Gift Wrapping in Black & White ~ with a little vintage touch

Well hello my sweets, how about the Junk Bonanza going on all week! Did you catch it? Did you check out those amazing projects linked up in the linky party? Did you enter to win my crochet pillows that I made but didn’t crochet?

Anyway, today I am here to show you a little project I did with those awesome projects from Whisker Graphics, and a bit extra….

I tried to come up with a bit of original gift wrapping for a T-shirt combining a little of this and a bit of that….

It started out with this: a fun t-shirt I was giving as a gift to my little big brother who turned 50 (my-oh-my we are getting older…..).


A creative way to gift wrap a t-shirt


Instead of folding it, I rolled it up real tight, so it fit perfectly into the larger bitty bag. And it was more of a mystery package, that way too.

Now when someone turns 50 they deserve more than a funny t-shirt, so I added a music gift card too.


whisker graphics little bag with gift card


Those gift cards are the perfect size for the mini bitty bags.

I glued the mini bag to a tag and attached the tag to the package with black twine.

Looked fun!


black and white gift wrap with modern papers


But I wouldn’t be Songbird if I didn’t think this package needed a bit more….

Since the theme of my gift was music….

…..and I am into vintage papers and ephemera I added a little extra something……


combine modern black and white gift wrap with vintage sheet music for an original gift wrapping.


A strip of vintage music paper.

and that tag had a backside too…..

combine modern black and white gift wrap with vintage papers  for an original gift wrapping.

More room for pretty vintage papers.

I searched my 100 years old fashion magazines for some ads and texts that had a musical theme. I found this pretty ad for pianos that was the perfect fit.


combine modern black and white gift wrap with vintage papers  for an original gift wrapping.


Thumbing through those fashion magazines was the most fun bit of this whole project. I so love those old ads, the fashion guidelines of those days, ‘reading’ ( my French is not very good) and definitely recognizing all the beauty worries of those ladies (turns out 100 years ago women were just as worried about wrinkles, hair growing in the wrong places, the proper skirt length, and how to make the perfect curl).

I have a ton of these magazines. I will make myself part with some of them soon, and I’ll start listing them in my shop.

Anyway back to the issue at hand. The package I made for my brother.


combine modern black and white gift wrap with vintage papers  for an original gift wrapping.


I am not sure, my brother was into the vintage papers as much as I was. But the gift was happily received anyway.


I think those modern Whisker Graphics packaging materials match up nicely with my vintage ephemera, they make a pretty combination.

What do you think? Love or hate the combo? Do the men in your life appreciate a well packaged gift? Or do they focus on the content immediately? And how about those vintage fashion magazines, are you in love too?


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  1. Gwen says

    I totally expect your younger bigger brother to like this gift wrap. It heightens the humor as he looks at the tag for an old piano.. How can he not think its grand if you tell him all of us in your blog land are wishing him –now famous–a happy happy birthday–and we know what is in the gift and we are impressed Cuz it’s no small gift even though the bag is a bitty bag. Oh and the black is because your heading over that hill but the white means its a secret you find out once you are 50–it isn’t such a bad deal (that’s the white)
    So I would have to say–he had better enjoy all this added attention just because you are famously important that millions read and approve of how his gift is wrapped and if he does not hug you twice and say the wrapping is grand, then he gets his cake last!! But we know just know with a sis like you he too will ooooh and ahhhh over this great gift!! I thought the gift of music made it a WAYYYY big nice gift!!! Love it all :-)