Overcoming Perfectionism. Garden Work Bench Final Reveal ~31 Days / Day 16

Do you remember my garden work bench I showed you in April? I told you then that it wasn’t finished and I never did get around to showing you the final after.

Here she is:



My garden work bench with a galvanized top.

This is how she looked like after the first part of the transformation:


Garden Table 5


Our old garden table sawed in half and put together with the help of some palet wood. You can see her transformation in progress in the post I wrote about how our garden table was turned into a work bench.

From the start I had intended to add a galvanized steel top. I was planning on making it myself, I even had a hole string of You-Tube movies lined up to help me through the process.

And then I could only find one supplier of galvanized metal sheets in my area, it was  a wholesaler who only sold industrial grade sheets. I started to chicken out on that whole Do-It-Yourself idea. And when I found out they would bend it and make the corners for free, I was so over the idea of DIY-ing it and just bought the top ready made.


Garden Work Bench 5


I had ordered it just a tiny bit too small which was so much better than too big. We just shaved a bit of wood from the table top and hammered the steel top in place. At first is was so shiny and new that I was Googling ‘distressing galvanized steel’ like crazy. In the end my procrastination won out and then rain and time did its thing and now the top is weathering nicely.


Garden Work Bench Galvanized Steel Finish


I think I added the top to the bench early in May.

So why did it take me so long too show it to you?

Well that darn perfectionism crept in.


Garden Work Bench 3


I wanted to truly style the area before I showed it another time. And that included doing something with the wall above the side table. Except I couldn’t figure out something original to do with it. I searched for inspiration everywhere and the few ideas I came up with failed because I couldn’t find the proper materials.

I had almost given up. Until I bumped my toe for the umptiest time on the little coat rack that was standing in my way in my attic. It is the coat rack that hung in my parents house. I took it with me when we emptied their house, but never had a place to put it. So it stood on the floor in my craft room for years, annoying the heck out of me.

This weekend I bumped in to it again, and got so irritated that I took it downstairs to take to Goodwill, I had it with that nuisance of a rack. And than in hit me, what if I hung it outside?


Garden Work Bench 4


So I did. And although the style is totally different from the rest of that corner, I still think it works somehow. If it is there for the long haul I don’t know yet. But for now I am glad it has found a home.

Perfect? No

Better than it was? Yes.

And after all no one is saying that I can not change it when that truly wonderful and original idea comes to me after all.


Garden Work Bench


So that is another almost forgotten project finally finished….

Are you finishing long forgotten projects? Then remember to take pictures so you can link up at my Getting Things Done! linky party. I think we should have it on Saturday October 30. That way I can even highlight some of your projects in my final post of this series on Sunday 31.



I am writing a series of 31 days to Get it Done! You can find all the posts in this series here.
On the first day I explained in detail what this series is about and what I am going to do, find that post and all the posts since then in order here.


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  1. COTTAG3 says

    I love that whole area and the galvanized top on that bench is perfect. I would love to have a potting bench with a galvanized top…oh wait, I would just love to have a potting bench! I think that coat rack above looks great. What a great place to hang tools and set extra pots.

  2. Linda B says

    I was wondering what became of that bench… sure turned out to be a great gardening area. I have a question for you… is that a sink in the corner to the right of the bench? You may have commented on it before and I missed it.
    Love your outdoor work space… ideal!

  3. Anne says

    love, love, love, love, love, love, love that table & the rack & the styling and everything else! Absolutely gorgeous.

    And you are my opposite – I get so excited after I've accomplished something, I want to share it immediately before styling and setting it up for best effect lol. We should pair up I think!

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Lesley says

    As my 14 year old daughter says…coolio! Love it.

    I totally get the concept of wanting to DIY a project, only to find out that sometimes it isn't possible to get it done for a decent price without expending a huge amount of time.

    I also "get" the concept of not being able to buy the stuff needed for projects. I remember years ago, My sis and I use to get all up in arm over Martha Stewart's projects because so many of them required access to special items. Your bench turned out super nice and the wall area will develop over time.:)

  5. willywagtail says

    I really love it though of course things look different in photos than they do in real life. One of the blessings of using older, cheaper products is that you are then happy to replace them when a new idea comes along rather than seeing the old product as being too precious. Cherrie

  6. Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com says

    Hey I like the bench and also hearing about the process. you know in blogging oftentimes we race and skip through the process just to take the pictures…but I enjoy the process and knowing 'what it took' to create the final product. YOur bench turned out so good. You are really going to enjoy it. Love all your posts.

  7. Corn in my Coffee-Pot says

    Perfect use for the coat rack…turned garden rack.
    It compliments you table and brick wall nicely. I love the whole look…great job.

    why is it that perfectionism gets in the way of our vision?

    I just don't get it.


  8. Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) says

    Fantastic post!Your space turned out great. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  9. Wendy says

    I love everything along that wall. Love the trash cans. Love the watering cans. Love that nuisance of a coat rack. Love it. Absolutely love it. I want it.

  10. Green Willow Pond says

    I'm in love…with your garden bench I mean. This is just what I want to do with an island in my kitchen. I've been fretting about how to do it, and envisioning razor sharp edges. I think it probably is a job best left to the professionals. Did they also make the galvanized drawers underneath? Love, love, love them!

  11. The Rosegarden in Malevik says

    LOVE :) A grat place to work :)
    an do not miss….




    It´s fun to join it …..
    WELCOME :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)