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Salvage Store from Heaven {vintage eye candy}

vintage water bottles

So, my friends, tell me are you in for some vintage eye candy? Want to see what I have been dreaming about for months? Want to see where I left some beauties behind (and regretted it ever since). Come along……       A couple of months ago, my love and I went on a […]

Home and Garden Inspirations at the Floriade

white orchids decoration

Howdie ladies. We made a day trip. We went in search of inspiration. Outdoor inspiration. We found it. Oodles of it.       We went to the Floriade. A horticultural expo that is held in Holland every ten years. This time it takes place not that far from us. So off we went. When […]

Going Dutch ~ Visiting my Beautiful Holland

Holland-Wind mill.jpg

Hi gals, today I am hoping to impress you with some pictures of my beautiful country. I spent Thursday and Friday being on a work trip to the other end of my little country. That meant a five hour train ride, going from the deep south to the northern tip of the Netherlands.     […]

This is not Tuscany……


Everyone loves Tuscany…….     …… you might think this is Tuscany…… It’s not. This is where I live (well 20 minutes away).     We really are so lucky to have this beautiful bit of (very unDutch landscape right in our backyard). The weekend was an extra long one and we spent it well. […]

Finding Comfort on the Beach


Hi friends, here I am again after an unplanned blog break. You see, last week my father-in-law died. He was 91 years old. So I guess it wasn’t totally unexpected. Over the weekend he was admitted to hospital because he had been ill for some time and he had become very weak. The doctors ran […]

Early Morning Photography Walk

cemetery angel

Hi there, you loveliness, nice of you to visit me again. Would you like to go on a little walk with me? Would you mind if I take my camera along? The early signs of Fall are all around us and I want to capture this moment…..     Last Saturday we had this beautiful […]

Songbird goes Tourist in her Home Town

city walk Maastricht Holland

Good evening sweet friends. Thanks for the Cupcake Candle Holders love, they do look sweet, don’t they. As I said we had some marvelous weather over the Easter weekend. I used it to do some painting, and crafting and nesting and walking barefoot in and out of the house all the time. My Love divided […]

Sinterklaas, Santa’s older brother

children visiting Saint Niklaas

Hello Dear Friends, I have to put the Christmas decorations posts on hold for a bit because a more pressing matter needs my attention. You see, in between making Christmas vignettes and ornaments I had some serious crafting and writing to do. I might have had Christmas on my mind early this year, but that […]