How to make a Doily Dream Catcher

Hello lovelies,

Ready for another little summer project?

I have been chasing a lot of dreams in my life. Most have been elusive, but I have help in catching them now.

I made a doily dream catcher. A summer and beach dream catcher, because my dreams are all about the good life on the beach.

how to make a doilie dream catcher 4

This was a fun and therapeutic project to do.

A while ago I saw a store  that had giant doily dream catchers in the shop window. I loved them and took pictures.

Than I went to Pinterest and saw that many people before me had made doily dream catchers. I loved some of them to pieces, some of them were not exactly my style, but all of them increased my own hunger for a doily dream catcher.

And well I have doilies…….

how to make a doilie dream catcher 3

First order of business go through my stash and find a round doily that would work. This was the most time-consuming part of the project. Mainly because my stash is huge ( I keep finding and buying them at flea markets) and I got totally distracted admiring and playing with all that handmade loveliness.

But I pressed on and selected my favorite doily.

Next step prepare the ring.

how to make a doilie dream catcher 2

I used a basic crochet stitch to cover the ring. Another part of this project that was a bit time consuming, but not very hard to do and it could be done while watching a murder mystery.

Then the really fun part began.

Adding shells, and feathers and beads.


I improvised a bit and came up with this.

how to make a doilie dream catcher 1

And then I had to find a place for her. That wasn’t that easy actually. I know it would make sense to hang a dream catcher in the bedroom. But that would mean I wouldn’t see her that often.

So guess where she ended up..

Keep guessing……

In the…..

summer chalk board in kitchen


I turned our chalk board-message-grocery list-kitchen-door into a summer inspiration hub. The star is of course my dream catcher. But I went a bit wild with the chalk too.

Now granted, my skills at drawing and chalk writing have not progressed beyond first grade primary school level. But who cares, it makes me smile.

So here is my interpreting of the beach I dream about….

summer chalk board beach

Sun, sand, palm treas, and sipping fresh drinks in the shade…..

a dream worth dreaming, me think…..

And this is what I want to do this summer:

summer chalk board

This door in my kitchen is straight across from the back entrance, the entrance we use the most. So this is one of the first thinks I see when I walk into my home. And I love that it reminds me instantly to have fun and catch a few dreams…..

how to make a doilie dream catcher 4

Have a great summer everyone!!!!

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Hi Marianne, yes, how did you attach the doily to the crocheted ring? Love your version. love your touch of turquoise/blue beads and glad you put it where you can see it a lot. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

I’m so out of it. I’ve only seen true dream catchers my Dad would get from Missions located on the reservations. Their plea for funding would include a small dream catcher. Dad always gave to the Indians. The name they call themselves. And the dream catchers became a little gift for all the grandkids over time. Now you say this is all over Pinterest and I’m thinking YOU are the most creative person who can work hard plus make yummy candy, And a fancy box to put it in AND now use wire of some kind and crotchet and hand stitch the doily on AND string more shells which means drilling holes in them AND adding fluffy white feathers. Then displaying the dream catcher in the best place–your first site at home. I like your chalkboard writing. So fun. So real. Something to glance and think about for the day. I love the entire creative piece.
Oh! Remember your had to have blue Mason jars??? What did you ever do with them?? Did I miss the post ??