Vintage Crochet Pillows

Handmade Crochet Pillows from a vintage granny blanket. Find them at


Hello Folks! Welcome to this special Monday on Songbird. 

Today I am joining up with a team of the most creative women in blogland. They all have that magic touch to turn trash into treasure, or junk into jewels

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My project for our special event was kind of a treasure to trash to treasure project. But it all turned out in the end. 


If you are here for the first time. My name is Marianne aka Songbird.

Timeline Profiel

I love to decorate my nest, paint things white and learn new things while I DIY myself through life. If you’d like to get a feel for my style. You can find my decorating projects in my I ♥ to Decorate Gallery and my craft  projects in my I ♥ to craft gallery. DIY projects I have done are of course in my I ♥ to DIY gallery


Look what I made this weekend:


Handmade Crochet Pillows from a vintage granny blanket. Find them at


Two crochet pillows, that are just looking so perfect on my couch. Just adding that perfect touch of vintage to our rather modern sofa. 

They didn’t start their lives as pillows. Someone spent a lot of hours crocheting a wonderfully huge bedspread made up of a gazillion grannies. Then I found that spread at a flea market. It was a lucky find and as soon as I had discovered it and was eyeing its beauty, the vultures moved in, I had to think and move quickly because my fellow flea marketing women are no easy push-overs. So I did my negotiating fast and furious and went home basking in the glory of my new found treasure. 

Back home, that treasure turned out to be somewhat of a surprise. As I inspected it, it turned out there were a lot of holes, that could be patched, but still….

Then I discovered some stains, that my instinct told me would not come out easily…..

Then I realized that the spread was unfinished. There was on whole unfinished edge that was unraveling……


vintage crochet bed spread


From treasure to trash in few minutes. 😀


But than I put my thinking cap on. What if….

If this blanket was already damaged I could do no harm cutting it up even more….

There were plenty of good and salvageable parts in this rather huge blanket…..

And out came the sewing machine.

And here they are. Two crochet pillow cases made from a handmade vintage bed spread.


Handmade Crochet Pillows from a vintage granny blanket. Find them at


From treasure to trash to treasure again in a few hours.


Handmade Crochet Pillows from a vintage granny blanket. Find them at


Not a bad junker’s save, if I say so myself.


Handmade Crochet Pillows from a vintage granny blanket. Find them at


Do you like them? 

Want to have some like that too?

That can be arranged, just keep reading….


But first things first. My junking friends have cooked up some awesome projects. I have seen some sneak peaks and boy-oh-boy did they deliver some awesomeness. 

So don’t forget to visit my friends and see their Junk-Made-Beautiful-Projects



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And now back to you getting these pillows into your own home.

You are in luck today because I am giving a set away

Yep, two pillow cases handmade by yours truly, with the help of an unknown chrocheter somewhere in France, are up for grabs. 


 You have several options to win. Just click on the gadget below and choose any or all ways of entry. Winner will be announced in a week. 

Good luck!

**************** This Giveaway is Closed ****************************


 And that is it. 


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  1. says

    Seriously not your gramma’s granny squares. These are just so beautiful. AND they remind me of my mother – not because she crochets (which she does) but because she collects crocheted doilies and dresser scarves and such. Beautiful! She would love these too!

  2. Cheryl Dietz says

    I love how you upcycled the vintage tablecloth and gave it a whole new purpose. Your pillows are beautiful and who wouldn’t want to win a set. I sure would…. fingers and toes crossed for luck!!! Love your blog.

  3. Dana says

    I am sure the person who made these would be pleased with what you have done. The bedspread was used and loved and now her handiwork is being admired in another way! Fantastic idea!

  4. says

    My mom was a crochet-er and grannie square maker. I have lots of her items and never thought of making any of it into pillows, probably because sewing doesn’t come easy for me. So instead most of the things are stuck in a closet. Your idea is so much better, and so pretty.

  5. vikki says

    Lovely save. I always love how a person can take something that is not exactly right and turn it into a definite win. I would love to have a pair of those lovely pillows on my couch as well. They could join the two I made from my husbands worn out sweaters.

