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Elvis Presley Graceland {a special home tour}

Elvis Presley Graceland Marianne Songbird at entrance thumb

Good day my sweets. Things are a buzzing and busy at the nest. Nothing show worthy yet. So instead I thought let’s do that special home tour that I promised you.  I am sure it is no surprise that while we were in Memphis during our Summer holiday tour we visited the home of Elvis […]

Travelling the Southern US {final part 4}

Nottoway plantation Baton Rouge

How are you doing y’all? I just realized that we have been travelling the Southern States of the US together and I left you behind on Beale Street in Memphis. Now granted that is not a bad place to stay for a while. But after listening to so much blues, I thought you might be […]

Traveling the Southern US {part 3}

hillbilly truck thumb

Howdie folks, ready for another trip down memory lane? My memory lane that is. I know that I am taking a really long time showing you my vacation pics, but I do want to mix it up a bit with more recent stuff too. But I promise that this reminiscing of mine will be over […]

Travelling the Southern US {part 2}

Travelling the Southern Us. Charleston, Smoky Mountains and the Atlanta Aquarium. http://www.songbirdblog.com (1)

Hello my friends, want to go travelling the Southern US again? I left you all staring at the sunrise on Tybee island. Well I guess the sun is up and it is time to go do some sightseeing again.  Our next stop was Charleston, South Carolina. What a lovely town that is! The historical homes […]

Our Vacation in the Southern US {part 1 Athens – Savannah – Tybee Beach}

Vacation in Souther US Tybee Island life guard http://www.songbirdblog.com

Hi y’all want to go on a trip with me? Let me take you on a tour through the Southern US and have ourselves a little extra vacation time. I know school has started and we are all back to work and into our normal routines. Heck you might even have started to decorate for […]

The Best of the French Flea Markets {shop announcement}

Ephemera French Flea Market via Songbirdblog

Hello there members of the flock. I am using you all as my accountability partners today. I am calling it an intervention and you all are here to show me the error of my ways. Today you are the kick under my b*tt, the hand behind the push, the whip, the stick, the carrot. Anything […]

Shopping in Bonn Germany

market square in Bonn Germany via Songbirdblog

    Goodday lovely ladies (and gents?), it is Monday again. Vacation is over and it is back to the daily grind. I have been busy during my Spring break, so you can all expect quite a few updates here on the blog. But let me start by looking back just a moment. Reliving one […]

Salvage Store from Heaven {vintage eye candy}

vintage water bottles

So, my friends, tell me are you in for some vintage eye candy? Want to see what I have been dreaming about for months? Want to see where I left some beauties behind (and regretted it ever since). Come along……       A couple of months ago, my love and I went on a […]