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Christmas Home Tour: a white, Nordic Christmas house

Hello all. Welcome to the final day of my 12 Days of Christmas decorating series. Wow what a trip this was. As always some of the projects I did turned out so much better than I thought, others never made it to the blog because of total failure and than there were the ones that surprised even me because I didn’t see them coming until they started to develop under my hands.


Songbird Christmas Home Tour White Nordic Christmas-1


The last day is a special day because I welcome you all to my Christmas home tour of my white Nordic Christmas House.

CLICK THE LINK to go visit the whole post.

Christmas Chalkboard Doodles

Christmas chalkboard doodles


This post should be called ” the misunderstood chalk board”.  You see I have this rather cool chalk board door in my kitchen.

When I made it, I had visions of monthly ubercool graphics and drawings on it. Something to take the chalkboard with us through the seasons and special events.

Blame Pinterest, it is chockfull of beautiful chalkboard boards all the time. I thought how hard can it be.

Well I found out……

Christmas fairy lights

Fairy Christmas Lights Vignette with lantern, mirror and mini trees.


Howdie sweet people. Welcome to the final stretch of my Christmas decorations series. My house is beginning to look so good, I love seeing all my projects around me.

You know what else I love:

12DaysGiveaway (1)


Yep you have found it. I have the honor of doing another giveaway for you. You’ll have to click the link below, to see my fairy lights vignette (and how awesome it looks at night) and to enter my –  ‘no strings attached, because I love you’  – giveaway.

Finally I have a Christmas staircase garland

Christmas staircase garland-5





The little girl in me is jumping for joy!

The little girl that is about, oh eight years old……

The little girl that is so jealous of her girlfriend across the street.

Because her Christmas tree is bigger, and they have a tree with lights outside, and a giant wreath on the door, and….

Click the link below to read more about what I was so jealous about and how I finally fixed that…..

Window Sill Decorations for Christmas

With flowering plants, ornaments and a string of lights window boxes become perfect window sill decorations for Christmas. by Songbirdblog.com


Goodday everyone. Are you ready? Want to see what else I came up with in this series of Christmas decorating?

Okay then. Welcome to day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas Decorating.

Today we have some window sill decorating going on.


Ever since I did my double layered Roman blinds I love decorating our window sill in the bay window. Now that there are no longer curtains hiding the window sill at night whatever I do can be enjoyed all day long.

This is what I came up with:

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This years little Christmas vignette

Christmas vignette: a tray with some bottles, candles and a couple of mini Christmas trees. by Songbirdblog.com


What would Christmas be without at least one little easy Christmas vignette that you can pull together in an instant? Well?

Well in my book it wouldn’t really be Christmas 😉

So presenting to you today: my little Christmas vignette.

Also presenting today:

12DaysGiveaway (1)


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My outside Christmas table decorations

Christmas garden table decoration_-2

I had totally different plans for my Christmas terrace this year. They were elaborate, and crafty and possibly brilliant…..

And then I thought who am I kidding here, if I try to pull that off, I’d be lucky if I have it finished for Christmas in July.

So when I was walking through the garden center this year, to check out their Christmas displays (over here it is the garden centers that have the most elaborate and beautiful Christmas exhibitions), I totally fell in love with all the wintery terrace plants out there.

And I changed plans there and then on the spot and starting filling up my cart with real live goodness from mother nature herself.

I really love how my garden table turned out this year. It is worthy of a very good Christmas.

Come on over and CHECK IT OUT!

Garlands, stars and houses: my Christmas mantel


Howdie folks! Ready for day three!

I am!

I am so pleased to show you todays project. I think it is going to be one of my favorites of the year. My 2014 Christmas mantel!

It is a star studded affair, with not one but two handmade projects combined.

CLICK HERE to see it all. Enjoy!