How blogging made my life whole….

It is funny really, to this day there are people in my everyday life that do not know that I have a blog. Or they know but they don’t care very much. Most people I meet face to face don’t even know what a blog is. And when I tell them, their eyes glaze over. You take pictures of pillows and flowers and post them online? And people come over to read that? People from all over the world? Really?


homemade twig candle holders

handmade twig candle holders


You do that? You paint and sew and decorate? You?

And sometimes I just don’t tell them, because they wouldn’t get it.

This blog is truly my other half, my better half perhaps. As you may or may not know, I am a scientist in my professional life. I sit behind a computer and write: articles, reports, presentations about research projects that I have done. I also sit behind my desk and read a lot, really a lot, about research other people have done and then I try to makes sense of it all and then I write again.


vintage suitcase bedside table

vintage suitcase bedside table


It is all very much an ‘in-my-head’ activity. There is some creativity involved but most of it relies on my skills of analysis, of rational thinking and on being critical and academic. And for many, many years that was me. Self-reflective, rational and critical little me. Always ready with a response, an answer, a rational observation, a quick but well composed argument. I lived inside my head. My left brain (the rational, analytical side) was all and utterly dominant.


Outdoor decorating with a vintage crate with bottles

outdoor decorating with vintage finds


My creative side cried out from time to time. It made me clip out craft projects and “100 homemade gift ideas for Christmas” articles. It had me plotting big and small makeovers, especially for all the second-hand furniture that I schlepped around in my student+ years. But my rational side always won and those projects got never done. The cans of paint stayed unopened in my storage long after the piece of furniture it was meant for had fallen apart.

Until I found a blog…..

…… until I started my blog

…………… until you found me.


Chicken Wire Cloche

homemade chicken wire cloche


The change in my life is huge. Unbelievably huge and all encompassing. I am still that rational, analytical researcher. But only for 8 hours a day and only on my working days. Then I give my left side of my brain a rest and my right side takes over.


Vintage inspired Christmas gift wrapping ideas

vintage inspired Christmas gift wrapping


The things I have learned since I started blogging. About the community of creative women, about doing things with your hands, about being inspired and being inspiring. The skills I have gained, like operating a big scary miter saw, painting a gazillion little windows without taping, about creating with thrifted finds and flea market treasures.

I am still plotting a thousand projects a day. I am still clipping ‘250 original ideas for using flowers in your home’ articles. But now I know that one day (even if it is later rather than sooner), that clipping will come out again and I’ll start that project that has been bouncing in my head for months. And I am so happy. I feel whole. I feel balanced.


Colorful Spring garden table decor

Spring decorating on the garden table


And now sometimes I dream about giving my left side complete control and do this creating and blogging thing for real. But maybe that would bring unbalance again….


Wardrobe Makeover with wallpaper and paint

wardrobe makeover


I understand the bewilderment of the people who don’t blog about this part of my life. I even feel it too. It still amazes me that I am still here and that you are all still here. And that I get to do this and share it. And I am 150% sure that if it weren’t for this blog and the community and friendship it has brought to my life, my paint cans would still be unopened and projects would not be started let alone finished.

I know without a doubt in my heart and head that I would not be half as happy if I didn’t have this little corner of the interwebs and y’ll to share it with.


Simple styling autumn decoration

easy decorating


And for that I am eternally grateful……


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  1. says

    If I had to choose my favorite top 10 blogs, yours would be on that list. I love everything you post. Truly. For various reasons my blog is in a state of flux right now and I’m not posting as often. And I miss it. My IRL friends don’t get it. You just put into words how I feel. It’s nice to find a kindred spirit.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Wow, in your top 10! I am so honored and flattered. And yes I have ‘met’ many kindred spirits through blogging. Thank you for being one of them.

  2. says

    I can truly identify with your thoughts. Sometimes I feel like I am an underground blogger, who really cares, why do I do it. Then…I post and the response I get is so heartwarming. Keep up the great blogging!

