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Interior Design Trends: getting my home decor fix

Woonbeurs Home and Garden Exhibition thumb

Interior design trends and home decor inspiration at the "Woonbeurs Amsterdam" a residential living event. Get inspired and see what the five hottest design trends are right now.


Hello friends if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have caught wind of a little mini-vacation I took recently with my guy. It was glorious, wonderful and such a treat. The sun shone on us that weekend, quite literally actually because Fall is treating us very kindly this year.

On the first day of our three day trip we went in search of inspiration. Home decor inspiration to be exact. Taking a look at how the professionals were doing things. What is hot and what isn’t anymore. Where does my style fit in these days? And what should I absolutely do/change/ have right now.

In other words, we visited the Woonbeurs Amsterdam. I looked up the proper translation of that and found “Residential Event Amsterdam”, but basically it is a show/exhibition/market of all things living and the home. You’ll find vendors of floors, paint, furniture, accessories etc,; interior designers showing off their latest styles; home decor magazines have show houses that incorporate new trends; you can get all the information for your upcoming kitchen/bathroom or garden renovation etc.

And of course you get a whiff for what is in style and trending over here when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home.

So let’s go visit, and see what’s hot, shall we…..


Design trends and home decor inspiration at the "Woonbeurs Amsterdam" a residential living event. Get inspired and see what the five hottest design trends are right now.


The entrance set the mood: natural colors, homemade, a bit rustic, a dash of modern, lots of denim and natural elements.

But let’s not linger here too long, there are three halls to discover and conquer.


CLICK HERE to take the full tour and get some ideas and be inspired.



Fields of Heather and musings of a busy mind

Fall Heather Landscape thumb

Fall Heather Landscape 2


I learned something during my summer break: make time to do fun stuff! Stepping away from the computer during the summer has been so good for me. I definitely was heading toward a little burnout. Burnout from work, from blogging and mostly burnout from myself. Much has changed in my office life this year and it has made it a lot busier in my life and most of all in my head. And my head has  never been a very quiet place to start with. I am always in awe of the people that can meditate. That can just sit still and be still. I can sit still very good, but I need a book or a tv to grab my attention. I can loose myself in a book quite easily, following along in the chase of a murderer. But be still just with me, myself and I? Not so much. But more and more I have come to realize that I need still in my life, I need quiet, I need nothing.

So I am working hard on adding more of nothing (isn’t that a nice contradiction…)

Stepping away, taking it easy and make sure that life doesn’t pass me by has been a firm resolution for this new year (working in education gives me a ‘new year’s start’ twice a year).

And my Love is so on board…..


To see more of this beautiful Sunday morning and some close encounters of the lovely kind CLICK HERE


Medieval Kettwig in Germany – Mr. Songbird speaking

Germany black slate house thumb

Kettwig Germany black slate houses


Dear ladies, friends of Songbird and readers of this blog.

This is mr. Songbird speaking. I took over the blog for a day, it was necessary….

You may or may not know that I have invoked a veto for appearing on this blog. That lady of mine is never without a camera and therefore she ‘catches’ me doing this or that frequently, (often she catches me in the act of taking a power nap…..) and I do not want to be exposed to this world wide audience of her.

Consequence of her always logging that camera around is that I have never had any reason to take any pictures myself. Which of course resulted in her complaining that I never took a photograph of her.

Well I got her now. I recently bought myself a nifty little ‘guy-camera’ and I am in the process of learning how to handle it.

So when I recently took my gal to a day out on the town in honor of her birthday I was the man in charge of taking the pictures.

I thought it was only fair that I showed off those pictures myself here.

So please come along as I show you the medieval town of Kettwig in Germany.

I’ll be brief in my commentary, since typing up this little essay in English already took me an hour.


Kettwig Germany duck pond

“We arrived in this little town and were greeted by this duck pond. Very nice. I took my time in photographing it.”


Marianne Songbird hiding behind the camera

“As I turned around I caught Marianne taking my picture with her phone. I took that as a challenge, the game was on…”

“First things first, she dragged me into this romantic girly shop. Of course she had read about it online somewhere. Probably on a blog…”

To see more of the home decor store she dragged me too, this lovely medieval town, and the photography challenge between me and Songbird….


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