Finding Inspiration at Ikea

G’day my friends. If you follow me on Instagram (I am MSongbird there) you might have noticed that I spent some time at Ikea this weekend.

It wasn’t an entirely voluntary thing though, cause they made me do it…….

……..They are really sneaky that way.

They sold me a Christmas tree in December for 1 euro……..

Except I had to pay 20 euro…………..

I got a gift card for 19 euro…………

………………That gift card was only valid until January 31…………….


White candles on dish by Ikea via Songbirdblog

So I had to go back! You all understand that don’t you?! One can not let an Ikea gift card expire. That is just unnatural, impossible and downright unpatriotic  😉

So I actually marked it in my calendar that I had to go to Ikea in January. Such a hardship, such a dirty job, but someone had to do it….


wood lampshade design by Ikea via Songbirdblog


But in all honesty I love me a good Ikea trip. Especially if I can go there alone so I don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to walk through every little house they created, open every cupboard, take oodles of pictures, fight my battles with temptation in silence and take a leisurely long time drinking a special coffee while perusing the catalogue for things I need to take a second look at.


Ikea is like an amusement park for big girls, with all the same characteristics. If you take your time and be smart you can enjoy yourself  for free; you got to put a padlock on your wallet because there are temptations everywhere; pick your time and day because the crowds can be horrific; take your camera with you because you will want to blog about it; there is good food; and at the end of day you will have spent more than you planned but you will not care. 


two variations on a blue white bedroom


This bedroom, I photographed when I was there in December to get my tree, had just slightly been changed but looked and felt quite different. I love that they always show you how to combine their stuff to get more looks for one item.

In fact I think the stylists at Ikea are genius. They always come up with the most unexpected ways to use different materials. They make even the plainest of Billy bookcases look trendy and desirable and they definitely have a sense of humor too. I always come back with at least one idea that I want to try out at home.


pink girl room by Ikea via Songbirdblog


Like this clock wrapped with fabric and using a clothes hanger for sunglasses storage.

I think I did really well this Ikea trip. Most of what I took home with me were pictures. And a few items on my list. And only very few items not on my list :-)

Here is my loot:



Ikea purchases via Songbirdblog

Most of it has already found a new home. So you’ll see it turn up eventually. That lampshade up there will go back though. It did not work the way I had hoped. 

I guess I’ll have to do another Ikea trip within the next 30 days…..

……. I have it marked in my calendar.

So love or hate Ikea? What do you always come home with? What do you think they are brilliant at and what do you think is better to avoid?

Let’s talk Scandinavian shopping…….

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  1. says

    Absolutely, you have to go alone! No one to rush you. I’ve become a true IKEA gal……there isn’t one room in my home that isn’t a good advertisement for them. hahaha

  2. says

    I’ve never been to Ikea! Not once…I think there is one in Waco…the Northside of Waco, but we skirt around it when we travel there. That is almost 2 hrs from here. All Ikeas are …almost 2 hours from me.

    But if I were to go …I think I’d come back with ‘shelves” ….they have the neatest shelving. Now… I am sitting at my el cheapo, walmart desk (with all it’s faux wood grained glory….typing this…and thinking (after seeing that computer desk in the ‘teen’ room, painted white) WHY NOT? why not paint my desk white? I think it will look fantastic…
    going to pin your photo…um kay?


  3. says

    We have an Ikea fairly near (about 30 mins away) and like you I like the practicability of most of their items and you can usually find lots of inspiration (especially for bedrooms and kitchens) I am planning a trip to get one of their fleece blankets soon as I have an idea for a crocheted or knitted (haven’t made up my mind yet) fleece backed throw. Apart from the shopping my favourite part is the meatballs in the restaurant! :-) Nikki

  4. Emilou says

    Ack!!!!! I have never been to an Ikea either, as Pat’s comment above stated. I am also 2 hours away from an Ikea and 1 1/2 hours away from WalMart. Oh well, I do love to look through your ‘lens’ and see all that you have done with their items. Thanks for sharing Marianne.

  5. says

    I noticed that you bought the large white platter. They sell it as a holder for pillar candles. I bought 12 of them and used them as chargers at my Christmas dinner. They are only $3.00 here. Everyone was very impressed.

  6. Alice says

    My sister and I dragged my husband to IKEA yesterday! WeI love it there and he doesn’t – go figure. It is a bit too far to go often so I usually try to make a list before I go. I have to admit though that my sister and I feel the need to look at every single room and department. I almost never stick to my list but always find great ideas. Yesterday I found two great fabrics that I’ve beeb craving and they were on clearance! She found the perfect mirror for her small bathroom. Happy us! Today I’m making my husband a super treat for dinner as a reward for being such a good sport yesterday.
    Love, love, love, IKEA….