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Mantel Variation 2 ~ Adding some purple to the mix

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Mantel Decoration Purple and White 5


Yeah wouldn’t you know it, here is actually a decorating post again. I promised you some variations on my white mantel and I must say it has been so easy to deliver on that promise. I love this fiddling and foofing and nesting thing. So coming up with new ways to work with my basic white mantel is easy and fun.


Mantel Decoration Purple and White 1


I actually can be caught gazing at my mantel from across the room (instead of focusing my attention on the TV show we are watching), trying so come up with my next decoration. Should I go yellow? Could I use that particular candle stick? Do I have something nice to show off around the mirror?

In my head I have redecorated this mantel twenty times over. But today I am here to show you the one that I actually pulled off recently.

As so often it all started with flowers…..

White and purple hyacinth


I took my cue from a mixed bunch of hyacinths I found at the florist. They looked so beautiful and abundant and smelled heavenly. I really have a thing for fragrant flowers. It just adds that extra special “je ne sais quoi’. So with those flowers at center stage I hunted down some more purple.


Mantel Decoration Purple and White 3


These little flowers were almost free. The florist uses them as fillers, and she gave me an odd look when I wanted a small bunch of just them. Well she could hardly know that my flowers almost never are simply used as a bouquet.

……. Hmmm I wish we could add smell to our blogs. If I could have, you sure would be loving me right now….


Mantel Decoration Purple and White 4


Ok, back to the purple theme. I added a little silk covered notebook I have had for ages. Silly me, but I have never actually used it to write something down, for fear of messing it up.

The big lantern got a purple candle from my stash of candles.

Purple Silk Notebook


Above the mirror I added three little frames I bought at a discount store ages ago. Not sure what I intended them for anymore, but they are serving their purpose  here quite nicely.

And yes you’d be totally right if you thought that that was still the original sales picture inside. It even still tells us that it is a picture frame (in case we thought it was something else). But you only notice that when you are really close, from a distance it just looks like three identical pictures of flowers in a cup.

Mantel Decoration Purple and White 2


See you can’t even tell they are not actually filled when you take a step back.

Mantel Decoration Purple and White 6


I enjoyed coming up with this little purple and white mantel display. And the ideas for the next one are already brewing in the back of my mind. So I am guessing you won’t have to wait long to see the next reincarnation of my white mantel.

What do you think? Like it? Do you have a favorite so far? Would you like to see a particular color or theme to challenge me with? Let’s talk mantels people……


Go here to see the original white mantel in all its glory.

The first incarnation was an infusion of browns and natural colors.

For some more Spring/ early summer mantels go here, and here, and here.



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  1. The white and pop of soft purple is stunning! One of my favorite mantel displays!

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Yes it is my favorite too! (for now the last one always seems to be my favorite :-))

  2. I love the freshness of the purple with the white. It’s subtle but oh, so pretty.

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Thank you! Yes I am loving the purple too. Wouldn’t have guessed it before I started working on this mantel. So I guess I am learning to stretch my color wings here.

  3. I am in love with this mantle! It is absolutely beautiful and if I had a mantle I would be copying this for sure.
    Thanks for making me jealous. lol

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Thanks! And don’t be jealous, you do know this isn’t really a mantel, ?! It is my faux-mantel aka my radiator cover. So don’t let not having a mantel hold you back. Any flat surface would do.

  4. Your mantel looks lovely with the pops of purple. I am glad to her someone else is distracted by all the redecorating that could take place! I (and the Mister) catches me doing this all the time. Too funny!!

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Oh yeah, whenever my eyes start to wander and I am starting my sentences with “you know I have been thinking….”, my man gets really nervous. He knows I am about to go on another decorating scheming trip. Argh, he knows me well… :-)

  5. It is very pretty. Purple is one of my favourite colours. I did a purple collection photo shoot in response to a challenge recently and actually had more purple things that I could have put in. I also have a purple car that had a difficult Mother’s Day! I love the white in your place. I don’t have a white background in my place but would like a white room one day.

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      A purple car! Oh my, I am sure that is a show-stopper.

      • People always know that it is me! There is a picture of it on my blog. It’s more of a fuschia and it had an ‘incident’ on Mother’s Day. Now a piece of it is in my yard.

  6. Oh this is exquisite. I totally love it all. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

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