Granny square crochet blanket

Howdie Friends! Everything ok in the parts you call home?

Here at Songbird’s Nest, everything is back to normal, or as normal as normal is around here. Tomorrow morning My Love will be off on his bike for a few days with some of his motorcycle friends. So I’ll have the house to myself. I plan to fill it with a lot of friends and heavenly indulge in all things girly and feminine.

So I guess by the time My Love is heading this way again on Sunday I will be in a chocolate induced sugar coma, filled up with images of romantic Chick-Flicks and maybe still a little bit tipsy….

Because there will be JillZ…

Do you know JillZ? It is my favorite vice of the moment.


It is a light, fresh Apple Cider and it only has a little bit of alcohol in it.

Really, just a little bit…

And the fact that I am totally hooked to it has nothing to do with the cute guys in the commercial….

Really nothing….


Grannie Blanket2

Ok on to other things. How do you like my finished Grannie Blanket? I am in love with it. I really love the colors I chose and it feels so great to snuggle up with it at night while indulging on some of my favorite TV shows (and JillZ….).

Grannie Blanket 

I really loved the process of making it too. It was the perfect project. Every square took me on average 45 min to finish (I never said I was a fast worker), so one evening of TV watching would result in at least three moments of ‘YES’, ‘Score’, ‘Finished’.

And I am all about instant gratification…

Grannie Blanket3

I will pick up a crochet hook again one day, as soon as I find same space on my list of projects . (Ha funny! As if I my list ever gets shorter…).

The blanket was the cue to bring some more summer colors into our living room. I’ve put the browns and oranges away until Fall, and brought back the tans and cheery stripes.

Grannie Blanket6

Don’t these colors just remind you of summer on the beach?!

Grannie Blanket7

I will be adding more and more summer touches, but the seasonal change has come really late this year. I was longing for that summer feeling, but somehow the weather in these parts has still been so grey, wet and cold (our heater started working again spontaneously again this week!), that bringing in too much light colors felt too cool.

So besides looking really good on my sofa, I have actually been using the blanket for some comfort and heat too.

Grannie Blanket5 
So What do you think can I put operation Grannie Blanket in the books as: Mission Accomplished?


And you didn’t think I wouldn’t share those cute guys with you, now did you….





PS Behind the scenes I am working on something very exciting, scary and possibly truly fantastic. More information soon, so stay tuned.

PPS I am still adding lovely bits of inspiration to my Inspiration File, check it out.

PPPS Did you notice my ‘blogspot’ has disappeared from my address? Yep I have gone private domain.

PPPPS I hope I fixed the problem with my unclickable comment link, let me know if you find any other glitches on my blog.

PPPPPS I really should stop with this PostScript thing…..

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  1. Nita {ModVintageLife} says

    Marianne –
    That is the most elegant granny blanket I've ever seen. When I was a kid I made one in shades of aqua an lime green…hmmm I wonder where it is…must be at my Mom's.

    But you managed to reinvent the old granny square. I'd like to see one done in shades of cream and white.

    I can't wait to try that drink. I love Hard Cider and this drink sounds perfect for summer. There is a large liquor warehouse near me that carries all kinds of stuff…I'm going to see if they have it there.

    Notice how I am commenting a lot….and early in the day….that is because I got laid off from my job…which is not good…but now I can pay attention to the blog more.

    I might need to make myself a granny blanket. If I start now…it would be ready by winter.

  2. Melissa says

    Your granny squares is lovely – my grandma used to make hers in black with vibrant primaries…I think I like this better…

  3. VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier says

    Lieve Marianna,

    Je maakt ontzettend cozy,bijzonder mooi dingen:-)*
    Ik ben absoluut onder indruk!
    Deze blanket maakt zo gezellig sfeer thuis en zo onwijs leuk,stijlvol!-)))*


    Geniet met het prachtige weer:-)*

  4. katie says

    I am loving your new summer colors.
    The granny crochet blanket is just yummy.
    Jillz sounds really good , but right now I am looking for cobalt bottles.
    Picking my wine by bottle color, how quaint.

  5. Elizabeth (blue clear sky) says

    Your afghan is lovely! I crochet and know how much work went into yours, but is is well worth it. Your colour choices are beautiful.

