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Songbird Christmas Home Tour 2013

Christmas home tour thumb S

Welcome everyone to the Christmas Home Tour 2013 on Songbird. An especially warm welcome to everyone who came over from A Place for Us.     If you are here for the first time, you may not have realized it but you just arrived in Europe. Who would have thought that this Christmas tour of […]

Starry, Starry Night, a Christmas Bedroom Decoration

Christmas bedroom decoration in red and white thumb S

Hi there, welcome to day 11 in 12 Days of Christmas decorating. Day 11 already. Wow, time sure flew by, and I guess now I know why I am so tired…. Good thing that my most recent project has been to decorate my retreat, my private place to recuperate, my place of rest and relaxation.  […]

Easy & Fast Luscious Christmas Wreath

natural, rustic Christmas wreath thumb S

I used to be a purist. Maybe even a bit of a snob. I looked down on people who used fake decorations. I know shame on me. But in my defense I was young and foolish and didn’t know any better. Now I am older, hopefully a bit wiser and definitely a lot busier.  I […]

My Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas tree white ornaments handmade thumb S

 Hello my friends. Welcome to day 9 in my 12 Days of Christmas Decorating.  This weekend, I logged a Christmas tree home. All by myself. And it is a big tree. The biggest tree I have ever had. She dominates my living room in all her shiny, and light splendor.  And she is decked out […]

Paper Houses Christmas Mantel

paper house Christmas mantel thumb S

Yes! That day has come where I finally show you my 2013 Christmas mantel. This one is hot off the press, the paper is still wet, the ink hasn’t dried and the machines are still running. Quite literally actually. Because please, everyone, meet my Paper Houses Christmas Mantel:         Oh this one […]

Oh deer, it’s an another vignette {rustic Christmas decoration}

driftwood Christmas tree with deer under chicken wire cloche Christmas decoration thumb S

Welcome sweet friends to day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas Decorating. Wowie I made it to the halfway mark. Now let’s see if I can take it to the finish line……. Yesterday I showed you three ever-so-easy vignettes that even the busiest decorator can create. Today I am showing you another one. A nature […]

3 Easy Christmas Decorations for the Busy Decorator

simple Christmas decoration Thumb S

Well hello to you, welcome to my home that is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Today I want to share three little, easy and relaxed Christmas decorations. This is truly decorating for the busy decorator. If your life is anything like mine at the moment than there are so many more things asking, […]

Vintage Christmas Display {Christmas Curio Cubby}

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Welcome to day 4 of my Christmas Decorating series. Today’s decoration is not to be taken too seriously, I made it just for me, and I don’t take myself serious, like ever.     This series has me crafting and creating like there is no tomorrow. Well in fact more like, Urghh I got to […]