Milk Paint Hutch Makeover

My hutch makeover is finished! And I love it.

My first ever milk paint project is a success and I am so happy!


milk paint furniture makeover via Songbirdblog


She is white grey, striped, and lovely. 

It was a hell of a job, and I had my moments, but she turned out exactly as I intended and envisioned from the start.

 milk paint white hutch makeover via Songbirdblog



I hadn’t realized how long it has been since I did a proper furniture makeover. But now that this is done this is by far my favorite furniture painting project so far. 

The power of paint rocks!


milk paint hutch furniture painting white and grey via Songbirdblog


I finally finished her on Saturday and with the help from mr. Songbird I put all the doors back in on Saturday evening. Sunday was spent playing dress up :-)

I had so much fun, figuring out what to put in her and where.


milk paint hutch makeove in white and grey via Songbirdblog


I put my mom’s China back in, although not all of it. Just enough to have a little tea party with it. I decided to keep all the dinner plates and bowls in storage for now. We hardly use them and it took over the hutch when I put it all in there. 


striped hutch makeover floral china via Songbirdblog


This is good too. I don’t need all 200+ pieces to remember the good times, I just  need a few that I will actually use once in a while.

milk paint hutch makeove in white via Songbirdblog


This hutch is the first thing I see when I walk into the room. And the whole room feels so much lighter and airier now. That big, dark wooden hutch really overpowered the room. 

Do you remember what she looked like?

Here is the before for good measure:


hutch makeover project before


What a difference some paint makes……..


milk paint hutch makeover via Songbirdblog


I still have faith summer will arrive (still cold and wet over here in the low lands), so I summered up the shelves.


milk paint hutch makeover blue glass decorations via Songbirdblog


She wears it well…..

She looks white, but she is actually a very light grey. Miss Mustard Seed grainsack grey to be exact and the stripes are shutter grey. I love that she changes color as the light hits her. Depending on how the sun is shining into our room, she moves from darkish grey to warm white. And the stripes change from light to dark grey to almost blue. Love it!


shutter grey milk paint hutch makeover via Songbirdblog


I did not only paint her, I added two more shelves too. 

The man didn’t see it, and I had to fight him over this, which was funny. He totally gave me free range on painting this thing, and when I said I wanted to add some glass shelves, he objected. I did it anyway. I saw it in my mind and I knew it would be beautiful. 


milk paint hutch makeover decorative glassware via Songbirdblog


I was right….

The man agrees…..

There is a special place now for the decorative glassware we inherited from my in-laws. It looks so much better now that it is actually visible on those extra shelves. 

I washed all of them yesterday morning. I didn’t break any 😀


stripes hutch makeover grey milk paint via Songbirdblog


Working with the milk paint sure was a new experience. I had to call in some help lines along the way. Goedele from Old  Red Barn gave me some helpful pointers when I contacted her twice to buy extra paint. Good thing she lives pretty close by because it would have been such a pain to wait for a shipment of paint to come in. (Old Red Barn is a European stockist for milk paint and is currently a sponsor of my blog, check her shop out, and visit her blog too, it is lovely!)

milk paint hutch makeover distressed detail via Songbirdblog


I reached out to Marian herself too. I was starting to panic a bit at one point. But she set me straight, gave me some more tips, said she had faith in me and to be assured that ‘the ugly phase’ would pass.

And it did….

Look at her……………


mustardseed milk paint hutch makeover via Songbirdblog


Now photographing her was a totally different story. The glaze in the windows is crazy and the inside looks much darker than it really is. 

I see another photo session in my future, because I don’t feel I have done her justice. 

But I had to show you… I-could-not-wait……


striped hutch makeover glass decorations via Songbirdblog


I have been gazing at her all day yesterday, and smiled a big smile when I walked in this morning.

Seeing her made this Monday morning so much better than most Monday mornings….


striped hutch makeover glass float via Songbirdblog

So what’ye think? 

