My in-between-too-early-for-Christmas Mantel

Hi there folks, I have been doing a little in-between-decorating. My Fall mantel was not working anymore, due to the fact that I kept eating the decorations (yummy pumpkin muffins, soup and casseroles have been on the menu lately).

With my mantel getting emptier with every dinner, a little change was in order. I didn’t feel like doing another outright Fallish mantel and I definitely feel like it is too early for Christmas. So I whipped up something simple and functional quickly.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 2


You see I have been on a candle decluttering mission, so I needed a little set-up that would allow me to use a lot of candles.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 3


It all started when the nights become darker and I needed some candle light in the evening to set the mood. As I was rummaging through my cupboards in search of candles I came across a lot of tapers in weird colors (I had not one but two bags of pink candles, what’s up with that!) and also some very old big chunky candles in odd colors. I think I even found a dog-shaped candle, some oldies whose original colors could not be determined anymore and some stumps that still had some life in them but definitely no more beauty.

I guess they were leftover from years ago, came from gift packages or were bought on a steep discount and then forgotten. Lately I usually just go for the white candles so the colored ones kept being neglected.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 7


I decided that it was a good thing to start the dark season off with a little positive decluttering. So every night I have been burning all the odd ones. I think I need another two weeks and then all my old candles will be a memory and I can go and buy some new, white ones.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 4


Since the candles where going to be a circus of colors and shapes I decided to keep the candle sticks quiet and only use my mercury silver ones.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 5


And then of course I couldn’t let well enough alone so I added some faux greens and some spiky green ‘pumpkins’ that I had left over from my Fall mantel.


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 6


From a decorating point of view not the most brilliant mantel, but when it comes to atmosphere it works. No matter what color, the candle light is just as warm and just as lovely.

I love going around the room at night and lighting all the candles and turning off the lights. Nothing better in my book….


Silver candle sticks mantel decoration 8

So here you see what can come from a bit of decluttering and a yearning for warmth and light at night.

So what kind of person are you? Do you burn all the decorative party candles you get as gifts or do you stick with one color scheme? Do you burn up the little doggie candle , Santa Claus with a wick coming out of his hat or the rose shaped birthday gift candle?

And how have you handled the in-between-done-with-Fall-but-too-early-for-Christmas decoration in your home?


Let me know, I’d love to chat with you….

PS So many people commented on my MissMustardSeed book giveaway,  that they didn’t own a decorating book. Wow, that sure needs to be remedied. Come back later this week and I’ll have another chance for you to get a-must-have DIY/ Decorating book.

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  1. says

    Hello Marianne,

    I love your in between mantel. It’s very serene and those gray and pink candles really set the mood. Happy decorating.


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! Didn’t turn out too bad did it. (just burnt through another set of candles since I published my post, yeah!).

  2. says

    What a great “in between” mantel. I love the mercury glass and touches of green. And using up the candles is a great idea. I have mostly white tapers and tea lights, but recently found some dark blue candles. Maybe I’ll use them in the summer. On Saturday I changed my mantel to “in between” as well – took away the book pumpkins and replaced them with pillar candles on black pedestals. Maybe I’ll get to photographing them this week.