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10 Reasons to Love New York City

thumb 10 reasons to love new york

Hi there, before I managed to lose the whole month of May, April went out with a bang. We made a great trip to our most favorite city in the whole world, New York City.  So it is only over a month late, (but who is counting) but let me show you why I love […]

A Day in the Sun

Thumb Walking around Noorbeek Limburg 5

Hello everyone! I am back! Thank you for all your well wishes, it definitely helped.     It took some time to feel like things were going in the right direction, but I think I have finally turned a corner and I am close to being my old self again. And the turn in the […]

Elvis Presley Graceland {a special home tour}

Elvis Presley Graceland Marianne Songbird at entrance thumb

Good day my sweets. Things are a buzzing and busy at the nest. Nothing show worthy yet. So instead I thought let’s do that special home tour that I promised you.  I am sure it is no surprise that while we were in Memphis during our Summer holiday tour we visited the home of Elvis […]

Travelling the Southern US {final part 4}

Nottoway plantation Baton Rouge

How are you doing y’all? I just realized that we have been travelling the Southern States of the US together and I left you behind on Beale Street in Memphis. Now granted that is not a bad place to stay for a while. But after listening to so much blues, I thought you might be […]

Traveling the Southern US {part 3}

hillbilly truck thumb

Howdie folks, ready for another trip down memory lane? My memory lane that is. I know that I am taking a really long time showing you my vacation pics, but I do want to mix it up a bit with more recent stuff too. But I promise that this reminiscing of mine will be over […]

Travelling the Southern US {part 2}

Travelling the Southern Us. Charleston, Smoky Mountains and the Atlanta Aquarium. http://www.songbirdblog.com (1)

Hello my friends, want to go travelling the Southern US again? I left you all staring at the sunrise on Tybee island. Well I guess the sun is up and it is time to go do some sightseeing again.  Our next stop was Charleston, South Carolina. What a lovely town that is! The historical homes […]

Our Vacation in the Southern US {part 1 Athens – Savannah – Tybee Beach}

Vacation in Souther US Tybee Island life guard http://www.songbirdblog.com

Hi y’all want to go on a trip with me? Let me take you on a tour through the Southern US and have ourselves a little extra vacation time. I know school has started and we are all back to work and into our normal routines. Heck you might even have started to decorate for […]

The Best of the French Flea Markets {shop announcement}

Ephemera French Flea Market via Songbirdblog

Hello there members of the flock. I am using you all as my accountability partners today. I am calling it an intervention and you all are here to show me the error of my ways. Today you are the kick under my b*tt, the hand behind the push, the whip, the stick, the carrot. Anything […]