Cabin Fever in my Bedroom

Well hello ladies, can I invite you into my boudoir tonight?


Fall Bedroom Songbird 6


I have reinvented my bedroom into a log mountain cabin and I am loving it.


Fall Bedroom Songbird 5


With some new linens from Ikea (I love their linens, just the right price to be able to indulge….), my ‘old’ homemade quilt and some accessories, the mood is set for Fall.


Fall Bedroom Songbird 3


I still love my repurposed wood headboard so much. It gives my room definite character and it just works to set the mood.


Fall Bedroom Songbird 2


I think the wood and the browns and beiges work well together. It gives a nice, warm cozy atmosphere.

The only thing that is missing is the sound of howling wolves outside and a roaring fire inside.

I guess I’ll settle for hot tea and a hot water bottle……


Fall Bedroom Songbird 7


I love decorating my bedroom. It is the one true bit of decorating that you really do for yourself isn’t it. Most decorating is always also a bit about the visitors, the ‘people’ that will see your living room, sit in your kitchen and eat at your table. But the bedroom is truly private. You don’t share your bedroom (well unless you have a home decor blog of course Glimlach ), you are the only one who sees it.

It always feels so indulgent to put fresh flowers next to my bed. But self indulgences are a good thing! Let’s all indulge a bit more….


Fall Bedroom Songbird 1


Hmm, my bedroom, my own little slice of heaven.


Fall Bedroom Songbird 4


So do you think decorating your bedroom is extra special? Do you agree that it is the one room you decorate for yourself?


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  1. says

    I love this wood for a headboard. I remember you did a post a while back about decorating with your husband in mind…and you talked about mixing his and hers together…It made me smile to see a modern lamp on one side…and a soft gentile one on the other!
    Shall I guess who’s is who’s? :)
    ~ I agree most definitely with the bedroom being that special place we decorate for ourselves. Pat

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yep, you spotted that right. Those lamps are definitely a bit of a ‘his’ and ‘her’ decorating going on. Ah well, it works for us.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks, they were a project of a few years ago. So far they have made an annual reappearance because I still love them too.

  2. says

    I’ve missed seeing what you’re up to….hopefully, I’ll get back in blog land more often. Your bedroom looks so warm and cozy! I love the twinkle lights too. I think I need them in my bedroom! I agree with you about decorating it for your own pleasure ~ it’s supposed to be our sanctuary. Right now, mine is not! :) I’m redoing too and hopefully will be finished soon.


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Can’t wait to see your own beautiful sanctuary all redone and fresh. Take care! And glad to see you back in blogland.

  3. says

    It looks so warm and cozy! And I totally agree about bedroom decorating. It really feels like self-care and pampering to work on your own very personal space. I hope to do more of that soon, but I’m still working on public spaces!

    Meanwhile, I sent you an email about a little project I have going on in December, but it might have gotten stuck in your spam filter — so let me know if it didn’t make it and I’ll resend it! :-)