  6. glor says

    What a beautiful blanket, it is amazing. It compliments your furniture but maintains its own personality. The coloring is perfect. What a wonderful piece of work! Congrats on your own domain, its oh so nice … how were you able to transfer over your followers?

  7. THEA says

    Hoi Marianne,

    Dat ziet er echt leuk uit!!

    En de kleuren…ze zijn zo perfect!!! Geweldig!

    Ik ben benieuwd naar waar je nu mee bezig bent!!
    je hebt de komende dagen veel tijd natuurlijk,nu je het rijk alleen hebt!!

    Veel plezier ermee!

    Groetjes van Thea

  8. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh, you make me laugh. 😀 I love, love, love your granny. I was thinking of doing a granny in similar colors and you have convinced me that it's a good idea! Now I need to go out and get some yarn. Yes! Enjoy the almost-no-alcohol JillZ. :)

  9. Ms. Bake-it says

    I absolutely love your afghan! The colors are fantastic! It is one I would proudly wrap up in and display on my sofa or reading chair. Great job Marianne!

    Commercial = one word: YUM!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Debbie @ says

    This is beautiful. Love the color scheme, love your room, love the blanket. All of it is perfect! You always have the most beautiful posts. And I enjoy visiting your blog every time! Big smile.

  11. Bonjade says

    Oh hij is echt prachtig geworden….idd super deze zee combinatie van kleur……
    Om zo bij weg te dromen….
    Enne niet teveel drinken hoor, hik…;)
    Fijne dag

  12. Fluitenkruid says

    Prachtige deken, mooi kleurgebruik! Ik zou 's avonds wel in dat hoekje willen zitten met een fijn boek.
    groetjes Jannet

  13. Lori says

    Marianne, your blanket turned out beautiful…i love those colors that you chose too…it looks perfect on your sofa!!!

  14. the dutch purple rabbit says

    je deken is perfect. het geeft inderdaad een beetje het strand gevoel weer.
    en ja een koele jilz zou er bij nu ook wel in gaan.


  15. ~Sherry~ says

    Your blanket looks so perfect for your sofa! I love the limited colour palette you have chosen – very sophisticated. I think a homemade touch is nice to prevent a room looking too clinical.

  16. Snappy Di says

    Love all the creamy colors in the granny quilt. Subtle is sometimes good for a room and relaxing.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  17. Miss Marple says

    Zucht, je granny is zooo mooi geworden…ben er echt jaloers op…Ik zou nu echt eens de wol ervoor uit moeten zoeken! Hij staat ook zo prachtig op de bank, je kunt er maar wat trots op zijn!
    Ik was gisteren nog lekker spontaan met mijn mama in Maestrech winkelen…heerlijk weer, laten we hopen dat het nu een tijdje zo blijft!
    Lieve groetjes – Irma

  18. linnea-maria says

    What an fabulous blanket you have made! I love the colours on it, and youv'e matched it so well with the cusions. I never heard of JillZ perhaps it comes to Sweden later on. Thanks for your nice comments. Sometimes I go to a plantshop and chock myself looking at the prices. A full grown tomato plant costs 15€ (spotted the price today). I hope you'll find plants for less price. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs /Therese

  19. idémakeriet says

    Wow wat een werk moet dat geweest zijn om zo blokje voor blokje tot een kleed te komen.
    Maar wat zul je trots zijn op je mooie kleed, hij is echt mooi en heerlijke kleueren heb je uit gekozen.
    Leuk die combinatie van dei streepjes, stipjes en nu het kleed op je bank.
    Fijn weekend meid.
    Lieve groetjes Gerda

  20. The Pleasures of Homemaking says

    It is soooo gorgeous! I just love the muted colors and you know I'm a more colorful girl, but this one is just stunning!


  21. Something White says

    Ah, Jilz, ja! Ik heb onlangs in een magazine een reclame hiervan gezien, maar nu kwam ik laatst toch niet meer op de naam van deze cider. Nu weet ik het weer, dank je! 😀

  22. Catherine says

    It's official I am learning to crochet this summer – it's on my list now! Thanks for the inspiration your blanket is beautiful! You should be so proud.