  3. says

    What a talented lady you are Marianne! I love seeing the beautiful things you put together and the words you weave around your projects. Balance is what life is all about and it is something we forget to embrace. Right now, blogging and working on my house are pretty much the only things in my life outside of my day job and both have been a lifeline to me. This blog connection I have to women who are creative, inspiring and so willing to share their stories and dreams with me is priceless.

    Thank you for being one of those women.


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Ok, so you have a day job, you are working on a house and you blog! And then you say “these are the ONLY things”, that sounds like enough to fill three life times. And yes that blog connection is so wonderful, its what makes it so extra special and worthwile.

  4. debbie says

    what a great post! I’ve always thought about starting a blog. maybe I should jump in and do it… you make it sound wonderful. :)

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yes do! Starting a blog is free. And who knows what undiscovered sides of yourself will be unleashed.

  5. says

    Beautifully written! I have never mentioned my blog to friends…and it’s not on Facebook for this very reason. Like you, most just don’t understand. I recently posted something re: Left Brain, Right Brain….very interesting. I’m definitely right brain. I think the only numbers and analytical parts of me are paying bills and figuring out space requirements for decorative purposes. :-)

    Thank you for sharing!


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      For a very long time I explicitly kept my blogging alterlife a secret. Until it just became too big. Too big a part of my life and of myself. But I still only share it with people who I think will understand. I am not into getting comments about it from people who just don’t get it.

  6. joanne says

    marianne….you surely are a songbird and fill us with your perspectives and wonderful ideas….i am glad that i found YOU…..

  7. says

    wow you have expressed in this post exactly what I feel too. I go to work in an office and can’t wait to come home to create and blog, it sounds corny but it kinda sets my free!
    My blog certainly hasn’t reached great heights but hey.. It’s early days and I love posting what I post even If I’m the only one that reads it.. he he!
    Great blog.. I always look forward to visiting.
    Bec x

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Keep at it, we all started small. When I started I couldn’t imagine it would last longer than three weeks. Now I can not imagine my life without my blog. I’ll come over now and read your post and then 2 people will have read it :-)

  8. says

    This is a wonderful post, Marianne. I have found the creative connection I lacked through blogging. I hope to post more projects and things that I do. Your blog is one of my favourites. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! You are one of my favorite commenters. I always look forward to seeing your sweet words pop up in my mail box.

  9. says


    I am SO glad that you do blog! You’re on my feed and I read every post. Your ideas are so inspirational and BEAUTIFULLY executed. For my upcoming wedding, I’m gathering all kinds of ideas from you! Come check out the great antique glass bottles I just picked up!


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! That is very sweet.
      And I wish you all the happiness with your wedding and most of all with the marriage that comes after.

  10. Donnella says

    I found your blog through Pinterest and so look forward to emails regarding new posts. I was ‘smitten’ the first time I read your blog. It truly is my favorite. I’ve been in quite a rut and need a creative outlet. Maybe I’ll figure out how to begin a blog. Thank you, Marianne.

  11. says

    Oh Marianne, I’m so glad you’re here, too!! Your projects inspired me all the time! Like the wardrobe. I had forgotten about the wardrobe. I LOOOOOooooove your wardrobe. That bird wallpaper is just FANTASTIC. (Need to remember to find some for my daughter’s room.)

    And.. you’re a scientist?? I’m totally blown away! I mean, I knew you were smart, but that’s incredible! You never cease to amaze me. Seriously.


  12. Maria says

    You inspire me, your article you wrote on this page is just beautiful, it actually made me tear up. I feel your passion and, thanks to you, I have learned to see more of that beauty that is out there available for all! Thank you for your passion and your inspiration!

  13. says

    Oh my goodness! I could have written this myself! I’m a lawyer, with a blog that has let my creative side back out again, and like the proverbial genie, there’s no putting it back! I too am tempted to quit the law for something more creative, and it is scary but more exciting than I’ve ever considered my law prospects. I just came across your blog through a Pinterest link, but I will be following from now on! :-)