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Songbird plays Dress-up Games

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Hi there my sweets, sending you a big kiss from over here…..


Pink Songbird Carnaval 1


I have been AWOL for a while. Totally unexpected and unplanned, in fact I had big plans to be super productive, finish a ton of things on my to-do list and blog all about it. And then this happened:


Pink Songbird Carnaval


Last week it was Carnaval, it meant I had a week off from work. I used to be an avid celebrator of Carnaval, I would dive right in head first and be totally off the grid for three days. And then I fell of the wagon a couple of years ago. I think it was at least five years since I had celebrated Carnaval.

The Spring break had become the perfect time to work on my house and blog and I didn’t even miss celebrating Carnaval anymore. 

I was convinced this year would be the same. 


Pink Songbird Carnaval 3


 But then it happened…

The music got to me….

The people in the funny costumes got to me….

All the color in the streets got to me….

And then in a flash I got dressed up with some things I dug up from the dress-up trunk – actually a lot of things since it is winter here and it was freezing cold even during the day – and submerged myself in the madness.


Pink Songbird Carnaval 2


And I enjoyed every minute of it…..

And I was lost……..


Black Songbird Carnaval 4


 The next days it was even colder and it snowed so I dressed up extra warm……


Leather babe….

Warm and dry….

Black Songbird Carnaval 3


 I hadn’t worn my motorcycle clothes for years. My guy keeps buying faster machines that are ever more less comfortable for me to ride along on. So I wasn’t at all sure this idea would work.  My protective leather clothes were pretty tight to begin with. 

….. I was so proud that I could still fit in them, even with the extra layers underneath….

I couldn’t breath though….

But what the heck, oxygen is way overrated anyway…..


Black Songbird Carnaval 2


 It was heaps of fun and I needed some serious recuperating time after it. So I spend the remainder of the week watching a DVD marathon and keeping my tired feed up. 

Now it is back to work and back to the daily grind. 


Black Songbird Carnaval 1



So what have you been up to while I was playing dress up?

And do you think I could pull it off to go dark haired? It was fun confusing people who didn’t recognize me without my blond hair. 

I blogged about Carnaval in my city before. I even took a look at it from a decorator’s / bloggers point of view, and in the early early days of this blog I even posted some more pictures of me dressed up through the years.

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  1. I think you look great as a brunette. You can totally pull off that look!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Oh thanks! It was strange looking in the mirror and seeing those dark hairs. I have always been this super blonde one.

  2. Well, this post was a surprise, pink hair, black hair!!! Glad you had such a fun time dressing up and sharing it with us. Thank you for letting us see your country’s carnival time. Sure looks like fun from afar, p a r t y o n !!!!!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Yes, I do rock the occasional pink wig from time to time! I love dressing up and being goofy. Best stress reliever ever.

  3. I firmly believe that one needs to play dress-up a little now and again to stay sane :) SO party on!

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