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My Cooking Secret Reveiled. Making a Bouquet Garni

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I have conquered a place in my man’s heart.

Especially these days.


My cooking skills have improved. Everything tastes better. I thank Jamie, my love thanks me Glimlach

I have been making a bouquet garni for most of our meals.

A bouquet garni is a little bundle of mixed fresh herbs that you add to the pot and let simmer. I have been adding it to all of our soups, stews, sauces and ragouts.

The most ordinary of Bolognese sauce becomes something out of this world when you let a little bouquet of herbs swimming in it.


bouquet garni herbs cooking 1


Typical herbs for a bouquet garni are bay leaves, thyme and rosemary. I usually also add flat parsley, dragon, chives and sage. But anything goes. Just tie them all together with some butchers twine and drop in the pot.


bouquet garni herbs cooking 3


A bunch of herbs, who would have thought they could make such a difference in how good our food tastes.


bouquet garni herbs cooking 4


Fresh herbs are really the best invention ever. They do not only taste good, they smell divine too.

That’s why I also often put little herb bouquet on the table when making a table setting.



Good thing that herbs are plants that actually grow better when you cut them regularly.

And that’s what I do.


bouquet garni herbs cooking 5





bouquet garni herbs cooking 2


Ever made a bouquet garni? And what herbs do you put in it?

Got any secrets to share to conquer your man’s heart (with or without going through his stomach)?

Let’s dish……


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  1. I haven’t made one but the aesthetics of it along make me want to! Delicious and pretty.

  2. I love using fresh herbs to liven up salads as well as cooked dishes. I don’t know what dragon herb is, though – maybe tarragon?

    Your herbs look beautiful and fresh.

  3. i need to learn how to cook with herbs period! I love this idea!


    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Yes you do!
      It will enrich your life and cherish your tastebuds. Making a bundle like this and tossing it in (and later fishing it out) is so easy and gives a true gourmet experience.
      Trust me.

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