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Fashion advice for Christmas

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Well ladies now that our houses our all dressed up nicely for Christmas the next big question comes to mind.

What shall we wear for Christmas?

On a recent trip to Amsterdam I took some (illegal) pictures just so I could provide you with some inspiration.
Een paar weken geleden heb ik een bezoek gebracht aan de Hermitage in Amsterdam. Hoewel het strikt verboden was, heb ik toch wat foto’s weten te stelen. Jullie weten, ik doe alles om jullie van inspiratie te voorzien. Misschien kunnen jullie hier wat inspiratie uit halen voor die altijd moeilijke vraag, ‘wat doe ik aan met kerst’.

What about this dress for Christmas dinner?

Black and yellow dress
Beautiful isn’t it, although it isn’t an actual party dress, this dress is for drinking tea with your friends.

No a real festive dress would be one of these:

 Gala dress Hermitage

It might be a little bit difficult maneuvering around the house, because these dresses have trains as long as your living room (but imagine the fun your (grand)children would have hitching a ride on these).

Dress train Hermitage

White tassel dress Hermitage

I would advice this little thing for the office Christmas party. Check out the little details and the placement of the tassel 😉

For Christmas morning we would need a nice housecoat, so that we would all look good in the pajama shots, how about robin’s egg blue with a lacy trim?

Ladies morning coat Hermitage

Again do you see the tassels?

Ok and one more for fun.

Pompom trim dress HermitagePompop trim!!

All of these dresses and so much more (shoes, fans, jewelry, hats, dishware, paintings etc etc. ) can be admired in the Amsterdam annex of the Hermitage of St. Petersburg. Until the end of January the exhibit about the grandeur of the royal family of Russia can be visited.

Photography was forbidden and most of the time impossible anyway. But as you can see I am not a good girl most of the time and snuck some pictures where I could.

It is the most beautiful exhibition I have ever seen, and I would love to go again. Any lover of fashion, bling-bling, history, vintage beauties and art should get over there if they can. But plan lots of time for it. Because not only is there so much to see inside, you will  not be alone.   Line outside Hermitage Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Hermitage is situated in a beautiful old building that used to be a nursing home among other things.
De tentoonstelling was echt de mooiste die ik ooit gezien heb, als Amsterdam niet zo ver was, ging ik nog een keer. De tentoonstelling Pracht en Praal van het Russisch Hof is nog te zien tot eind Januari en ik raad jullie echt aan om erheen te gaan. Maar trek er wel genoeg tijd voor uit want je bent niet alleen.

Me on Amsterdam bridge
You can see the building in the back here, behind that typical Amsterdam bridge.

Street organ Amsterdam 

Ok, and one more for the road. A Dutch street organ. Doesn’t the man who operates it just radiate Christmas spirit….


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  1. Miss Mustard Seed says:

    Those are some gorgeous dresses. That's a smart move not to wear a tea dress to a party. That would be a major taboo! :) The house coat is amazing.

  2. WOW! Can you imagine stuffing yourself into a corset and then into those dresses? Not to mention ironing them! I think I'll keep my jeans!
    Thanks for sharing…I loved the shots of the organ, bridges and buildings…makes me want to come visit!
    Suz in the Tules

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing your pictures of these amazing dresses. The detail on them is fabulous! Can you imagine wearing a dress like that? The weight of it, as well as having to have your waste cinched in so tightly (ouch!) wouldn't be very comfortable…but they are gorgeous just the same. I'm glad you were sneaky with the camera! ;o)

  4. Blondie's Journal says:

    Love this post, Marianne. You are quite a sneaky girl with your camera!! 😉

    Love, love the dresses but definitely want to breathe on Christmas day!!


  5. Beautiful! Oh how I'd love to go to Amsterdam – my niece and her family have been temporarily living there and will be until mid-summer. We hope to visit them. Cross your fingers!


  6. LuLu Kellogg says:

    The dresses were absolutely amazing! how lovely!

    Hope your day is filled with love and magic!


  7. The dresses are absolutely amazing…can you imagine EVER wearing one of them? Did you check out the size of the waists?
    Even so, I think the pom pom dress is my favorite!
    Merry Christmas

  8. Mijn zus en ik waren van plan 2 vorig weekend te gaan. Helaas kon het door omstandigheden niet doorgaan. Het zal er ook niet meer van komen. Dank zij jou heb ik er toch een beetje van kunnen zien.
    Prettige Feestdagen.

  9. Holy Moly! Wow, are those gowns gorgeous!!! But I cannot even imagine having to wear something like that all day long!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Marianne!

  10. Ohhh… prachtig allemaal! Maar mijn keus zou snel gemaakt zijn: ik geloof dat ik er niet eentje zou passen, hahaha!!!!
    Ik ben van plan om volgende maand naar Amsterdam te gaan met een stel vriendinnen, ik denk dat we dit ook maar op moeten nemen in ons plan!

  11. Gorgeous dresses, really beautiful! However, I am so glad I can just slip on jeans, a shirt and sneakers. Can you imagine how long it took to get dressed each day? Wow!

  12. Deze tentoonstelling staat ook op mijn verlanglijstje…. maar met dit pak sneeuw… misschien na de kerst! Ik heb al wel een mooie jurk voor kerst uitgekozen!

  13. Raylene says:

    You are so inspiring. Just discovered your blog. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for brightening my day!

  14. Red Lipstick Style says:

    Oh my goodness, I'm in love with those dresses! Like playing dress up, but for grown-ups! and your picture is gorgeous! You are a lovely lady both inside and out. Im so glad to have met you.;)

  15. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier says:

    Lieve Marianne!-)*

    Ik ben in Hermitage geweest in december 2009 en was helemaal onder de indruk…vooral omdat ik was heel veel tijd geelden in Rusland,in Sant Pitersburg ook in Hremitage geweest!

    Je ben stoer geweest met het opnames van de fotos daar,he?!
    Ik kon het niet doen…hellaas!-(*

    Prachtige fotos en inderdaad onvergetelijke gerinneringen!!!

    Heel erg bedankt for je email!

    Liefs en groeten,

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