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Army Crate Makeover and some Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor decorating on the terrace with an old army crate makeover with Fusion paint and Old Signs Stencils, burlap pots, and lots of white flowers.


Hello my friends, welcome to my little nest on the web. Today I have a little decorating, a little DIY, and a little craft to show you. I have had a week of Spring break and I have used it to work on several projects all at once. Hardly any are finished but todays makeover is. I had to make sure it was finished, because months ago I signed up for a fun blog-hop. Of course in true Songbird fashion I thought I had oodles of time and then as always I was hurrying at the last minute to finish everything up. I never learn, do I!

Todays army crate makeover project was my first time working with Fusion Mineral paint. Fusion mineral paint is a new paint on the market. It works as a primer and top coat in one, it comes in amazing colors and it is totally an Eco friendly project.

I was offered several colors to try out, and of course I jumped at the chance of some free paint. And in all honesty I love this paint. It is so easy to work with. It spreads like soft butter, does not drip, it has great coverage (one coat is usually enough to change colors immediately) and it does not stink at all, so can be used inside without a problem.

But todays project takes us outside on my terrace. Where my crate makeover inspired a bit of outdoor decorating.

garden terrace army crate makeover-7



My outside Christmas table decorations

Christmas garden table decoration_-2

I had totally different plans for my Christmas terrace this year. They were elaborate, and crafty and possibly brilliant…..

And then I thought who am I kidding here, if I try to pull that off, I’d be lucky if I have it finished for Christmas in July.

So when I was walking through the garden center this year, to check out their Christmas displays (over here it is the garden centers that have the most elaborate and beautiful Christmas exhibitions), I totally fell in love with all the wintery terrace plants out there.

And I changed plans there and then on the spot and starting filling up my cart with real live goodness from mother nature herself.

I really love how my garden table turned out this year. It is worthy of a very good Christmas.

Come on over and CHECK IT OUT!

Fall Garden Table Decoration with a Toolbox Makeover

Fall garden table decor 2


Hello all, it’s me again, with another round of heather to show you. Our Sunday morning walk in those beautiful fields of heather totally inspired my Fall garden table decoration this year. I loved all those hues of purple and pink so much that I wanted to surround myself with them. And so I did.

My table under the patio roof is now ready for Fall.


Fall garden table decor 6


Do you recognize that big old toolbox I used as the main centerpiece? No? Don’t blame you, it got a little makeover.

To see more details from my Fall Garden Table Decoration and get all the deeds about my toolbox makeover: CLICK HERE

Summer on the Garden Table, wedding table decoration

summer bouquets on garden table 7


Hello my sweet friends,

After a short period of falling into Fall we are having a bit of extra summer bestowed on us here in the low lands. And it is lovely. Another round of eating Al Fresco, back to wearing sandals and skimpy tops, replacing the scarfs again with with sun glasses and having the best excuse to open up another bottle of rose wine.

Life is good.

And all this summer weather put me in the mood to show you a little summer decoration I did at the start of my holiday.

It was one of those “I didn’t plan this, but I like the outcome projects”….

It all started with two very simple and rather cheap bunches of flowers from the grocery store.

I did not have plans for them. Just to plop them in a vase, plunk them somewhere and be done with it.

But somehow those bouquets did not want to cooperate and they just did not make me smile, so I had to come up with something else…..

To see more of my summer garden table (and why I think it would be the perfect decoration for a wedding table)


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