Oj, the plight of my poor “she is a decorating blogger” man

Hi Ladies, the flu has more or less removed its grip on me and I am starting to feel much better. I can hear the birds sing outside which is a sure thing that Spring is coming and that is making me downright happy.


white tulips in red flower vase


Today I want to share a little bit of my life with you. Or maybe I should say a bit of my man’s life. He is a sweat heart who supports me as best as he can (and he can), but life must be hard for him. 

When he is not trying to be okay with yet another piece of furniture that gets painted white, he has to be busy following me through thrift stores and over flea markets.
He has to be on guard every moment because no time is sacred enough that he does not have to fear hearing the dreaded “honey I have been thinking…..”.
He is in stark competition with all my online friends for my time and he has had to learn a whole new lingo just to be able to have a conversation with me.

Really the poor man, he is saint for putting up with me and my blogging ways. 

It has just been Valentines but he has given up on buying me presents. I can’t really blame him.

Flowers can be tricky gifts. Since flower over here are never just flowers. They are props, they are accessories, they are blog material. So buying  flowers for me means that he has reason to worry that  he would pick the wrong ones. Like I would ever let him know that I didn’t want pink flowers because in my head I was forming a white vignette…… No never! (well I wouldn’t really, but you get my point)

Buying something decorative is of course even more hazardous for the poor fellow, because color, style, size it all needs to be just perfect (and our personal styles don’t exactly match). 

And even chocolate isn’t safe, because if I am heaving a self-image crisis it will just mean that I will think he is sabotaging my diet efforts. (or at least will have started to prefer to super duper dark chocolate). Darling man, oh why does he put up with this woman….

Honestly I try not to be the difficult one, but I can’t deny that I have opinions on these matters. And I can’t blame the guy if he’d rather give me the money and let me pick out my own gifts and be done with it. (and I guess I am guilty of preferring that too 😆 ). 

Needless to say it was a rare,  courageous and wonderful moment when my Love came home the other day and said he had a gift.  A home decor gift. A little something to use in my decorating…


transformable vase


I was curious. And a little startled when I saw this flat package. Even more surprised when he said it was a vase. 

Hmm honey,  a vase? I can’t even slip a piece of paper in there. 

But he was right it was a vase. A very cool vase. A completely personalizable, moldable and adaptable vase. 


tulips in red moldable vase


So nice. 

Of course I went out to pick out my own choice of flowers immediately and started playing. 

Fill her up with warm water and the plastic sheet becomes formable, replace the water with cold water and she stiffens up into whatever shape you have given her.


tulips in red transformable vase

Nice he.


Honey you did great!

Proof of the point is that I immediately used the vase in my decorating.

Even better proof: she has been given the right to grace my blog.


white tulips in red transformable vase


So are you hard to buy a gift for? Does your hubby have the gift giving touch? Are you guilty of preferring to by your own gifts?


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  1. says

    What a fun gift from your sweetie. I’m guilty of the same things – wanting a certain colour flower. Not wanting milk chocolate. Being picky. What a lot our husbands have to put up with!

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Yes they do. But I do convince myself that we give a lot in return too……
      Must be true, because me guy is making no sign of leaving just yet 😉

  2. Ellie Van Caster says

    Oh I have to go online and find those-what a wonderful gift for the gardeners who have most everything.
    Thanks your sweetie for me since I’m going to make some very happy friends. 😉

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Ah you found it!
      Great. It is a nice gift isn’t it. So different and original. I hope your friends like it just as much as I do.

  3. says

    Lol! I can relate to everything! My hubby has been known to get me flowers with the wrong color scheme, he’s brave and gets me some every once in a while anyway! My mom used to say “When Momma’s happy, everyone’s happy”. Guess we are lucky and our husbands think along that line!

  4. says

    Marianne, thanks for the chuckle this morning. You are singing my song and that of my husband’s…too funny. Your blog is beautiful! The vase is so unique – I love it!

  5. Gwen says

    I too totally relate!! I’ve seen these vases in catalogs too. Maybe even my hubby showed me! So fun to use today! Look great with the tulips.