Love, Marianne

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  1. Eva says

    Wat een verbetering, veel minder massief zo! Echt een plaatje! Gaaf ook die donkerdere streep aan de binnenkant!

  2. says

    she is beautiful….what more can I say?
    I would be so proud and chuffed with myself if I were you.
    simply stunning!
    Bec x

  3. says

    Wát prachtig! Echt zoveel mooier dan voorheen. Vraag jij je dan ook af, waarom je dat niet veel eerder gedaan hebt? :-) Ik wel; ik heb kortgeleden onze keukenkast geverfd en ben er ook nog iedere dag blij mee.
    Mooie details ook: de doorgeschuurde randjes en die grijsblauwe baan aan de binnenkant. Je mag trots zijn op jezelf!!
    Fijne nieuwe week.

  4. says

    I knew it would turn out amazing and it has! I believe your pretty little hutch finally looks exactly the way it’s always wanted to look! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for giving us inspiration to transform our “frumpy” furniture into glamourous works of art! :)

  5. Jeannine says

    Aaaaaach! De kast is prachtig geworden. Als ik maar wist waar ik de moed kan halen om zelf te beginnen.

  6. says

    You did a beautiful job! I noticed the two glass shelves immediately and thought they added another interest to the piece. I enjoy seeing your knack for creating beautiful vignettes. I have to admit I had my doubts when you posted that you were going to paint it but the results are stunning! Isn’t milk paint fun? I love how it has a mind of it’s own and when you just “go with it” the results are always unexpected loveliness!

  7. says

    she is beautiful! Now I know I can paint my big, dark, “ugly” hutch in the dining room and be a happy girl too :-)
    Your’s is an inspiration!!

  8. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, how wonderful for you!!! Beautiful. Great idea to put stripes inside. Thanks for sharing your struggles and accomplishments with us. Blessings and smiles. Emilou :-)

  9. Gwen says

    Ahhh we’ve been waiting with a baited breath for your breathtaking project reveal. I have two favorites. The glass shelves to show off the glassware/crystal. It shines!!! My second favorite I did not see at first. It’s your light blue stripe which adds such character!!! It looks so perfectly done and worth the wait. I love your Mom’s dishes as well. I’m glad they have a spot to be showcased:-)

  10. Mary says

    I would so love to do this with my Grandmothers antique hutch but my Mom wants it to stay original. Im still going to try and change her mind though

  11. Jen Y says

    I love your hutch. I’d love to find one just like it. I’ve been searching for a larger china hutch for awhile now. I followed a link from Not Just a Housewife to see it!

  12. says

    Hi Marianne!
    I came across your blog through the “Not Just a Housewife” link party. I also posted a Hutch-Redo and had to laugh when I read your post because I had a VERY similar experience. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure white and was freaking out throughout the whole process because it was so streaky! I also had such a hard time getting photos. I finished this hutch nearly 2 months ago but kept re-taking the photos. Finally I just went with what I got. Check it out if you’re interested:

    I love what you did with the stripes in the back of yours! What a nice pop of color :) And I LOVE your floral teacups and china.


  13. Roxanne Hubbard says

    I am so glad I found your site! What you achieve is very inspiring to me. Even if I fail to lift a finger, I am still enjoying reading about your “adventures”. Thanks!!!!

  14. Kim says

    Hi. I love it! Did you only use one colour on it? I ask because where you have distressed it a bit it looks blue under the white(grain sack) colour. Do you wax over milk paint? Thanks

  15. says

    I LOVE it!
    I’m curious. I know that painting a hutch can be a bear – because everyone says so. . . but why? I have a hutch and a piano that I want to paint with milk paint – and I’m hesitating to start because I tend to get hung up when the going gets rough. .. So –
    1. what would you say was the hardest part?
    2. How much MMS MP did it take to do that hutch? I want to make sure I have enough on hand before I begin!