Felt Star Christmas Garland. Day 4

Good day my sweets. Welcome back. Today I have a light post for you. A post about a bit of light crafting. Light as in very nicely white, light as in light weight, no heavy lifting necessary, and light as in easy and fun to do. 

Come on in and check out todays project, a felt stars Christmas garland.

 homemade garland with felt stars, vintage buttons and butchers twine (1)


Okay, I get it you want a closer look.. 



Here you go…. 

 white felt star garland Christmas craft




This is one of those craft projects I started without really knowing where it would go or how I will use it.

I found these little rolls of woollen felt in a general household store over here and I just knew I needed to bring some home with me and I’d figure out what to do with them later.  


When home I just started cutting.


homemade garland with felt stars, vintage buttons and butchers twine (5)


First I cut squares and then I cut the squares into stars. Seeing all those stars together they just started screaming garland to me. So a garland they became. 


butchers twine, vintage buttons, woollen felt garland Christmas


I dove into my stash of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons to find the tiniest ones (but with holes big enough for a fairly large needle to go through). Then it was a matter of sewing and tying and a garland was born. 

This whole little craft project went remarkably fast. I think I didn’t even need two NCIS episodes to make it from start to finish.


homemade garland with felt stars, vintage buttons and butchers twine (3)


I love it when I don’t have a plan and it still all comes together….


I’ll be curious to see where these will end up this Christmas. Keep a look out for them, because they are bound to show up somewhere.


Have you seen what my friends have been up to? Great stuff, excellent stuff. Make sure you don’t miss it.



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    • Marianne Songbird says

      Ja inderdaad. Soms wordt het ook een ramp, maar als het gewoon vanzelf ontstaat en het werkt dan is het extra leuk. Dank je wel voor je commentaartje.

  1. says

    Absolutely beautiful! I smiled when I read KariAnne’s reply because I had just said to myself, “I love EVERYTHING she does!” I cannot wait to see where these end up because I know it will be magical!

  2. Emilou says

    Marianne, thanks for such a beautiful idea. Have always liked buttons and adore stars, all year round. Happily (living in the country) I have all the supplies to make this, including the bakers twine. I knew my stash of ‘stuff’ would come in handy. Thank you for sharing here on the 12 days of Christmas.