Faux Fur Faux Reupholstering

Hi there sweet peas, todays post is a five minute project with a punch. A soft, cuddly and comforting punch, but a punch nevertheless.

I played around in the bedroom and did a bit of faux fur, faux reupholstering.

use sheep skin to reupholster a chair in five minutes

Remember my postal bag chair, that has been standing proudly in this corner for two years now? Well it is still standing there but for now I have hidden the postal bag side of it. 

This really was one of those fluke of the moment, not really planned at all, kind of happening by chance, little decorating project. Some time ago I bought one of those faux sheepskins at Ikea. You can get them for a few dollars. I had not real use for it, and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it. But it was there, all soft and cuddly and I kept stroking it and petting it and somehow it ended up in my cart. I guess just like the way a new teddy bear finds its way into a kids arms. Well this sheep skin was my teddy bear. I had to bring it home.

faux sheep fur upholstering via Songbirdblog 4

Once home, I still didn’t know what to do with it, so it ended up migrating from here to there and back . I was still looking for a good place for it when it sort of landed in this chair, like way too many other things before it (chairs in bedrooms are hot spots for dumping things, I am sure you can all relate). And then the wheels started turning, I started foofing and five minutes later: voila a new look for my chair.

faux sheep fur upholstering via Songbirdblog 5

The skin already comes in the perfect shape to add to a chair, I just needed to fold in the top part and fiddle with it a bit. 

faux sheep fur upholstering via Songbirdblog 3

A few simple pins in key spots keep the whole thing in place.

Now this won’t stand up to serious use. If you got five kiddos and a dog that will be all over this chair, my little faux upholstering trick won’t work. But in my case it only gets used gently as the chair is mainly decorative (when it isn’t buried under clothes, pillows or what-nots). 

I think it looks nice and warm and wintery and makes for a subtle seasonal change in my bedroom. 

Now if you like the look and would want a bit more permanent but still easy and no-sewing than the  faux fur reupholstering done by the Nester is your thing.  Her project took fifteen minutes (as opposed to my five), but hers will last and mine will be removed come Spring.

faux fur chair Nesting Place

I just love these simple, easy, cheap, five minute decorating projects. Especially if they are as warming and comforting as this one. 

faux sheep fur upholstering via Songbirdblog 2

That’s it, hoped you liked my five minute project. 


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