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Art and Craft Ideas

My Art and Craft Ideas Gallery


art and craft project ideas from songbirdblog.com


Welcome to my gallery page of art & craft ideas. Now let me begin by saying I use the term ‘art’ rather loosely, since I definitely do not consider myself a true artist. But I like to dabble and have fun and sometimes things just turn out especially nice:-)

Most of my craft projects are decorations I use in my home. I use lots of different materials: paper, wood, plaster, clay, twigs, chicken wire…… and on and on.

Oh and a special category are the craft projects where I use all kinds of threads: fabric, wool, old clothes, etc. 

I also have a fondness for creating rather useless objects just for the fun of creating them. In those I usually use a variety of materials that I refer to all together as ‘mixed media’.

Oh and definitely lets not forget my Christmas craft projects. The past years I have made most of my Christmas decorations myself. It is simply my favorite season to decorate and I strongly believe that homemade Christmas decorations are not only cheaper and more personal than store bought, they are also more fun.

I hope you have fun too, browsing through my collection of art and craft ideas.


General Craft Ideas

diy juju hat mantel decoration via Songbirdblog thumb
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Homemade Home Fashion

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Mixed Media Art Ideas

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Christmas Craft Ideas

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