. They are pegged together. When they were moved through narrow, bendy places they can be taken apart and reassembled easily.

    I also was reminded of the beautiful Bernhardt sofa I bought at a sidewalk sale at a super good price, when we were furnishing our lake condo. The furniture guys had to take the bottom section off the sofa to get it through the door, because there is a narrow entry with a sharp turn. We gave that sofa to our daughter. Again, we had to remove the bottom to get it out of the condo. Since then I am always careful about what we purchase. Had a close call this summer when we ordered the new harvest table custom made to 6 feet. It was close but the guys managed to get inside. I had entertained the thought of a 7 foot table. Good thing I talked myself out of it!

    Happy weekend!

  19. Claudia says

    Fabulous, Marianne! What a transformation – the addition of the wallpaper is inspired. It really makes the inside such a delightful surprise.



  20. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier says

    What an amazing great work,dear Marianna!!!
    It looks Soooooooo gorgeous,so realy special with a many nice details…
    What an work,my Hemel…
    I am very,very impressed!!!

    Love and warm wishies,

  21. Lavender hearts says

    You never cease to amaze me! Who would have thought to put that metal bit at the top like that (looks like it's been there forever) and put that stunning bird paper (love birds!) inside. Were do you find the time?

  22. BailiwickStudio says

    That wardrobe looks fabulous inside and out! I love the birdies inside – they must make you smile whenever you open the doors. ::Jill

  23. Green Willow Pond says

    What a wonderful piece of furniture! I love it white and the iron scroll work adds just the perfect touch!

  24. Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky says

    Love it in the white, and with the scroll detail. But oh my! What a wonderful surprise the inside is! LOVE IT!!!

  25. Pieces of Dreams says

    Hi Marianne! That wardrobe is magnificent! Love what you did, the scroll work and all the birds. I'm inspired to paint some of those birds and flowers on a piece of furniture!!!! Hope you are enjoying your lovely new creation! Karen

  26. Elly-My Everyday Things says

    OMG… wat een verhaal! En dan hup gewoon de zaag er in, tja je moet toch wat! Maar hij is echt helemaal super geworden zo, mooi met dat behang van binnen. Eerlijk gezegd schilder ik de binnenkant van een kast nooit! Lui hè! maar als ik dit zo zie is het toch wel een stuk mooier! En nu nog even shoppen… tja, van het één komt het ander!
    Fijn weekend!

  27. freckled laundry says

    That is so stunning! Honestly. Every little detail…the embellishment at the top, the wall paper, the distressing. Yum. So happy to have found you at funky junk!


  28. Elizabeth (blue clear sky) says

    You guys used great imagination in getting that great piece into your room. It looks wonderful, and the bird paper is the 'icing on the cake'. We watch tv in our room too, but ours is quite a bit larger, big room + old eyes;)

  29. Restyled Vintage says

    That is just beautiful, good on you for coming up with a solution to get the closet into your room! I really did gasp when I scrolled down to the photo of the interior, what a pretty surprise :)
    xx Karen

  30. Ellie says

    What a story! I'm glad you told it, cuz I appreciate your love for this closet so much more. It's beautiful in white!

  31. suzieQ says

    I literally gasped when I saw the birds. What is the name of the print and who makes it? I adore birds and it is a lovely print.
    What a story…but that makes what you've done even that much more rewarding.

  32. Stephanie says

    I love the element of surprise when you open the cabinet. That wallpaper is to die for. Just found your blog and it is adorable. The cabinet isn't the elephant in the room any longer, it just blends so effortlessly. Love it.

  33. Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! says

    I love how brave you were to saw it in half!!
    I hope I never have to deal with a piece of furniture that won't fit, but if I do, I will remember this post!
    The birdies are darling–and so it the closet!
    Hugs and blessings to you!

  34. Saving Grace says

    WOW!!! I am new to your blog so I am checking everything out. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird wallpaper inside!! Fabulous!!

  35. Anonymous says

    Hello Marianne, I just stumbled upon your blog, I think through Funky Junk? Anyhow, I am SO impressed with the makeover on this closet, and in fact with your entire blog, am following it now! Question that no one else seems to have asked: what is the brand name and style name of the wallpaper you used inside the closet? It is LOVELY,and I have a hutch desk I want to make over and would love to use this wallpaper inside the back wall. Please advise. Thank you so much, and keep up the extraordinarily good work!

    – Kimberly in Los Angeles

    P.S. I saw your guess room makeover – it is AMAZING! How lucky for your sister to be your first guest!

  36. Anonymous says

    Oh, thank you so much Marianne! I will look at their website, though I hope they have an English version as my Dutch is a little rusty LOL!

    Happy New Year!

    – Kimberly in Los Angeles