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Candle Holder Inspiration

The short dark evenings have arrived. Although I was happy with the extra hour of sleep, I can’t say I am too thrilled with the clock turning back again.  Those early, dark nights are not my favorite part of this season. And we have had our first portion of frost too! Winter is here for sure. So what does that mean? It means drastic measures have to be taken and that means it is time for candle light evenings.


candle holder ideas


So I went in search of some inspiration for creative candle holders. And did I score me some good ideas! I have gathered them here for you and added a few of my own too. Come along with me and let’s share some candle light….

Inspiration File: Vintage Laundry Room

I am quite obsessed by this vintage laundry room I found in a library book (so I have to give the book back). I adore the colors, the vintage apothecary cabinet, the buckets, the bottles, the light!   My laundry area is in the dungeon we call basement. Just crumbling walls, mold, pipes and spider […]

Inspiration File: white washed desk & tutorial

      Wow isn’t that the most beautiful corner. I love this vignette, I adore the whitewashed dresser and I ♥ Marian for sharing how she created this look. Awesome, straight into my inspiration file. white washed desk & tutorial at Miss Mustard Seed

Wise Words for Women

  We all need to be reminded of this sometimes. Especially in this day and age when we are bombarded with images of women who are too skinny, too young, too perfect. Images of women who are not real. Images lie, Photoshop lies, statistics lie, our self doubt is based on lies. So today I […]

Inspiration File: Office Reveal at Patina White

Still working on my craft room. So I guess it is no wonder that I still navigate towards beautiful office/ craft room inspirations. And this full office reveal by Patina White is chuck full of inspiration. Maybe I should just start over…… Go check out all the lovely projects in this room with lots of […]

Inspiration File: Family Gallery Wall by Tatertots and Jello

  Pin from original source here I love gallery walls and I want one in my house badly. We have all brick and stuccoed walls though so all that drilling and serious hole making is stopping me. Until now. Look at this beautiful and fun gallery wall. And not one hole has been made to the […]

Inspiration File: Home Office by Sadie Olive

  It must be serendipity. I am working on my office/ craft room and I find this gorgeous vintage inspired home office in my reader. This is the room Sadie Olive works in. Isn’t it gorgeous. Even bubble wrap looks beautiful when you hang in from the wall surrounded by these gorgeous vintage finds. You […]

Inspiration File: Horse gate headboard by Funky Junk Interiors

  Only Donna would come up with this. Use an old horse gate as an headboard AND hang a barb wire wreath on it. Love the look of this colorful bedroom, and if she wants it all those accessories are swapped out instantly to go back to the neutral look. Full reveal at: Funky Junk’s […]