How to see all updates in your Facebook Feed. Part 2

Last month I showed you how making FB lists ensures that you will see all updates from your favorite people and pages. Today I want to expand on that a bit since I have learned some new tricks and Facebook seems to want to accommodate us in this respect.



As I said in my previous Facebook  post, Facebook uses some algorithm to determine whether or not to show you updates from certain people or pages. Basically this means that even if you befriended a person or liked a page there is no guarantee that you will ever see their updates in your feed.

I also showed you how to make lists. A list is a special news feed in Facebook made up entirely of the friends or pages you have included in that list.  So whenever you have put someone or some page on a ‘friends’ list  all the updates from that friend or page will show up in your special feed.

You can create multiple lists this way and organize your FB contacts. Now that is all great and it really is quite easy to do and makes Facebook so much more manageable.  Well since that last post I have learned some new things that I think you might like too.


Using Facebook Interest Lists to catch all updates

First, the way I showed you how to make friends lists still works great, but there is an easier and faster way to have lists and add new people/ pages to a list and that is by using Interest lists.

An interest list works exactly the same as a friends list and you can build your interest list the same way (so my tutorial on how to do it works for interest list too).

The main difference between friends lists and interests lists  is that all your friends lists are private, so no one can see that you have that list or who you added to it. An interest list can be made public. If you set your interest list to public you can share your list with others and if someone shares their list with you, you can subscribe to it (and have them do the work of compiling the list).

This works especially great if you are part of a Facebook group and you all want to have a feed of your regular updates too.

When someone has shared the unique URL of their interest list, you can click on it and the feed of that list will show up. On the right hand upper corner you will see a subscribe button. If you click subscribe the list will magically appear in your left sidebar and you can follow along.


Subscribe to list option


I have done some work for you. So if you want to check it out, I have created two lists so far that you might be interested in.


Home Decor FB list by Songbird

Euro Blogs FB list by Songbird

I am still compiling my lists (only list owners are able to edit them, subscribers are read-only), so if I have not added your Facebook page (or feed) to my lists let me know in the comments and I’ll see about adding you too.


Once you have created a few interest list you’ll see that adding a new page to an interest list is even easier than adding on to your friends list. For interest list you can use the dropdown menu right on the page you’d like to add.

Just hover over the Like button and a dropdown menu will appear. Click add to interest list.


Facebook add page to interest list


Another little menu will appear with all the interest list you have created so far and the option to create a new list. Choose your list of choice and you are done.

Told you Easy Peasy.


Using Facebook Pages Feed to read every pages feed.

While I was busy compiling my lists I noticed a little change in my left sidebar. On inspection I found out that Facebook itself has added a new feature. Seems like they are hearing our grumbles about our missing updates and they want to get in on the list making action. Facebook has added a new way to follow all the pages you have ever liked in a separate feed.


page feed tab


For a week now I  have a page feed tab in my sidebar (I don’t know if everybody has that already, they have been rolling it out for some time now). When I click that all the updates of all the pages I have ever liked show up.

I guess if making lists seems like a daunting task to you, this will work too.  If you don’t see that tab in your left sidebar yet,  go to while you are logged in and your pages feed will show up.

I personally prefer my ordered lists, they give me more control. But kudos to Facebook to give us this option.


So do you love or hate Facebook? Have you been making lists or is it all mubojumbo to you anyway?

And any suggestions for pages to add to my lists are welcome…….


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