Hallway Moodboards for my sister

An embarrassingly long time ago my sis in New Zealand sent me some pictures of her home. Asking for advice. I finally got around to see what I could come up with.

Her question was mainly what to do with a lot of bare walls in her hallway. I decided to tackle one particular wall first.

Here is the infamous before picture:




A big empty wall in a warm yellow. With my mom’s hallway table and mirror. I had free reign except that my sister really loved the yellow and of course the furniture had to be in center stage.

Contrary to what my sis is saying she is not without ideas. Look what I found in her inspiration boards on Pinterest:




Board and batten found at The Inspired Room




A stencil job in sunny yellow found at BHG

And talk about wow factor. Look at this mirrored wall (original source unknown).


Mirror Hall Wall


Don’t you agree that my sister doesn’t need any help? But anyway she asked for it, so she is getting it….

Here is what I came up with:


Hallway Moodboard 2


I think that the yellow needs a bit of drama. So I added a damask pattern. If she has the patience my sister could do it with a stencil. Lot of work, but I have seen many of you pull it off on walls and ceilings. Or alternatively she could use wall paper. To give the table and mirror combo some more pizazz I added a door frame. This is actually pretty much the way it was in my parents house. That table used to sit in an closed up door frame. So I guess this one brings back memories. To make the whole deal a bit more up to date I added the modern sconces and the big (Dutch) canvases.


The second one, still asks for stenciling or wallpaper but a not as much this time, because I added the board and batten. If she where to go this route I’d be so jealous. I’d love to have some B&B in my house, but is has received a veto from my man.


Hallway Moodboard 1


A big plant, a rug and some extra bits and pieces, and of course fresh flowers finishes this one off.

What do you think? Will my sister be pleased with this.

We’ll have to wait and see, and who knows, maybe she’ll let us know in the comments.

Love you all (and especially you, zusje van me),


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  1. Ans says

    Hallo zus, ik vind de moodboards schitterend. Ik moet nog even nadenken welke ik de mooiste vind. Groetjes Ans