My Favorite Craft Projects from 2013 {a year in review}

Hello y’all, how is January treating you? Ready for Spring? Over here we can’t complain about the cold, winter hasn’t truly arrived yet. But I do feel that ‘short days-blues’ settling in. I really am a sunshine girl, I can’t wait for the day when it is still light when I cycle home, and when I don’t feel I need to turn on the lights in the middle of the day.

Anyway. January is not my most productive time of the year. I need some inspiration and motivation to get me going again. So what better way than to look at what I managed to do last year. 

Top Craft projects 2013 Songbird


Here are my favorite craft projects I did in 2013.


use tin cans as pretty containers for your office supplies (4)


Oh, I should get this again. My attic could do with another round of office organization. What is it about the new year that makes us want to clear out our closets?


how to sew faux fur pillows (12)

This project brings back sweet memories of a short vacation in New York where I scored this wolf-like faux fur….

These fur pillows are back on the couch as we speak. If you like them you might like my  how to sew faux fur pillows tutorial too.


handmade wooden candle holders

Hmm, these are a thing of the past. I burned some candles a bit too deep and that kind of ruined my candle sticks. But since these were so easy to make I might just go ahead and make myself some new ones. Or funny enough I could order them on Etsy. Some guy has stolen this image and is presumably now selling my candle sticks. Crazy isn’t it. Well don’t buy them! Make them yourself. It is so easy, I did it in 15 minutes: paint drip wood candle holders.


With the very soft winter we are having, some of my roses are still blooming! 

But still this next project makes me long for easy summer days……


terracotta pots craft centerpiece summer decorating via Songbirdblog

 I still like my stacked terracotta pots summer centerpiece very much. I am sure it is going to come out again in a few months. 


African white feathers juju hat DIY tutorial songbirdblog


Definitely my favorite project of 2013.  My African feather Juju hat tutorial. They have migrated to a new location. If I can get some daylight photography time, I’ll show you their new home. 

But they did look good on my mantel too, didn’t they!


diy juju hat mantel decoration via Songbirdblog


My bedroom got a little much needed attention last year. Adding a blanket, a mirror and some new options for decorations make it more cozy, beautiful and functional in one go 😀


Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding 3


My blue blanket update definitely upped the cozy, snuggly factor of my bedroom. The other little updates have proven to be here for the long run too. I still love them. Why did I wait so long for this bedroom update? (and why do I ask myself this after every project? Oh, yeah, I forgot I am an eternal procrastinator…..).


Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding 8


What a little extra hanging space can do for a girls mood…..


how to make a vintage looking wine crate

 Another project that gets daily use around here. My vintage wine crate that isn’t vintage at all is home for our TV guide and remotes and I can’t tell you how many hours I have won, since I am no longer searching for the remotes! I am so happy to have found this easy way to transfer prints onto wood, I am sure I will find some reason to do it again and again this year.


Jeez, most of these projects were so easy and quick to do, there really is no reason for me to not get crafting again…..

So are you up and running in the new year? Or has the winter blues gotten a hold of you too and are you still like me, all melancholy and looking back, not ready  yet to go full-force ahead?

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  1. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, as I sit here with my coffee and read your post I find it enlightening to see all your crafts. As you bring out each item I reminisce on your first postings of such fun projects. I love your terracotta stacked pots. They can be used for any occasion, valentine cookies along with your heart tea bags, Easter eggs with star tea bags and a candle in the top, and on and on for each holiday. Hmm, I might just go get me some terracotta pots and saucers! It is cold here at 25* Fahrenheit this morning and sitting in a very frosty, freezing fog. No roses blooming here! Enjoy your flowers for me too. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-) p.s. Thank you for your sweet responses to my chattering here in your blog land. That is what makes our ‘long distance friendship’ so wonderful, talking and listening on both sides of the ocean.