A Day in the Sun

Thumb Walking around Noorbeek Limburg 5

Hello everyone! I am back! Thank you for all your well wishes, it definitely helped.     It took some time to feel like things were going in the right direction, but I think I have finally turned a corner and I am close to … [Read more...]

The Magic of Light

Basilicum Back

Good evening friends! How was your weekend (an extra long one at that for my US friends)? Here at the nest we have had a lovely Fall weekend. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, so My Love went off on his motorcycle for four days in a row, … [Read more...]

Memorial Day

Unknown Soldier

In honor of Memorial Day we visited the American War Cemetery that is located a few kilometers out of town. I had never been there before, but a visit had been on my ‘to-do’ list for years. The Cemetery is very well-known around here. It lies on … [Read more...]

Walk with me

Graffiti heart

Last week I decided to walk to work instead of taking my bike as usual. It was a beautiful clear sunny morning and I brought my camera with me. So if you want, walk with me, and I'll show you some of the sights along my route. The first picture is of … [Read more...]