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Graphic created by Miss Mustard Seed and used with permission.


I was just standing there, holding my cup of tea in one hand, my conference map in the other and thinking whether I could somehow manage to free a hand to grab one of those tiny muffins they were serving.

Just another coffee break during just another conference.

I got it! Somehow I found a way to balance my tea on top of the conference map which freed the way for that muffin. Now what? Munching on that muffin I started to scan the room for a familiar face, someone to talk to and make me feel less awkward in a room of people greeting each other like long lost friends and networking like crazy.
That’s when I noticed someone trying to catch my eye, a friendly nod, a smile, the confirmation that yes we ‘knew’ each other, the stealth movement towards each other through the crowd, the beginning of a conversation. 

I don’t know how it happened than. I am sure we started on the familiar path of talking about the conference, about what developments in our work life had taken place since the last time we met, how everything in our careers was going and about our latest most exciting new ventures in the world of research and policy making.
But somehow we drifted away from that path and somehow I slipped up and mentioned my blog in the conversation. 

“You have a blog?” “What is that?”

“You write a home and garden blog?!”

“Who reads that?”


It happens every time my professional work life and my blog life meet. The surprise, the questions, the bewildered looks. 

My blog has long since stopped being a secret, but I tend not to mix those parts of my life too much. Here in this corner of the (online) world I am Marianne Songbird. Elsewhere I am Marianne the social researcher. Two different sides of the same person that roam in different circles. 

It has been that way for a long time now.

Both worlds have challenged me in ways I both resisted and embraced. The world of social research and the world of blogging could not be more different. I think the only resemblance is that both have me sitting in front of computer screen for hours on end. Other than that? Couldn’t be more different. 

Both keep me sane, and rounded and whole. 

And together they keep me crazy busy, and stressed and motivated and ambitious. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should just choose one over the other. If my life would not be so much easier without juggling blog projects in between work deadlines, or without having to break my creative flow up in my craft room to go sit in an office for days. 

I dream….

But for now, I continue the juggling act. It is what I am, it is what I do. And I want to continue to be challenged, to get out of my comfort zone, to get off of the couch and DO something. 

I have made steps in my work life. 

It is time to stretch my wings a bit in my blog life again too. 

I am working hard on some more blog challenges I have set myself. And I might just go take a few lessons from the best. 

Three of my blog role models have teamed up. And I don’t call them role models lightly, I have been following and stalking and reading them from the very beginning of my blog, really I have!  

Miss Mustard Seed, Jennifer Rizzo and Jeanne Oliver have teamed up, joined forces, combined their knowledge and experience and are offering a business course for creatives. 

I still struggle with thinking of myself as a creative, because my identity has always been so much more that of an academic. And I definitely do not have much business sense. 

Nevertheless I want to hear what these ladies have to offer. I am sure it will be challenging, and inspiring, and fear inducing, and heart-felt, and wise, and supportive, and encouraging, and it will make me want to follow in their foot steps. 

 If you are intrigued too, you can go to Miss Mustard Seeds blog where she explains it all: Creatively Made Business.

Or just sign up immediately (and no this is not an affiliate link, I am not payed in any way to put this on my blog. It is my way of saying thank you to three gorgeous woman who have enriched my life in ways they can’t even imagine).





So how about you? Do you have a real big girl job? Do you have a blog? How does your life look like? Call yourself a creative? A business woman? Would you want to? How do you do it all? Combine the various sides of your life and personality? 

I want to know, and get to know you better, so let’s talk….


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  1. Victoria says

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I work full time outside the home and I blog. I am fairly new to blogging – since last August – but I’ve been thinking and wanting to blog for over a year. For me it was getting up the courage to just do it! I too have friends and family that question me, ‘You do what?” “and work full time!?” “AND you have children!” “WHY”

    I blog for me it’s a way for me to express myself and my creativity. I’ll keep doing both, working at a desk 40 hours a week at an IT company and blogging. Some people play golf or another activity to stay right in their world but for me decorating, being creative and blogging is my sanity check.

    I too have ‘stalked’ these ladies for a while and when I saw the opportunity they are offering I jumped at it! I can’t wait to see what they have to teach me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gwen says

    Ahhh…I thought of myself as an academic person. Getting top honors. Graduating and going for the Masters degree. Even was accepted into one of our nations top private universities, Stanford University in CA. But I always was sewing, embroidering, or using grape trays (they used to dry grapes for raisins on these–we got them for free in college in the raisin area of the world!) to make these wall art hangings. But statistics and chemistry and math were my thing. I downplayed my art side. Now as that part of me is forever gone…I could write a folk song!!! But it all passed so quickly–I thought it would last longer–I’ve found new abilities maybe hidden under my academic brain. I can quickly plan a going away party for twelve and make it fun as well as create beauty and witty cards. I don’t have to think. It just rolls off my mind. I am able to decorate with a semblance of success on a budget for I receive compliments from a broad range of people. It is good to keep our minds engaged in many areas. Thank you for sharing how you have ventured out of comfort zones in both areas of your life!!