Maid’s Closet Makeover

Good evening my sweets. May I apologize in advance for any typo’s I am going to make in this post?! I have been working hard on my desk all day. Trying to pry the veneer on the top loose with a putty knife and a steaming iron. So my hands are a bit burned and bruised and have turned into hand-claws.

It will be a while before I can show you the finished desk, so let me show you a finished project in the mean time.

This is the closet that caused this whole craft room makeover in the first place.

Maid's Closet Before & After

It’s and old maids closet that used to belong to my in-laws. She spruced up quite nicely don’t you think?

This kind of closet is called a maid’s closet in Holland. It is a small, not very high kind of closet. I did a little research into why it is called a maid’s closet. Well in the old days when people had live-in maids those maids usually had their sleeping quarters in the attic. They often shared a room and had very little room for personal items. Usually just one closet. And since that closet had to stand underneath the slanted attic roof it couldn’t be full height. Hence this rather small closet. They almost always have two doors and one drawer either at the top or at the bottom.

Maid's Closet White 3

This closet was my first experience with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. I used old linen on the outside and Paris Grey on the inside. My experiences with the paint were a bit mixed. Since I didn’t follow the ‘rules’ I haven’t made up my mind yet whether I like the paint or not. I’ll have to give it one other try before I decide. And then I’ll let you know in detail how I fared with the AS chalk paint

Maid's Closet White 4


I covered the old (non original) shelves with batting and this cute grey polkadot oil cloth. The batting evens out all the unevenness of the shelves and prevents the oil cloth of being punctured by them.

Maid's Closet White 2


I think she turned out cute.

Can’t wait to fill this baby up with all my stuff and style the heck out of her. But for now, she’ll have to wait until I am finished with all the work she made inspired me to do.


Maid's Closet White 1

So what are you all up to? Did you survive leap day? And can you believe it is already March? Crazy I know.

Okay, that’s it, I need to soak my hands so I can get the splinters out and give them a chance to un-claw.

Take care my friends,


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  1. says

    Nice job on the cabinet! Actually you do a good job on all of you items – I’m always admiring them. Sorry about our followers – mine haven’t disappeared from my blog, I wonder? Take care.


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks! Halfway through I wasn’t so sure about this one, but she came through for me in the end.

  2. says

    It looks gorgeous in white! How interesting about the maid’s quarters. I love hearing about the history that goes with antiques!

  3. says

    In theory I survived leap day but it was a struggle, it seemed a lot more tiring than any other day!

    This is an impressive turn around. you have put together though, looking at the after shot its definitly not got the look of a maids storage space anymore, what an upgrade!

  4. says

    The little maids closet turned out so cute. I haven’t used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. Most people think it is great. I’d like to hear why you don’t.
    I’ following on Linky Followers now.

  5. says

    Het kastje is erg mooi geworden. Het ziet zo anders uit met een nieuwe laag verf.
    De oil cloth is erg leuk. Waar heb je die gekocht (als ik vragen mag).
    Ik heb de 29e ook overleefd. Gewoon een (onbetaalde ?) werkdag 😉
    Prettig weekend.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Gewoon op de vrijdag markt bij mij in de stad. Er staat een kraam met allerlei rollen zeil en plastic tafellakens. Tegenwoordig heeft hij ook van die leuke zeiltjes zoals allerlei kleuren stipjes.

  6. says

    I have a very old piece that I’ve always thought was just a smaller wardrobe. We rescued it many years ago. It is only about 5 feet tall, has 2 doors on either side with a squared off rod across those spaces to hang clothes. The rods look handmade. Then there are small drawers down the middle. It doesn’t exactly fit your description. But the height makes me wonder if it was also a maid’s closet. This is a new concept for me but it makes perfect sense.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh that sounds so nice. Must be a great piece. And yes by the sound of it, this might very well be a maid’s closet too.

  7. says

    The cabinet is beautiful. I’m curious. You said you didn’t follow the rules? I am a Certified ASCP Stockist and I tell my students and customers there are only two rules….always use clear wax first (and really there are exceptions here) and smile when you are painting. So since you have mixed feelings about the paint I wanted to know why. Can you email me or talk to your local stockist where you purchased the paint? I love everyone to have a wonderful experience and know all the ways this paint can be used. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

  8. Donna Arlotta says

    I am new to your post. It is beautiful. I absoluty love your maid cabinet, I wonder if I could find one of them on Craig’s list ??? :) Are you happy with the chalk paint. Have you or will you post pics of your craft room. I love looking at people’s studios. I am addicted to “Where Women Create” great magazine.
    Love your blog.
    Have a great day