Hollywood might be calling next….

Hello my lovelies,

I am having a very exciting week both in the good sense and in the not so good sense. Let’s focus on the positive today, shall we…

If you caught an Instagram or Facebook update of me yesterday you might have seen that I was going to be on TV!!!


Desk Chalk Paint Makeover Review


Yes, I made my first ever appearance on the tube being interviewed about my blog. It was regional television though, but scary, exciting and very nice nevertheless.

It was an -I-would never-have-dreamed-about-this-happening  experience for me. 


white bench postal bag chair


About two weeks ago they contacted me. Via unknown sources they had gotten wind about my blog and wanted to know more. So I chatted a bit about it on the phone, not difficult at all since I love talking about my blog. 

And then came the kicker, ‘would I like to talk about it on TV too’. Hmmm, that idea was new to me. But what the heck, why not, worst thing that could happen is that I would make a stumbling, mumbling fool of myself. So I said yes. (after all I have never been afraid to make a fool of myself here on the blog either).


Pond reflection water lily


And then the agony started of course. What do you wear when you go on TV? Hair up or down? Is there still time for a total makeover? How many kilos can I lose in one week? 


Summer Mantel palet wood pink flowers


They asked me to bring some items relevant to my blog to put on the table as conversation starters. But what to bring? My laptop is about the most relevant item, but hardly interesting. And most ‘things’ I have created are either hardwired into our home or long since disassembled vignettes. I really struggled with this question, but I was able to gather  some things together in the last minute, and then we never even got around to talking about them during the interview.


natural and rustic Christmas mantel display with woodland elements (2)


I was also asked to send them some images of my blog. 10 images to summarize years of blogging and hundreds of posts. That wasn’t easy either. But you can see which ones I selected in this post.

In the end I didn’t tell a soul about it for as long as I could and tried to forget about the whole deal.




And yesterday I just tried to enjoy myself as best as I could, and I did….




Those presenters are so great. They do this live thing every day and they make it look so easy, so natural. But from up close I could clearly see how much preparation went into it. And how much skill is required to make it look so effortless.

I did not know the questions they were going to ask beforehand. And they were good questions. Some were easy like how this all started and why I enjoy it so much, others were harder to answer. There was a question about privacy and where do you draw the line in how much you show online. I know I have boundaries but I have never consciously thought about them that much, it is more of an instinctive thing. And I just didn’t have a good answer to the question where this would all lead too. Who knows, I would be happy and grateful if I can continue like this forever and have just as much fun with it as I do today, but maybe there is more and better things down the road. Who knows….



It was fun. And I watched the rerun yesterday when we got back. I think I did okay. I was not a mumbling and stumbling fool, thank heavens. But I must say that I am now a firm believer that there is truth in the saying that the camera puts another 10 pounds on you….. Or else I really should start eating less….  😀



white, green, Fall mantel, beach decor, nautical, pumpkins, glass fishing floats


There is a video link available on the website of the TV Station. So if you understand Dutch you can check it out here. And if you can’t control your curiosity about how I sound you can even watch it if you don’t understand Dutch. Or you can wait, because I will see if I can download it and maybe add some subtitles in English for you and then I will repost it here. But that might take me some time. 

Oh and be warned. The other guest was a plastic surgeon and he is going to perform a live Botox treatment. Just so that you are warned that in between pics of my home there are needles in sight.


blue and white bedding and a vintage bedspread in a summer bedroom on Songbirdblog


Tell me, would you want to be on television? What is your wildest dream about you and your blog? What do you hope it will bring into your life?

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  1. says

    Wat gaaf, wat gaaf, wat gaaf! Meid, ik ben er ontzettend van onder de indruk! Een hartstikke leuk interview, met een hele mooie, creative en sprankelende vrouw, die een hart heeft voor wat ze doet. en je hebt jezelf in geen enkele sekonde voor paal gezet! 😉
    Hele lieve groetjes – Irma

  2. says

    I adore your blog! It is inspiring, beautifully designed, written and shared. Your authentic nature helps even the not-so-creative person feel as though they can accomplish beautiful things in their own home too! Thanks for that!

    Never have wanted to be in front of the camera, although love the idea of being behind it. I love sharing the little details of my life on my own blog…only in the hopes of inspiring others to live in the moment, hold onto hope, and always give the world, life, and others your very best!

    You do just that….give your very best and it’s AWE INSPIRING!

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Oh those are kind words! Thank you so much, I love it when people tell me that I inspire them. It is exactly the reason I gave on the TV show on the question why I blog. Thank you so much for leaving me this sweet comment. Made my day!

