Garden Table Decoration

Goodday my sweets, today I bring you a bit of garden table decoration. The weather here has been awesome and it has drawn me out big time.

All that sunshine inspired me to do a bit of decorating and give that old garden table some love and attention.


garden table flowers in pink 1


It was high time. Somewhere in the middle of the Christmas decorating frenzy I plunked a couple of wreaths on this table. Basically because I was figuring out if I was going to use them. They stayed there all through winter and most of Spring.

Two very wintery wreaths, only accompanied by a lot of things that I dropped from my hands ‘to put away later’ and than that stayed there too, for months on end.

I fully ignored the mess for as long as I could. When I was catching the early sunny rays this Spring I would just turn my back to it, close my eyes, face the sun and glow in the warmth.


garden table flowers in pink 2




…… except for that nagging feeling that that whole experience could be improved upon with some added beauty. So the other day I did just that. Make my favorite spot outside even better.

The garden center seduced me with their pink flowers, and I just went for it.


garden table flowers in pink 3


I choose the kinds of blooms that will last me all through summer if I just keep watering them, and feeding them on occasion too. I am not that good at remembering to water my container plants. So I choose my plants carefully. These geraniums fare very well on an occasional drought, and when the drought lasts too long, their friends the impatiens will let me know. Impatiens flowers go limp when thirsty but they perk right up after you water them.


garden table flowers in pink 4


They are such hard working little flowers. No wonder they have such a fitting name in Dutch. We call them ‘vlijtige Liesje” which would translate to something like Diligent Little Lisa. And diligent they are, they just bloom, and bloom, and keep on blooming.


I should take an example from my impatiens and be a bit more diligent too, and not let Christmas wreaths linger on, and on, and on……


garden table flowers in pink 5


Ah well, procrastinator I am and shall ever be.

But today I bask, not only in the sunshine and blue skies we have been given, but also in the glow of my lovely pink flowers.

Life is good!


garden table flowers in pink 6



So how about your garden table? Freed it up from underneath the snow piles? Got some Spring planting going? And what plants do you consider the best container plants?

Oh and do Impatiens flowers have a common name in your neck of the woods too?



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  1. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, what a bright spot your decorations are. Glad you are enjoying this wonderful spring. I am into the second blooming of wild flowers as now the balsam root, larkspur and lupine are opening their pretty faces. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)