Let’s get in touch

Aaahhh you want to get in touch with me. Great, love it!

But before you do let me first answer some Frequently Asked Questions:


1. I live in the Netherlands and my native language is Dutch. I try my best, but English will forever be a foreign language to me, so please don’t take offense if  I make mistakes in my English. I will be happy to correct any typos I made, if you point them out to me politely.

2. I use a Full Frame 6D Canon camera for most of my blog photographs. Although recently I have really taken a fancy to my Iphone 6 camera too.

3. All text and images on my blog are my own (unless clearly stated otherwise) and therefor fall under my own personal copyright.

4. You do not have to ask my permission to feature my work on your personal blog, provided that you only use TWO images tops and provide a proper link back to my blog. If you want to use more of my images, please contact me first.

5. I’d love to give you paint references, supply sources and shopping hints, but since I live in Europe most of them will not be useful for anyone not living on the old continent. If I have found or used something that is easily  available anywhere I try to always reference it in my post. So please check there first for the information.

6. I DO NOT PLACE ANY KIND OF AD LINKS ON MY SITE. Really don’t bother writing me with you brilliant proposal, I will not do it. Google’s search engines frown upon it and I hate them with a vengeance.

7. I DO NOT OFFER GUEST POSTS ON MY BLOG. If and when I let someone guest post on my blog it is by invitation only. So again don’t bother writing me about you brilliant idea for a post ‘ my audience’ sure will love. I know my audience best and pre-canned messages are not what they are here for.

8. I’d love to work with any brand that fits my style and my audience. If the fact that I live and blog in the Netherlands is not a problem for you, it is not a problem for me. Please do reach out to me and we’ll talk.



Still got questions or comments? 

Fire away!!