  3. says

    Wat leuk, wat leuk.
    En wat spannend natuurlijk ook.
    Je heb het verdiend deze aandacht want jouw blog ziet er geweldig uit.
    Stiekem ben ik altijd een beetje jaloers op je layout.
    En wie weet………Hollywood.
    Lieve groetjes,

    • Marianne Songbird says

      He Maja, dat is lang geleden! Wat leuk om van je te horen. Het was inderdaad heel spannend maar ook leuk gelukkig. Mijn layout is nog altijd geheel en al handgemaakt dus wat let je om je eigen blog een makeover te geven.
      Ik kom snel weer eens bij jou langs buurten.

  4. says

    Marianne! I hope to see the show! Of course I’ll watch it in Dutch first – just so I can see YOU!

    How exciting and wonderful and well-deserved to be sought out and acknowledged! You work hard at what you do here!

    All my best to you….hope the “not so good sense” turns for the better.


    • Marianne Songbird says

      You are a sweet and kind soul! Thank you so much. Everything is fine now. My love had surgeory and it went well and he is healing nicely.

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Dat dacht ik ook. Maar de hele staf en vooral de presentatrices waren zo aardig dat het helemaal vanzelf ging.

  5. says

    That is so cool Marianne, congratulations to you! I love the pictures you picked out for the show, very inspiring! I’m not sure I would want to be on TV, esp. if the 10 kilo thingy is as true as you say!
    As for me, I really don’t know where I want my blog to be down the road, sure it would be nice to have more readers, but that brings on a certain responsibility too doesn’t it? For right now I’m doing it for the fun of it and hoping that some people out there get some enjoyment or maybe even inspiration from it. Who knows what the future will bring. For now all is good!

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Indeed, who knows what the future will bring. I am by no means one of the blogging greats but look what came my way anyway. Let’s just keep blogging and having fun and then the future will take care of itself. Thanks for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me.

  6. Emilou says

    Wow, may I have your autograph, please???? Congratulations to you Marianne, how wonderful for you and I will surely watch you. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou

  7. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, I just watched the video and thought you looked very relaxed. I am anticipating the english version, so I can understand all you said, but your passion comes through. You can see in your face the love you have of decorating and sharing with others. You did good, girl. Blessings and smiles, Emilou

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Thanks, that is very sweet of you to say. I hope I can make it work with the english version but I have never done anything like that and I think it might be quite challenging. But I’ll give it my best.

  8. says

    Ooo, wat stoer Marianne!! (zou ik never nooit gedurfd hebben haha). Ik had bijna meteen doorgeklikt naar het tv-interview, maar wilde toch éérst hier even reageren. Prachtige foto’s heb je verzameld. Ben benieuwd naar je tv-debuut. Ik ga gauw kijken.
    Groetjes, Anita

  9. says

    Ben ik weer :-) Wat onzettend leuk! Je zit er zo relaxed bij en wat een leuk gesprek. Complimenten!!
    En wie weet waarmee je ons nog meer mee gaat verrassen. Dat kan zomaar Hollywood zijn :-)

  10. Gwen says

    I am again sooo impressed at how at first the focus is on this rather nice looking doctor and I hear Botox so I’m thinking oh for headaches! As that is quite successful now for that and say an arm muscle that won’t relax…but he talked on and on! And I’m impressed as I could tell what he’s saying very sort of, and you patiently sit with your objects on the table, when FINALLY it is your turn!!! It was sooo fun!!! I loved hearing Dutch. I don’t want subtitles. It just sounded great. I have an iPad and you looked very slender. Look at it on one and you’ll say yes, I do look fine so ill have a pastry today as a treat!! Plus I liked how the interviewer seemed totally unaware that people are reading your blog from all over. I’m in California. Lots in the US! And then when she questioned if you used your own house I thought, well I guess we’d never know!!! I watched a funny movie once about a TV cooking host, author of books, who could not cook at all, snowed in a cabin with a guy who thought she could and all the crazy antics. So are there Dutch elves making all this neat stuff for you?!!
    My neighbors were Dutch and so we enjoyed them plus some friends’ Dad is from Holland is what he says…ended up an engineer here in America. We get a bang out of him at the big game nights together. But I cannot say one word yet I could tell by your expressions the blog talk just lights up your eyes!! Remember a few days back and your doubts? Rematch and you will see it. We are so proud of you!!!
    My TV? Our school just opened and I had to teach in the band/orchestra/vocal music room so they came in my room to tape. Oh! Another time my hubby and I joined six others in madrigal costume with fake snow falling at 5AM to promote our Christmas performance!! Nothing as grand as yours!!!

  11. Jamie says

    Congratulations, Im a reader from California. It was fun to see your video clip, I liked hearing you speak Dutch. You did a lovely job on air…all the npictures of your home looked lovely as well.

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Thanks. Yes it was ver scary but fun at the same time.
      Try replying by email to my reply and we will see what happens.