Let’s walk on the wild side….

Still no winter here in the low lands. Sometimes I think there is just so much cold to distribute in one winter and North-America is being hit so hard that there is none left for us. Sorry North-America….

Mild temperatures, occasional rain and quite a bit of sunshine has been the pattern around here. And that is making me quite happy, although this Sunday I was thinking differently.

I was trying to photograph my layered photo frames gallery wall and I was cursing at the sun. The low winter beams were streaming in and casting shadows everywhere. At one point I even went outside to see if there were any clouds going to move in, to make my life easier.

Then it hit me. It was the most beautiful day outside, and I was spending it inside. And no post on my blog could be worth squandering away a gift like that.

So I took my camera, and we went for a little walk.

Let’s walk together…..

winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 8


Let’s go to the river and see what’s happening there…..


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 9


This one seems to know how to move through life lightly……..


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 7


Everything that was hit by the setting sun was cast in a golden hue……


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 6


Through the eye of the camera……


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 10


You see details that are easily missed…..


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 4


Look to the left and take a picture……

Stay in the same position and….


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 5


Look to the right and take another shot…..


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 3


Could men ever weave such a delicate thing…..


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 2


Playing with the sun…


winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 1


Blue skies only winter gives us….

Thank you for walking with me today….

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  1. Melissa Leach says

    Lovely photos. Thanks for the walk! My fav photo is the black and white with the branches, the river and the church steeple centered in the background. What a lovely print that would make. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Emilou says

    Good Morning Marianne, Wow, great photos and I love the three thistle ones. Your close ups with fuzzy backgrounds ‘bokeh’, fantastic! Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed our walk. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  3. says

    I just posted a similar story! Living in North Am. I’m probably the only person to actually WANT snow!
    We’ve had plenty of cold not much snow in my area — I’d live some.
    Your photos are beautiful.
    I still would love to visit there and see for myself.
    Your photos make it that much more in ticking :) Pat

  4. says

    I was taking a little break in my day, and decided to open up your blog post–and am I glad that I did! What a beautiful place in which you live. I’m glad that you took us outside with you on your walk :) I’m getting over a cold, and just too busy to take a lot of time off, so I appreciated the little mental respite this provided–thank you.