  6. Sherri Gonyier says

    Great way to use your bed spread, I need to get the sewing machine out myself. Im in need of some spring pillows! Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Margaret says

    As somebody who has spent many enjoyed hours turning string into something, I am thrilled to see this lady’s efforts live on,

  8. Pam Ballard says

    Oh I love these pillows. I would use them in my living room. They would go so well there. Thanks for the chance. Lovely giveaway. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Gwen says

    I giggle ( laughter is good medicine!) for until I saw ENTER TO WIN I was going to comment that what I remember about my Dutch neighbors was all her beautiful lace things. She had her curtains specially crocheted in this most beautiful way I’ve never seen before. She’d ‘go home’ every year and always picked up a new piece of something so in my childlike mind, I associated Holland, as we called it, with beautiful lace and handwork like crotchet. So when I read about this non finished piece, with age spots, I now wonder, did her eyes grow dim? Her children tired of all her handmade items that they sold off her many many hand stitched items? It makes me wonder, what is the reason? For I suppose in my child like mind no one in your country was lazy. Would work that hard to just stop. So I feel so glad that it is you that purchased this large piece and brought new life to a person’s quiet, done alone stitching. How would she know that her humble work of repetition would stir such interest? And touch my heart? What we do in life that seems so mundane, discarded by family as useless, sold at a flea market not in a gallery, salvaged, BUT….repurposed to be beauty anew…

  10. Kimberly says

    Marianne, the pillows turned out gorgeous! I would have been so disappointed to discovery the unfinished edge, the stains and the holes, but you turned lemons into lemonaide and I am so impressed with your ingenuity and creativeness! Nicely done!

  11. Jeannine says

    Op zulke ideeën kom ik dus niet. De kussens zijn prachtig en ze zouden perfect op mijn sofa passen. Groetjes, Jeannine

  12. says

    Wonderful pillows, I am a big sucker when it comes picking up handmade stitch work anything that I stumble across at yard sales, thrift stores, or what have you. To me they need a proper home with all the love and hard work that was put into them! I love to see them put to good use! These would go fab in my daughters girly vintage inspired bedroom on her bed…. All of the hosts have had wonderful projects and I have really enjoyed hopping along…. now I get to see more eye candy with all the link ups… YAY! I have been in junkers heaven today, and theres more to come…. GREAT party!

  13. Tiffany says

    The pillows are beautiful, I have a Maxwell sofa in dark leather that I think they will look amazing on. You did such a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing.

  14. says

    Ik heb nog steeds het kussen van een van jouw eerdere give aways op de bank liggen, deze zouden er heel goed bij passen 😉
    Ik heb een mooie sprei die ooit in noeste arbeid door mijn moeder gehaakt is. Helaas houdt mijn vriend er niet zo van, hij ligt op een kast zodat ik er toch van kan genieten.

  15. Darianna says

    I love how you mixed the vintage with the modern! These would go perfectly with my yellow and gray bedroom set and add a touch of vintage to my modern room. Thank you for the chance to win them!

  16. Donna says

    These lovely pillows would look very sweet on the couch in my cottage-y living room. Ooooo! I hope I win! : )

  17. Felicia says

    I just found a bunch of old doilies at the thrift store and this is what I’m going to do with some of them. Thank you.

  18. Julia Frank says

    I love that you are sharing the masterpieces and giving them away this means how a nice person you are
    !! thank you for the chance and I’ll put them in my living room !!

  19. Allison Steviie says

    I love the crochet work !! hope I can win to give this lovely pillows set for my Mom in mother’s day !!

  20. Emmie Victor says

    I love this kind of hand made work it looks so elegant !! my grand mother did a lot this work when she was young !
    hope I can win this pair of pillow to put them in my living room !

  21. Jeanine says

    I would love to win those two beautiful pillows! I would use them on my guest bed. I love crocheted items, I have a bedspread on my guest bed that my great aunt made me about 25 years ago and I adore it.

  22. Kim says

    Great job Marianne, so very clever & super creative!!!

    They would look so adorable as accent pillows on our bed in our new coastal cottage master bedroom!

    Just the perfect color and they would add some added softness/texture to the space. :)

    It’s funny, because we are having a huge estate sale this weekend, and I have one just like that I am selling….now, it’s got me rethinking to keep it! (I have 2 of them, but maybe I should hang on to them both!)

    I’m not much of a seamstress….sure I could figure it out!!!